Gordon Wingate Memorial Trophy – Tropicana Golf & Country Resort – 1st July 2015

The 2nd Gordon Wingate Memorial Trophy golf competition was held again at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort with 6 flights teeing off on the East 1 and West 9 nines at just after 8:00am. There were golfers from the Loose Cannons group, The FRID’ Eggs group, the ladies LEGS group and some friends of Nancy who came from Dubai.
Course conditions were good albeit a bit of a mixed bag between the two nines played. The East 1 course had obviously recently had the greens hollow tined and were quite bumpy and somewhat slow. Even the fairways were not in their usual immaculate condition. The West course however had lightning fast greens which caught everyone unaware. 
Weather was good and everyone was back in the clubhouse by just after 1pm in time for the lunch held at the Spring Garden Chinese Restaurant. Nancy Wingate made a thank you speech followed by the presentation of the prizes and raffle ticket winners by Peter Davies.
Many thanks to all he participants for this annual competition and a big thank you to all those kind donations of money and prizes for the day. Any excess monies will be donated to the Malaysian Heart Foundation, a charity chosen by Nancy Wingate.


Best Team Stableford : Peter Davies, Stuart Taylor, Brian Stubbs, Glen Wombwell (126 points)

NTP Hole 3 : Paul Geddes

NTP Hole 8 : Rebecca Wood

NTP Hole 12 : Stuart Taylor

NTP Hole 17 : Peter Davies

Longest Drive Men : Brian Stubbs

Longest Drive Ladies : Rebecca Wood

3rd Place : Paul Geddes (37 points)

2nd Place : Brian Stubbs 39 points)

Winner : Merete Dahl (42 points)

Full Results


Gordon Wingate Memorial Trophy

Congratulations to Brian Stubbs for winning the inaugural Gordon Wingate Memorial Trophy held at Tropicana on 2nd July 2014. He won with a gross of 94 and 39 Stableford points. The day was very successful with 23 participating golfers who played the East 1 and East 2 courses under great conditions. Greens were fast and tricky to say the least.
Nancy Wingate is pleased to announce that a total of RM3,020 was raised for the Malaysian Heart Foundation.
Thanks to all who played and to all of the wonderful contributions of money and prizes which made this event highly successful. We all look forward to next year’s event and a chance to get our name on the trophy.

Obituary – Gordon Wingate

It was with deep sadness that we all heard about the sudden death of Gordon Wingate on Saturday 29th June 2013. Gordon will always be remembered for his good humour, his passion for the game of golf and his frequent participation at the Loose Cannons games as well as other KL golfing groups such as WIGS and KLOGS since his arrival in KL in November 2012.

Gordon joined Loose Cannons in November last year when he relocated here from Dubai and very quickly assimilated into the group.  Although I have known Gordon only a relatively short time I quickly grew to relate to Gordon particularly given our common Scottish heritage, his sharp and dry sense of Scottish wit and humour and of course his love for the game of golf. I remember distinctly the first game he joined us at Bukit Kemuning …. back in November 2012  …. I remember it well as it was an extremely wet and rather sodden/flooded course we played …. must have reminded Gordon of Scotland …. and I also remember because I actually won that day. Since that time we have enjoyed playing golf most weeks both with the Loose Cannons group as well as other organised games in and around KL. I may add that Gordon and I added a small incentive over the last few months in the form of a “small wager”  …. RM20 to be precise …  just to focus our minds on the game at hand … although I am disappointed to report that this income has not added significantly to my retirement fund. Gordon was well known for his quick playing style and his big drives off the tee …. many of which kept the local monkey population in the jungles on their toes! In his time here in KL with the Loose Cannons group Gordon played 24 games with the Loose Cannons with one win. It was only just last week I played with Gordon which was sadly to be his last game…. I am glad to report that he did win that game. Gordon is by now no doubt in the middle of that big wide fairway in that celestial golf course (which I may add will be the first time he has been in the fairway for some time).

We should take this time not to be remorseful of this great loss but to take the time to celebrate  celebrate a life, a life well lived, a life lived to the full. Let us all remember and reminisce about the wonderful, colourful times we have all enjoyed with Gordon and the joy, goodwill, humour and laughter that Gordon brought to each and everyone of us. Once again let us all join in hearts and minds to celebrate and remember the Life of Gordon Wingate.