Results – Kota Permai Golf & Country Club – 28th June 2016


We had the pleasure of playing our June Trophy Game at the wonderful Kota Permai course today taking advantage of good Ramadan green fee rates. 5 full flights got off on two tee boxes promptly at 8:00am on a beautiful morning. The course was in excellent condition and although the greens had recently been hollow tined they were very good and rather quick.

Weather was good and by the end of the round was getting quite hot. We were all finished however by 12:30pm and then headed over to the nearby Mayflower Restaurant at Le Hotel for a good lunch and some much needed refreshments.


Some good scores today at this course as expected but the clear winner of the June trophy was Brain Stubbs with an excellent round of 88 and 41 points. Brian is unfortunately our first victim of the double cut rule and as he won last week (getting cut 7) with this weeks consecutive win he is cut a double amount of 10 ….. he will proudly be playing off his new handicap of 11 next week. Guess we will not be seeing Brian on the winner’s podium for some time. Runner up (on count back) was Glen Wombwell with 96 for 39 from Mike Williams with 86 for 39. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with an 84. Full scores below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 4.19.12 PM



Results – Sungai Long Golf & Country Club – 21st June 2016


Once again we returned to Sungai Long taking advantage of the good Ramadan golf rate deal. We had 5 flights today with 19 players and we got off without a delay off two tee boxes at just after 8:00am. Weather was very pleasant and not too hot. The course had experienced some heavy rain over the weekend but the fairways and greens were very good – only the bunkers sadly were in rather a mess (cost me 5 shots on my round!).

We all finished by 1:00pm’ish and we headed off for lunch at the Fei Wai Restaurant. Again lunch was very good and enjoyed by all – it was noted that our old haunt Ken Well Seafood Restaurant was still closed.


The winner by a margin today was Brian Stubbs with an excellent round of 93 for 43 points. Runner up was Peter May with 103 for 41 and 3rd place was Hans Berger with 94 for 37 . Best gross of the day was Andrew Chez with an 81. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 3.44.33 PM






Results – Tropicana Golf & Country Resort – 14th June 2016


Tropicana was in very good condition today with greens quoted at 9′ 6″ on the stimp meter but seemed to be a lot faster when we played! We had a full 5 flights today and we got off on the East 1 and West 1 nines fairly promptly at just after 8:00am. Weather was good albeit a tad humid and sticky. We took lunch at the nearby Pantai Seafood Restaurant after the game which was predictably good and enjoyed by all 14 players who made lunch.

A warm welcome to our guests today; Joe (Marathon Man) Lacy, Stan Constantinides and Emlyn Jones.

[Group 0]-IMG_8326_IMG_8328-3 images


We had quite an array of scores today from the terrible to the terrific. In the terrible category a mention must go out to local member, Mahmud Mohamed who shot a total of 16 points on his home course. The winner today with an excellent 41 points (cut 5) was Tony Morris who won on count back from Brian Stubbs , also on 41 points. 3rd place was Allan Wright who scored 40 points. Most golf of the day went to Robert Mulliss. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 10.47.08 AM





Results – Sungai Long Golf & Country Club – 7th June 2016

IMG_8236.jpgTaking advantage of the Ramadan golfing rates we had 16 players at today’s Loose Cannon’s game at Sungai Long. The course was in excellent condition and the weather conditions were very good making it a pleasurable round. We were delayed a little as the starter didn’t allow some of us to start on the front 9 due to ongoing maintenance. However we were all finished by 1pm and quickly adjourned for lunch at Kenwell Seafood ….. but Kenwell was closed so we moved over the road to the Fei Wai Seafood Restaurant. Food here was good and reasonably priced so we may well be back here.


We had one flight today who were unable to submit their card as the player with the card did not come for lunch…. so their scores were done from memory. We again must remind players to have a completed scorecard and make sure that this is submitted by someone from your flight who will be attending the lunch.

Our winner today was Jason Winter with an excellent round of 76 off the stick and 38 points.


Runner up was Mike Smith with 37 points and 3rd place was John Laidley with 34 points. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 3.45.46 PMPhotos