Results – Glenmarie (Garden Course) – 19th May 2020

12 Players including our guest Karl from Belgium assembled for a game of golf. Another beautiful morning at the golf course and a smooth take off at little after 8.00 am, half an hour before official t-time. Weather was nice, hot though with an occasional cooling breeze and the course (Gardens) was in excellent shape. We all got around in about 4 hours, some of us struggling the last few holes due to the heat.

After the official part of the day some went home and 6 of us gathered in Bar Roca in Damansara for a few more cooling Tigers.


The winner today was Iain with an excellent 91 for 41. 3 LC’s came home with 37 points; Ricardo, Brian and Dave, followed by Mike with a solid 36 points.

We had more prizes to deal with today. The March monthly medal was still not presented to the winner of that month; Iain Wise. Covid spoiled that party. So Iain raked up both the day price and the March medal. It took some time before he finally made his way to the golfers terrace (sorting his make-up, there were other theories going around) building the tension. The others spent that time wisely drinking beer that Iain missed out on being so slow.

Most golf also qualified for a price today; in case there will be another run on toilet paper in the near future Hans is safe now with an extra roll including golf tips.

The mystery price today was for loosing most balls; Andrew took that one back home; a sleeve of new balls. And welcome back Andrew!

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Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – Glenmarie (Valley Course) – 21st May 2019

After enjoying Glenmarie Valley Course 2 weeks before we returned again to enjoy the special Ramadan rate and see if we could improve our scores on this beautiful course. We had 14 players this morning and we got started on split tees at 8:00am with Enzo Filoni acting as Convenor with Hans Berger down with the flu.

Weather was good and the course was very nice. Not sure if we managed to improve our scores but it was an enjoyable morning’s golf.

Lunch was at the club after the game …. a poor idea with sub-standard food and exorbitantly priced beers. With 3 good restaurants within 10-20 mins from this club we should in future eat offsite. We were helped however by a kind Birthday donation of RM200 by David Evans and a bonus jug of beer donation from Iain Wise who bet Dave Evans he couldn’t get within a yard of the hole on the tricky 9th green when Dave was off the back of the green on the fringe …… he putted it beautifully and almost holed it!


The winner today was Jason Winter who played to handicap with 36 points, runner up was Enzo Filoni with 35 points. Best gross was Jason Winter with a 79. Full scores below:

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Results – Glenmarie (Valley Course) – 7th May 2019

With the start of Ramadan here in Malaysia we took advantage of the special Ramadan golf rates and played Glenmarie today at a bargain price of RM160. We had 4 flights and we played the Valley Course which was good for me as I had not played this course now for many years.

Weather conditons were excellent and the course was in great shape although the greens were running rather quickly which caught many players out.

After the game we had planned to have lunch at the club but due to some electrical problems they could do some limited food but unfortunately there was no beer so this was the deal breaker. Those staying for lunch therefore retired to the nearby La la Chong restaurant where multiple cold Carlsbergs were consumed along with some good food.


Winner today was Iain Wise with a score of 97 for 34 points with Stan Constantides taking runner up position with 92 for 33 points. Best gross was Stuart Taylor with 91 and most gross was Roger McGowan with 123. Full scores below :

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Results – Glenmarie – 6th June 2017

Another lovely day on the golf course, this time Glenmarie GCC Valley course with Loose Cannons and in the end last night we became full four flights. As expected the course were not busy and signing in saddling up and out on the course worked smoothly.

The course were in a very good nick and the few times I have played Glenmarie, the Valley course has always been my favorite and no difference today as it has a nice mixture of challenging and perhaps relaxing holes coupled with very nice large greens.

So how did it go;

– Bernard Romahn took the money with 87/39 and I think this course fits Bernards game

– Ricardo Castro came second with 85/37

– Iain Wise came third with 95/37, with as niot good second nine

– Lowest gross 85 were shared by Geoff McLaws and Ricardo Castro

– Allan Wright had no competitor at all for the most gross

– Tony Morris five-putted the par three hole fifteen after an excellent tee shot

We had the lunch at the clubs restaurant, food were good, Carlsberg beer tasted as it should but the service a bit slow but it’s Ramadan after all isn’t it.


Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 4.25.14 PM


Results – Glenmarie Golf & Country Club – 14th August 2012

Cannons all.
This was our second visit to Glenmarie Golf & Country Club this Ramadan. We played the Garden course 2 weeks ago and found it in rather poor condition. On that day the Valley course was closed for ‘maintenance’ and we decided to take advantage of the Ramadan special offer to play the Valley once the ‘maintenance ‘ was completed. And so 24 LC’s teed it up on the Valley under threatening skies but in expectation of finding this superb layout in better if not best condition compared to our last experience of this “prestigious course”. Alas, we were to be very disappointed.
The Valley course at Glenmarie is a challenging and picturesque track which was completely renovated by Parslow Golf 3 years ago. It should be in fine if not pristine condition but the opposite was true; the only exception being the greens which were large, true and fast. But the fairways and tee boxes……oh dear. They were a disgrace with large bare areas, a lot of fungus evident and great tracts that had been hollow tined and heavily sanded. Weed infestation was rampant throughout the fairways and the rough. The bunkers were basically OK but earlier players had left their mark….bloody great foot prints in the side slopes that you could had buried a cat in. This of course isn’t the fault of the course management; it’s a reflection of the extremely poor behaviour of a large number of Malaysian golfers I’m afraid.
But back to the condition of this golf course. It’s a disgrace. It’s a product of thoroughly bad green keeping practises and lackadaisical management. Both the Glenmarie management team and the members (who pay a hefty price for the ‘privilage’ of membership and should be able to exert some pressure on management), should be thoroughly ashamed. I hope they get to see this report. I played with Ted Parslow and he was quite shocked at the condition, a mere 3 years after he had handed it over in pristine condition. Let’s hope that they get it back into shape otherwise we will not waste our money playing there again, even when there’s an offer on green fees.

The early threat of rain passed and gave way to pleasant weather with a freshening breeze. The round was a little slow as those that started on the front nine were held up by some rather slow players ahead; those that were responsible for the graves in the bunkers no doubt!

Of course, a game of golf with the ‘Cannons’ isn’t without it’s lighter side.
As we were waiting to start at Tee Box 1 Alan Holgate appeared searching the buggies for his “little green bag”. At first I thought he was talking about his caddie poor thing but no, this was a small bag that Alan carries his wallet, car keys, mobile, loose change, Viagra etc in. It was missing. No, it wasn’t in any of our buggies and off he went to continue the search. Why doesn’t he just put all that stuff in his pockets like everyone else? 
Well, it transpired that he had left it in the buggy that he was originally assigned to and left it there when he moved his golf bag to another buggy. 
He found it when he tracked that buggy down to another flight playing Garden. Apparently, he had reported this impending catastrophe to ‘her in doors’ who had immediately cancelled the credit cards. 
Are you OK Alan? Will you be allowed out to play next week unsupervised?
The winner, and about time too, was Geoff Parslow with 43 points and the runner-up was Rain Li Tan with 39 points.The lowest gross was Geoff Parslow’s 75 and the most golf was played by Richard Moss with 111.
Geoff is cut 7 strokes and Richard 1 stroke.
20 players adjourned to South Sea Seafood for lunch which was notable for several things. Firstly we ended up on 2 tables 30 feet apart with a serving station between the two. Not the best arrangement for a social gathering. The food was superb but as Tony remarked “these prawns must have cost RM10 each”. He wasn’t far wrong. The food came to RM868 and the drinks; 25 large bottles of Carlesberg & 2 Asahi plus a load of juices came to RM732 and with the ++ the total bill came to whopping RM1775, the best part of RM90 per head!!! Too bloody much. Next week we will return to normality.
A panoramic view of Barry Cousins in action 
John Laidley drives off

Barry Cousins at the helm
Our flight comprised Stuart Taylor, Barry Cousins, Geoff McLaws and John Laidley.
Barry (Baza) Cousins posing
The greens were in pretty good condition overall on the Valley Course
The Valley Course, Glenmarie

Geoff McLaws using some fancy optical sighting device to get a distance to the green
Mike – do we have a Cannons ruling on the use of such devices …. I guess being the Loose Cannons of nautical heritage it could be regarded as some form of sextant!

The Valley Course has a beautiful layout but sadly let down by poor fairways and bunkers.

You can’t see the faces for the upturned glasses at the South Seas Restaurant but this is Bob Simpson and John Laidley

Results – Glenmarie Golf & Country Club – 24th July 2012

Cannons all,   For the first LC game this Ramadan we chose Glenmarie who’s offer of RM85 nett sounded very attractive. Of course, like most ‘offers’ in life, you need to read the small print. Having to take one Caddy per flight and compulsory insurance the actual cost was RM105 but still very good for one of KL’s premier couses.   16 LC’s pitched up for the game along with a multitude of other non fasting golfers and so, despite making a tee time reservation, we had to queue up at the first tee and we finally got away at about 8:20, all from the same tee box.   Glenmarie is a quality course but I am sorry to report that the Garden Course we played was in very poor condition; the greens excepted, with a lot of weed evident on the fairways and some bare patches. The rough too was unkempt and covererd with white flowers under the trees which made looking for stray balls difficult. Not what one would expect of such a prestigious golf course. Even the Valley Course (which was closed for maintenance) showed a lot of weed growth on the fairways. Such a pity as this is easily controlable. The good news is that Buggies are allowed on the fairways. Despite the condition this is a good track and we will play here again.   We all got through the first 9 in reasonable time but the back 9 was painfully slow. We were held up on every hole by another society ahead of us playing off the blues, (why is it that Malaysian golfers, regardless of ability, must play from the blues when lots of them clearly should be taking advantage of the whites?) resulting in a 5 hour round of golf. Too bloody long. The resultant late finish ruled out 4 players from the lunch which was a pity as they missed out on an excellent meal.   The winner with an outrageous but well deserved score was Bob Simpson with 48 points and the runner-up was Erol Akinci with 40 points.The lowest gross was 80 by Geoff McLaws and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate with 109.  Bob is cut 12 strokes and Erol 1 stroke.   Lunch was at South Sea Seafood, near the Firefly terminal at Subang airport, where the food was superb and mostly finished before Bernhard & Tony arrived. Apparently while examining the score card to answer a query from driver Bernhard, Tony looked up just as Bernhard was entering the toll onto the NKVE!!!! There began a 30 minute tour of Shah Alam and its environs before they finally pitched up. More food was ordered by Alan (who scoffed most of it himself) and the amber nectar continued to flow resulting in a rather expensive but well enjoyed lunch that didn’t see the last man leave till 3:30pm. A bit of sad news gleaned at lunch is that the Equatorial Restoran in Rawang has closed due to renovation of the shop lots. The owner has no idea when or where she will operate from in future. Oh dear.

Results -Glenmarie GC – 23rd August 2011

14 LC’s and 3 guests pitched up at Glenmarie on an overcast and rather wet morning. I had tried very hard to get 4 full flights and was somewhat surprised when Vincent showed up insisting that he had advised me “as soon as it was announced last Thursday”. Even showed me the email text on his Blackberry. Well Vincent, I didn’t receive the note but last Thursday but did receive it yesterday evening! In the event 17 was manageable as the Ramadan deal was RM80 net p.p. and we talked them down to one caddy per flight so no additional cost incured. The LL is to remember to press send.
Although the weather was a little inclemant we were not held up and all bar the last flight were round in 4 hours. Pretty good for what appeared to be a crowded golf course. The course was in generally good nick but the greens were a little variable and a bit bumpy.
Ray Funnell was the winner with 45 points with Andrew Robinson runner up with 43 points. The lowest gross was 83 by John Laidley returning to the fold after several months away trying to sell the house in Oz. The most golf was played jointly by Vincent & Rick both returning 110.
Ray is cut 9 strokes and Andrew the mandatory 1 stroke.
Welcome to our 3 guests Alistair, Ben and Stevie. We hope to see you regularly with LC’s.
A word in the shell-like. It’s sometimes quite difficult to get flights together, particularly when playing courses where we are penalised by having odd numbers. I appreciate that sometimes unexpected things pop up to force a change of plan but when you say you will play and then cancel at the last minute because some mate has asked you to play with him instead……at the same course, at the same time……that’s not on. It’s difficult enough getting the group together without that sort of thing. The message guys is once committed stay committed.