Results – Staffield Country Resort – 29th March 2016


The Monthly Trophy Game for March was played at Staffield Country Resort – one of our favourite and reliable courses in the region. We had a full complement of 24 players with 6 flights teeing off on separate tee boxes on the Northern and Western 9’s. Weather conditions were hot but with a lovely breeze blowing this cooled things down considerably and we actually came off after 18 holes with dry shirts. Course conditions were very good and we all made good time around the course particularly as it was buggy on course. After the game we had lunch and prize giving at the club – many thanks to Peter May who donated RM100 to the kitty for lunch.


Some good scores today which is expected at this course. The winner of the March monthly trophy was Bernard Romahn with an 81 for 43 points ocb from runner up Mahmud Mohamed with 85 for 43. 3rd place was Geoff McLaws with best gross of the day 77 for 42 points. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 8.25.34 PM




Malacca Away – 22-24 March 2016


Day 1 – Tiara Melaka

We had four full flights with 16 players for the first day of the Malacca Away trip with two players (Erol Akinci and Graham Cadman) coming down for a day trip to make up the numbers. After an easy drive down from KL most players arrived at Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club before 9:00am. We had time for some morning tea at the clubhouse cafe and after an easy registration we all got off on the Meadow and Woodland 9’s at 9:30am. The course was very quiet so we were not held up at all. After a humid start the weather was surpassingly cool given the hot weather of the last week and a pleasant breeze made it even more pleasant. We had a very brief shower of rain but that passed within 5 minutes so did not hold up the proceedings.

The course was in good condition overall although there were some bare patches on the tee boxes and the bunkers were in need of attention. The greens were fast and fairly predictable but with a few nasty slopes.

After the game we had some cold beers and a some lunch at the clubhouse cafe at a very reasonable cost – many thanks to Hans Berger who financed the beers as he was celebrating 250 games with Loose Cannons …. quite an achievement.

Geoff McLaws had his 100th game with Cannons today so we look forward to some sponsored refreshments tomorrow at Orna!




The winner today was Andrew Robinson, and after some post game and post results announcement score adjustments, he still won on count back from Geoff McLaws with a 93 for 41 points. Runner up was Geoff McLaws with 77 for 41 points and the best gross score of the day. 3rd place was shared between Roger Surieux and Bernard Romahn both with 38 points. Most golf was both Iain Wise and Richard Moss both with gross of 110. Full results below :

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 8.57.52 PM

After lunch we then headed into Malacca and checked into the Ramada Plaza Hotel which was certainly a step up from the Bayview Hotel where we stayed last year.

On the first evening we all had dinner at Bistro 1673 which to be fair had rather ordinary food and it also seemed to be a problem getting some cold beers at one point. However we managed to spend about 4 hours there before staggering back to the hotel.






Day 2  – Orna

The first day of the 2-day competition was held at Orna Golf Club. We played the East and West Courses under rather hot and humid conditions with little or no breeze. The course was dried out and bare in many places with very hard and sloping fairways making shots difficult. We saw one sprinkler on the course which was not working properly and simply creating a large pool of water in the middle of the fairway – a shame that simple maintenance cannot be done. The greens were ok overall however but had many undulations which proved a test for most players.

After the game we had some drinks and a snack at the club cafe before heading back to the hotel.

The results from Day 1 are shown below:


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.11.19 PM

We all had dinner on the second night at a new Spanish restaurant called Salud. The starter of cheese and ham (when it eventually arrived) was good but the main course was really a disgrace. I had ordered the pork rib loin which closely resembled something you would give to your dog … only one poor scrawny and skinny rib on a bed of powdered pureed mashed potato and a limp piece of salad. The wait for this was far too long and the service poor …. the staff could not even manage to bring us some olive oil for the dry bread. Anyway a few bottles of wine and some beer took some of the pain away.






Day 3 – Ayer Keroh

The final day of the tour was at the tough Ayer Keroh Golf Club – always a test of golf and stamina after 2 days of golf and 2 evenings out in Malacca. Conditions again were very hot and humid with very little breeze making it a hard slog for most on this rather long course. The course is however very beautiful with some magnificent large trees and lakes complete with crocodiles!

[Group 3]-[Group 0]-IMG_7651_IMG_7652-2 images_IMG_7654-3 images (1)


Results from Day 2 were as follows:

Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.11.36 PM

The winner of the 2 day competition was Iain Wise with a total of 190 for 72 points and he was presented with the Malacca Away trophy by Mike Smith. Well done Iain – guess those lessons are now showing some reward. Runner up was Martin Walsh with a total score of 176 for 70 points and 3rd place was Paul Geddes with 172 for 68.

The overall score for the two day tournament are tabulated below along with the scores from the game at Tiara Melaka.


Screen Shot 2016-03-24 at 9.12.58 PM



Results – Bukit Kemuning – 15th March 2016


Today we had 5 full flights at Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort on a fine humid morning. We got off from 2 tee boxes behind some other players, slightly later than expected, but we made good time around the course. Weather was good and the course was fair but with rather bumpy and unpredictable greens.

We had lunch at the nearby Mayflower Restaurant which was very good – a big thank you to Barry Cousins for arranging this.


Some good scores today as expected at this course with our winner being Martin Walsh with a great round of 84 for 43 points – cut 7!

Runner up was Allan Wright with 95 for 42 and 3rd place was shared by Jeff Pearce (92 for 40) and David Evans (103 for 40).

Best gross was Geoff McLaws with an 83 and most golf was Barry Cousins with a 117.

Full scores detailed below:


Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 3.49.31 PM



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Results – Berjaya Hills – 8th March 2016

20160308_100535_resizedOn a beautiful morning of light high cloud and a nice breeze, 16 LC’s teed it up at Berjaya Hills on time, after a smooth check in. Jeff Pearce, having been very cold the last time he played here, arrived suitably clad in a heavy sweater!!!….which was not needed.
The course
Berjaya Hills is always a bit of a gamble as to the condition of the course but yesterday it was in good overall condition and a pleasure to play. The first 3 or 4 greens on the front 9 were poor and bumpy but the rest were fair. There were a lot of patches of wild boar grubbing but mercifully not on the greens and the bunkers were OK but some rakes are needed. The Gibbons were noticeable by their absence which was a pity but our flight had the pleasure of the company of a Pig Tailed Macaque who ambled across in front of the 6th tee box as we were teeing up and then sauntered up to the green with an occasional disdainful glance over his shoulder at us intruders. Very nice.
The winner with an outstanding 90 for 46 points was Brian Stubbs, cut 4 strokes. The R/U ocb was Richard Moss with 41 points from Bernhard Romahn. The lowest gross was 78 by Geoff McLaws. The full results below:
Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 9.51.10 PM
15 golfers attended lunch at the newly renovated Restoran 126 where we enjoyed some inexpensive, slow to arrive grub and a lot of equally inexpensive Tiger Beer.
Photos courtesy of David Evans.

Results – KGSAAS – 1st March 2016

It’s not often you get a golf course to yourselves … but today we did. There were no other players at all so our small group of 19 Loose Cannons players had an unimpeded round at KGSAAS today. The weather was great, albeit very humid at the start, and the course was in wonderful shape making it am almost perfect morning’s golf.

We had 19 players for today’s game and 18 of us started on two tee boxes on the Sultan and the Alam Shah 9’s ….. our 19th player, Greg Sturgess, eventually making it to join us at mid way through our 2nd hole.

Sigi Maierbrugger kindly sponsored the cost for his flight so giving us some extra money to go towards the lunch today … thanks Sigi.

It was good to have a good caddy today … his advice was excellent and eventually found out that he played to a handicap of 2!

We had lunch at Pantai Seafood today and again, other than the beer, it offers really great value and wonderful food.


As usual this course can produce some good scores and we had a number of players with more than 36 points. Dave Evans played his best ever round with two birdies and was sitting at lunch after the game thinking he may be in with a good chance to win. However the last group came in with some very good scores ruining Dave’s chance of victory. The winner today was Roger Surieux with a very good 42 points (gross of 95) …. cut 4 …. and runner up on count back was Sigi Maierbrugger with 40 points (gross 87) and an amazing 25 points on his first 9 from Dave Evans and Brian Stubbs both also with 40 points. Best gross if the day was Paul Geddes with an 85. Full results below :

Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 3.24.52 PM


Playing with Greg Sturgess today we were amazed at the loud sound his driver made at impact so it was an opportunity to record this as shared below :