Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 2nd February 2016


This seemingly straightforward and innocuous little Par 71 course can sometimes eat you up …. and this was one of those days with 20 Loose Cannons failing to conquer this course. Yes it’s a tight little course but today somehow balls were being lost left, right and even centre. The rough was deep and soft and just seemed to eat up balls …. even the fairway seemed to somehow magically camouflage balls making it very difficult to find them. The weather was good and predictably hot and humid as the morning wore on. The greens were in fairly good shape …. the problem appeared to be in reaching them!

We decided to play off the blue tees which is normally a good choice at this course as the white tees are normally located on the red tee boxes making it rather short on many holes. However today we found many of the blue tees were at the back where the black tees normally are making this even tougher than it needed to be.

We managed to tee off from two separate tee boxes and most were finished by around 1pm – then we headed to lunch at Rein Li Tan’s recommended restaurant Restoran Kari Kepala Ikan Tiga– in the darkest depths of Puchong Utama. Some people had problems finding the restaurant and one member didn’t make it due to navigational problems. The consensus (at least on our table) that the food was not that great with the exception of the fish and it also seemed to be a real struggle to get a cold beer …… so perhaps not worth the hike from Kinrara.


The scores today certainly reflected how tough the course was playing with only two members breaking 100. Of note Bernard Romahn managed to score only two points more than the number of clubs in his bag ….. and he actually had the proper number of clubs in his bag this week! The winner today with a measly 32 points was Mike Smith with a gross of 101. Mike is cut 4 for this wonderful performance! Runner ups were the French duo of  Charles Blanchet (97 for 31 points) and Roger Surieux (104 for 31 points). Best gross of the day was Stuart Taylor with 95. Full results below :

Screen Shot 2016-02-02 at 5.29.51 PM







Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 30th September 2014


It was a hazy morning as 20 Loose Cannons players showed up at the Kinrara Golf Club for the September Trophy game. Course conditions although a tad soggy in parts due to the recent rain was generally good. The greens were in good shape other than one or two which had been hollow tined.

Our 5 flights got off sharp before 8am from two split tee boxes and most were beck by 12:30 or so.

Most of the players drove back and had lunch at the Selangor Club Sport’s Annexe with Andrew Robinson ordering a mountain of pizzas, fries … and of course much liquid amber.


Mike Williams was the September Trophy winner with a gross of 84 and 39 Stableford points – congratulations! Second was Mike Smith with 37 points (94 gross). Best gross of the day was Geoff Parslow with 81. Full results below.


Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 22nd April 2014


I played Kinrara a few weeks ago and it was dry and well maintained. Today was a slightly different story – with the heavy rain of the last 2 days the fairways and rough were wet and soggy. On top of this there appears to have been no cutting of the rough or greens so the combination of the wet and the heavy grass made it tough going today. 
We had 22 Loose Cannons players today so another good turnout for this course which has not been played by Cannons for a long time. The clubhouse has been renovated as have the changing rooms and showers making it very pleasant compared to what it was before. We got off at almost right on our designated tee-time of 7:45 from two tee boxes.
We decided to play off the blue tees today as the whites were effectively next to the red tees. For most holes this was good although on a few holes there was quite a distance between the whites and the blues making those holes a bit longer/tougher.
The fairways were fairly good but wet in places due to the rain, the rough was very heavy as mentioned before and the greens slow as they had not been cut.
One interesting observation I noted on hole number 13 was two of the drains at the side of the fairway had been covered by an air-conditioning panel – made it look like the course had air-con installed …. bizarre!
After the game most of us took lunch at the Restoran 8 Road in Puchong which was very good and excellent value – another one to retain on the books for when we play either Kinrara or perhaps Bukit Jalil.


The winner today was Ted Parslow with a gross of 79 and 38 points – well done Ted! Second was Andrew Chez with 82 and 35 points. Best gross of the day was Jason Winter with 77. With Ted and Jason responsible for the design of this course I believe their valuable inside knowledge must have helped in their top places today!
Full results in the table below:


Next Game – Kinrara Golf Club – 22nd April 2014

Next week on Tuesday 22nd April we will be playing at the delightful Kinrara Golf Club. Tee-off has been booked for 7:45am and we will have 2 tee boxes to depart from. Please be at the club by 7:15am latest for registration.

We shall be playing from the BLUE tees on this course as white is a little short.

This is a TP book course so all TP book holders please bring your books. Cost for TP books will be RM100 and costs for non-TP books will be RM120.

As part of the special weekly rate we will also get food vouchers which can be used at their clubhouse cafe which is basic (and dry). However I am confirming a nearby Chinese restaurant for lunch and detail of this will be forthcoming shortly.

After golf at Kinrara Golf Club on Tuesday 22nd April we will have lunch at the following restaurant for all those interested. Address and directions are as follows:

Restoran 8 Road
No 12A & 15, Jalan Kenari 8, 
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100


1. Exit Kinrara Golf Club and turn right onto Jalan Kinrara 6
2. Drive approx 2.4 km and take slip road left onto Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil
3. Drive another 2.3 km and take slip road left onto Jalan Kinari prior to large flyover/interchange
4. Drive 500m along Jalan Kinari and Jalan Kenari 8 and restaurant is on right 
5. If no parking parking then you can park at IOI Boulevard which is right next to restaurant 

Result for Kinrara Tuesday 26th June 2012

Kinrara Golf Club was in excellent condition and with near perfect weather the 12 LC’s that gathered for the June Trophy Game were well rewarded.
Kinrara has spent a lot of money on their course and their club house recently and when the weather is generally dry this is a very good track and off the blues, a stern test of golf. We played the Blues because they tend to put the Whites on the Ladies tees which makes it too short, even for us.
Being so near for most of us it’s a pity we don’t play here more often but unfortunately, when the weather is wet the course gets very soft, particularly the back 9, leading to many plugged balls, so lets hope that they spend some of their budget on improving the drainage and we will play here more often.
After I made the reservation last week the club called me to say they had a “small tournament” teeing off at 8 o’clock but with “only 8 flights starting on tee 1 & 10 we could get started at 8:30”. In the event there were 14 flights and a long delay was anticipated as their players were still arriving at 7:45 but the quick thinking of Andrew and with the help of the starter we got off ahead of the competition starting on 5 & 6 and didn’t see any of the competition players for the rest of our round. Thanks Andrew.
As I said earlier, the course was in good shape; the only blemish being some bare areas on some of the greens on the back 9 that have been affected by fungus. The fairways were superb.
The winner of the June Trophy was George Murray with 45 points plus 1 bonus point for a total of 46 and the runner-up OCB was myself with 37 + 3 = 40 points.The lowest gross was 90 by Hans Berger and the most golf was played by Ray Funnell with 109.
George is cut 9 strokes and myself 1 stroke.

Klaus figuring out the best line!

Not a soul in sight

The winner George with Hans (best gross) & Klaus

Long trouser boys!

Lunch was taken at the RSC Annex where the food pretty ordinary and the service a little slow. Only 8 attended which was a pity. What the Annex lacks in quality of food it more than makes up for in the price which is always reasonable.

Results – Kinrara Golf Course – 20th March 2012

After a few days without rain I was expecting Kinrara to be reasonably dry underfoot but I was wrong. The back 9 in particular had several fairways that were still very soft and had not been cut for a few days. There were also a lot of worm casts and so not a lot of run off the tee. But this is a club that’s spending a lot of money on their facility, the clubhouse is superb and the tee boxes are as good as anywhere we play. They have recently built 3 new bunkers adjacent to the driving range (why???) and there is a lot of maintenance activity on the course. The greens are generally good if some what slow and if they can get the drainage sorted and some new buggies this will be a very attractive venue on a more frequent basis.
15 LC’s teed it up in good weather playing off the Blues as historically they place the whites on the ladies tees during the week. And so it was yesterday, but let me tell you that off the Blues this is a completely different golf course reflected in the slope of 132. Progress was rather slow due in some part to hunting for balls in the thick rough (again due to soft ground resulting in inability to get the mowers working) and ongoing greens maintenance. You will get this on an 18 hole layout! At the 5th we were held up for several minutes as they were hollow tining, sweeping, sanding and cutting the green as we played and we were forced to wait while they mowed an area around the pin.
The winner was Erol Akinci with 39 points and the R/U Kevin Wiggins with 38 points. The low gross was an uncharacteristic 87 by John Laidley and the most golf was played by Richard Moss with 112.
Erol is cut 4 strokes and Kevin 1 stroke.
Full results and handicap adjustments can be found in the attachment.
M&M was taken at the Annex with 11 attending. Good grub and cheap booze. Good location for these gatherings.