Results – Kajang Hill Golf & Country Club – 22 August 2012

Cannons all.

This was a sad day. The long awaited axe falls on Kajang Hill Golf & Country Club on the 31st August, or so I was informed by the counter staff, and so this will almost certainly be our last game at this delightful destination. This is a tragedy for Malaysian golfers as Kajang Hill is certainly one of the better tracks we have had the privilege of playing. Opened in the late 90’s, this M. Saito designed course has established a reputation for good management and maintenance and will be sorely missed.

RIP Kajang Hill.
We had 24 players registered but a late withdrawal saw 22 LC’s and one guest; Ian Hughes, son of David, assemble on a clear morning after heavy overnight rain. We got started at 8:15 and with buggies allowed on the fairways which were surprisingly firm, most of us were round in just over 4 hours. The course was in reasonable condition considering it’s imminent demise but the greens were very slow and the bunkers rather hard with little sand. The lakes too were very low which, after the recent heavy downpours, was a little surprising but didn’t make them any less of a hazard. But all-in-all the course was very playable and greatly enjoyed by all.
The winner, paying us a rare visit these days was Ian Geekie with 43 points and the runner-up was Geoff McLaws with 40 points.The lowest gross was Geoff McLaws with 77 and the most golf was played by Richard Moss with 114.
Ian is cut 7 strokes and Geoff 1 stroke.
All 23 of us enjoyed lunch at the clubhouse where the food was excellent and a nice change from last weeks rip off. Plenty of amber nectar was put away and we were only just short of the amount needed for the bill. A whip round of RM10 per head left us with RM85 for the kitty which has been depleted in recent weeks from subsidising some expensive blow outs. We now have RM1192 in hand.

And finally we have a little “extra” this week with a specially edited video of Flight No 1 in action on the turf, including many useful tips, insights and instructions from these experienced pros ……. enjoy!
Alternatively you can see the video at better quality on YouTube here:

Results – Kajang Hills 22nd May

We played Kajang Hill this week. Still no firm news on it’s eventual demise so we should continue to play here as often as possible while it is still being well maintained. After all, it is one of the better courses available to us. There had been some overnight rain in Kajang which left the bunkers a bit wet but playable, other than that the course was in good nick. Again this week we had the dreaded 13 registered by Monday morning but with the withdrawal of Sigi (thanks Sigi) we were back to 12 come tee time. Under clear skies we were off promptly at 8 and with few other golfers on the course we were all done by just after 12pm. The winner was Klaus Kretzschmar with 46 points and the R/Up was Geoff McLaws with 44 points. The lowest gross was 76 by Geoff McLaws and the most golf played was 115 by Alan Holgate. Klaus is cut 10 strokes and Geoff 1 stroke. M&M was taken at the club with the usual mix of Japanese and Chinese dishes. Always quite good although some of the chefs creations here are ‘unusual’ to say the least.

Results – Kajang Hills Golf Club – 10th April 2012

Just 11 Cannons mustered at Kajang Hills for a most enjoyable mornings golf.  The weather superb, the course very quiet and in pretty good nick, especially the greens, although ‘off piste’ the course is showing a lack of TLC…

Winner with an excellent 84 off the stick and 46 points was Hans Berger, and CUT 10!!. Runner up OCB was Barry Cousins with 98 for 40 points, adn cut 1.  Han’s 84 was the lowest gross and Klaus amassed the most gross!  Full results as follows:

1.  Hans Berger – 84/46
2.  Barry Cousins – 98/40
3.  Tony Morris – 91/40
4.  Ray Funnell – 101/36
5.  Vincent Vijayan – 103/36
6.  Andrew Robinson – 94/35
7.  Iain Wise – 97/34
8.  Richard Moss – 107/32
9.  George Murray – 107/30
10. Jeff Pearce – 103/28
11. Klaus Kretschmar – 108/22

Luncheon was part of the deal and it was very good. And very little amber nectar was consumed with various fruit concoctions very much to the fore. Having collected RM130 pp beforehand – this turned out to be enough for the morning, all but RM14 which the stand-in leader for the
day generously funded…

Next weeks game will be announced in the fullness of time when Mike returns from walkabout…

Results – Kajang Hill Golf Club – 25th January 2012

Cannons all,
KH was in good condition and with lovely weather 12 LC’s enjoyed their golf and with few other golfers playing we were all round in good time.
As for the future of this great course no one seems to know. Depending on who you talk to it’s demise seems to vary from weeks to several months but as there was plenty of evidence of ongoing maintenance lets hope this means that it’s months and many of them.
The winner was myself with 41 points with Andre Holm R/U on 40 points. Geoff Parslow had the lowest gross with a 79 and Barry Cousins played the most golf with 102.
I’m cut 5 and Andre 1.
M&M was taken at the club as part of the package and was the usual good standard and we had a surplus on the day of RM10. The LC kitty now stands at RM585.

Results – Kajang Hill Golf Club – 27th December 2011

Cannons all,
12 golfers assembled at Kajang Hill on a beautiful morning with few other people to disturb our enjoyment of this lovely golf course. Still in operation and likely to remain so till late 2012 according to the staff. But the signs of neglect are beginning to appear.
With glorious views of the main range; Genting being very visible, we teed off on a nearly deserted course and made good progress slowed only by the search for balls in the long rough which has remained uncut due to the recent very wet weather.
This was the December Trophy Game and the clear winner was Bernhard Romahn with 42 points with Richard Moss R/U with 37 points OCB. The lowest gross was 84 by Bernhard and the most golf was played by our visitor Steve Hamill with 110.
Bernhard is cut 6 strokes and Richard 1 stroke.
The venue for next weeks game will be announced later.
Best wishes to all Loose Cannons for the New Year.