Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 13th October 2015

Fourteen players including three of the unwashed who were less vocal than the previous week teed off in slightly hazy conditions. The golf course was in reasonable condition and we teed off at 8-00am on the first nine. Several players complained about the shortness of the course playing from the white tee boxes, it is a shame that their scoring did not reflect this.
The winner on the day was Brian Stubbs with a gross of 89 for 44 points continuing his recent good run.  Runner up was myself with 42 points. Best Gross was Andrew Chez with a good score of 74 which included 5 birdies and eagle putts. Stuart is back later this week and several players are probably due a handicap haircut.
An enjoyable lunch attended by 8 players was taken at Restoran East of Highway.

Results – Kinrara Golf Course – 10th January 2012

Cannons all,
A rather belated report this week because I went outstation almost immediately after the Kinrara game.
Since our last visit to this track much work has been done to the club house which is now superb and there is plenty of evidence of renovation of the course as well. The new tee boxes are very nice and if they get the greens relaid then Kinrara will be one of the better courses in town.
15 LC’s teed it up on a fine morning but we had to follow a bunch of elderly locals for much of the round which slowed things up some what. Still, we were round in just over 4 hours so not  too bad. The fairways were a little soft in places and in need of a haircut. The greens were very variable both in pace and in condition and need a lot of work or better still replacement. The buggies too have seen better days. Did they get these from BU??? But all in all this is a nice and convenient place for a game of golf.
The winner was Andrew Robinson with 43 points OCB from Erol Akinci. Geoff had the lowest gross with 81 and the most golf was played by Raymond with 113.
Andrew is cut 7 strokes while Erol gets away with just the mandatory 1 stroke.
The full results and your adjusted handicaps can be found on the attachment.
The M&M was taken at The Annex which was up to it’s usual good standards. I had to leave early but the wine was flowing nicely by then.
During lunch plans were laid to play KDE next Monday and then go to Ma Maison for their very good buffet lunch. We had tried to arrange this once before only to find that Ma Maison closes on a Tuesday. Well guess what. KDE closes on a Monday!!! The best laid plans ……
So we will play Bukit Unggul next MONDAY instead. Monday because several of us will be playing KLOGS on Wednesday and can’t find the energy to play 2 days running anymore.

Rumour has it that this course will soon be turned into a sheep farm. Indeed there is evidence that preparations have begun already!!!

In the meantime have a look at a few of the changes!

Smokers terrace.
Unchanged from a distance!

Clean shiny new look at entrance
Smart new check in desk
Open  & airy

Results – Kinrara Golf Course – 26th April 2011

Kinrara was extremely wet, the area having suffered a huge storm over the weekend. In fact it was so wet that some of the fairways were casual water from tee to green. With plugged and lost balls and several greens heavily sanded conditions were not ideal and progress was painfully slow.
12 Cannons teed it up and Erol Akinci emerged the winner with 40 + 3 points OCB from R/U Richard Moss. Erol is cut 4 points and Richard 1 point. The lowest gross was 89 by Tony Morris and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate.
M&M was taken at the RSC Annex where the usual good makan and inexpensive minum was enjoyed thanks to RSC members Richard &Tony as well as Andrew who was unable to play due to a sprained back caused by lugging heavy suitcases on his return from his holiday in Blighty.

Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 8th March 2011

A very pretty picture. P.S. Ladies T’s just off screen to the left!!!

13 golfers (it should have been 14 but Reinli was a no show having previously confirmed his attendance) played a rather soggy Kinrara. Taking account of the heavy overnight rain that didn’t abate until tee off, the course was in surprisingly good condition with much evidence of ongoing renovation work in many areas. As is our norm we played the white tees and were surprised to find these positioned on the forward tee boxes on every hole. More on that later. However, despite the shortness of the track most found it tough in part due to the very soft fairways with not much run and several plugged balls. The exception were our winner, John Laidley with an excellent 73 and 47 points with David Hughes regaining some form returning 85 for 42 points as runner up. Johns 73 was the lowest gross of course and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate who took 115 strokes to negotiate Kinrara.
Since we were playing from the ladies tees it was felt that it would be unfair to cut John 11 strokes as would be the norm and it was agreed that he would be cut 4 strokes from his REVISED USGA handicap which is now 8 so John will play off 4 next time out. David is cut 1 stroke.
On the subject of handicaps Aftab complained that his 15 h/c was too low. Aftab, the reason you are playing off 15 is that your first game with LC show that you declared a h/c of 13. You have played twice without being in the frame and so your h/c today was 15. As I understand it, your KGSAAS h/c is 24. It was agreed over lunch that the 3 scores you have returned would be computed to USGA h/c rules and your revised h/c is now 22 next time out.
M&M was taken at the RSC Annex and excellent it was too. With John donating his winnings to the pot we had a surplus of RM2 so a good result all round. Several members retired for further libation to the veranda bar where they are probably still as I write.

Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 18th January 2011

The usual small turnout on the day preceding KLOGS. It never fails to amaze me; even taking age into account, that so many believe that they can’t play 2 days running.

So, 10 of us played the very picturesque Kinrara course in pleasant conditions that warmed up through the later holes; a change from the cool conditions of recent weeks. The course was in generally good condition but very wet and with little run with several lost balls due to plugging. The greens however were poor compared to the rest of the course, rather bumpy and with half of them recently hollow tined and sanded.
The winner was Tony Morris with 42 points, cut 6, and the runner up was Reinli Tan with 38 points, cut 1. The lowest gross was recorded by John Laidley with 82 and the most golf was played by Tom Holmes.
One flight did not return a score because none of them came to lunch and between them they couldn’t organise themselves to get their scores to the convener. This is unacceptable. It is the flights responsibility to return a score card at the end of the game.
Lunch was taken at thr RSC Annex and very agreeable it was too.

Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 5th October 2010

There were 8 of us at a rather quiet Kinrara Golf Club.  The course was in reasonable shape, but rather soggy, and the decision to play ‘Winter Rules’ was a wise one.

Winner with a stunning 83 off the stick and 46 points, cut 10, was Kevin Wiggins.  Second OCB with a gross 88 and 40 points was Hans Berger, and he is cut 1.  Kevins 83 was the lowest gross and Alan enjoyed the most golf with his 107.  And coming LAST FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH CANNONS was ANDREW ROBINSON who played a load of rubbish……..!  Full details follow:

1. Kevin Wiggins – 83/46
2. Hans Berger – 88/40
3. Erol Akinci – 90/40
4. Ian Geekie – 96/37
5. Reinli Tan – 90/35
6. Tony Morris – 91/35
7. Alan Holgate – 107/30
8. Andrew Robinson – 102/24

Post golf sustenance was partaken of at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex, a rather quiet affair – but the more astute stragglers gravitated downstairs to the Pavilion Bar to make absolutely sure that the rehydration process was adequately completed.

And some announcements!!

1.  The PINK LADY CHAMPIONSHIP on Friday 29 October has attracted 8 Cannons entries.  Still to pay are Ray, Raymond and Richard Moss. Still space for one or two more?

2.  The CANNONS CHRISTMAS LUNCH will take place on Friday 10th December at the Coliseum Restaraunt in Jalan TAR, and not the one in Rome….  Make a note in you diaries!

3. The itinerant returns!  Yes, as per an earlier signal, RICHARD MOSS  landed back in Malaya at the KL aerodrome yesterday and we look forward to his Cannons contributions going forward.

4. Next weeks game will be at SERI SELANGOR.  Be there by 7.00am, YES 7.00AM!!!  And let me know if you playing!!  After the game we will follow Erol to ‘Betty’s’ for a slap-up lunch washed down with fine wines to celebrate ALAN HOLGATE’S 75th!!!! and the RETURN OF MOSS!!!!  Oh dear………!

Kind regards
Andrew Robinson
Cannons Pro Tempore Convenor Again