Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch – Coliseum Cafe – Thursday 6th December 2012


will be held on Thursday 6th December at the Coliseum Restaurant in Jalan TAR. 

Address: 98 Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 50100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur

Phone: 03-2692-6270

We will muster in the bar at 12.00 hrs for pre-lunch refreshments and go into lunch at 13.00hrs. 

The ‘long established’ resident chef will cater to your every need!

….. and prepare the following:-

Oxtail soup with garlic bread.

Steak pie with mash & gravy.

Dress code is Cannons green golf shirt, or any other green golf shirt if you don’t have a Cannons shirt, and blue jeans.  Everyone to bring one bottle of decent wine! Festive hats, poppers, streamers and the like will be provided.

This luncheon is NOT for the feint hearted – you have been warned!!!

Although not absolutely compulsory, everyone will be asked to rise and ‘entertain’ the gathering with a
song, ditty, joke, or whatever for a few minutes. 

Cost will be RM50 per head with the balance of the bill coming from the ‘float’.

PLEASE let andrew.robinson.golf(at)gmail.com  know ASAP if you intend to join the fray!!

Results – Tasik Puteri Golf Club – 27th November 2012


It was another good turnout this week with 19 Cannons gracing Tasik Puteri. Compared with KGPA the week before, check-in was a breeze. The weather was good and we were all round without a hitch. 

The winner with 90 gross and 40 points (plus 3 bonus points) was Tony Morris.  Runner-up with
93 gross and 39 points (plus 3 bonus points) was Andrew Robinson. Tony is cut 4 adn Andrew is cut 1. Tony had the lowest gross with his 90 and Allan McNicoll brought up the rear with a gross 120.  

Despite their best efforts some players ended up in the sh*t!
Even the ‘green keeper’ wouldn’t touch that one!

Full  details follow:

1. Tony Morris – 90/40
2. Andrew Robinson – 93/39
3. Ray Funnell – 94/38
4. Barry Cousins – 102/36
5. Andre Holm – 94/36
6. Kevin Wiggins – 94/34
7. Peter Davies – 100/35
8. Glen Wombwell – 105/34
9. Hans Berger – 92/33
10. Jeff Pearce – 103/32
11. Vincent Vijayan – 106/31
12. Gordon Wingate – 98/30
13. Bernhard Romahn – 93/29
14. Raymond Keys – 102/27
15. Bob Simpson – 103/27
16. Dave Riggs – 109/24
17. Julian Hodson-Walker – 111/20
18. Frank Webster – 112/16
19. Allan McNicoll – 120/14

Vincent – Man with a mission!

After the game we had lunch at Restaurant Hin Chiong on the way back to the toll and it was excellent.

Are those prawns really worth US$50?

Click HERE for the video clip

or watch it below:

Next Game – Bukit Unggul Golf & Country Club – 30th March 2010

The next Loose Cannons game will be at Bukit Unggul Golf & Country Club on 30th March 2010. This is the last game of the month of March so it will be a Trophy Day. Be there at 07:20am latest as we need to be off before 6 flights who are booked at 8:00am. Please let Raymond Keys know if you intend to play.

Directions to Golf Course

Loose Cannons Handicaps – 8th March 2010

The table below summarises everyones current Loose Cannons playing handicaps for everyones reference. I will be working on putting together a new table which will summarise scores and handicaps to be published after every game for ease of tracking by each player. If anyone has a dispute with regard to their current handicap please refer this to Raymond Keys for verification.

Name Handicap
Alan Holgate 31
Alex Lee 29
Allan Wright 27
Andrew Robinson 12
Arthur Wilson 29
Barry Cousins 25
Bernard Romahn 28
Bill Wang 18
Dave Kelly 13
David Hughes 12
Deren Akinci 19
Dick Stauffer 22
Erol Akinci 21
Glen Wombwell 30
Hans Berger 19
Ian Craighead 21
Ian Geekie 25
Joe Zorich 6
John Preston 19
Julien Hodson-Walker 21
Kevin Wiggins 11
Klaus Kretzschmar 24
Len Briddon 31
Mark Baker 17
Michael Hughes 31
Mike Fay 17
Mike Han 11
Mike Smith 18
Paul Atkinson 14
Paul Hobbs 31
Peter Edgworth 19
Peter Jackson 30
Ray Funnell 21
Raymond Keys 22
Rein Li Tan 25
Richard Moss 29
Rick Brown 23
Roger Smith 19
Stuart Taylor 15
TB Ong 16
Thong Chee Who 21
Tony Morris 12
Vincent Vijayan 22
Yoong 10

Next Game – Staffield Golf Resort- 9th March 2010

Next Loose Cannons game will be at Staffield Golf Resort and we will be honoured by the return of Mike Smith from his Middle East adventures.

Be there at 7:30am sharp for an 8am tee-off. Post game makan and minum will be at the usual venue in Mantin.

Final players will be as follows:

Barry Cousins 25
Hans Berger 19
Klaus Kretzschmar 24                  
Mike Hughes 31
Mike Smith 18
Raymond Keys 22
Stuart Taylor 15
Tony Morris 12

Directions to Staffield Golf Resort

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Results – Perangsang Templer – 2nd March 2010

Results – Perangsang Templar Golf Course

Winner : Ian Geekie
Runner Up : David Hughes

Alan Holgate                            121/18

Barry Cousins                             99/30
David Hughes                            88/33
Hans Berger                               98/28
Ian Geekie                                100/36
Klaus Kretzschmar                     99/31
Mike Hughes                           115/23
Paul Atkinson                             91/31
Ray Funnell                              107/20
Raymond Keys                         104/26
Stuart Taylor                             98/25

Course Layout