Results – KGPA – 12th May 2020

The first post-lockdown game for Loose Cannons since nearly 2 months. It was really good to be out there again. Golf for most of us seems still a bit rusty but that’s only a matter of time before we all will be back on our normal professional level from before the lockdown. We played in the afternoon since KGPA only allows guests after midday. Registration and all was quick and easy. Luckily no caddies available so no charity this time. The course was in a very good condition, not busy at all and we all went around fairly quick.

After the game 7 gathered in the former Sid’s bar in Damansara. Unfortunately the winner missed the party so we spent his prize money as well. Sitting far away from each other and bit of screaming works alright. A big thanks to Siggy and Erol for taking care of most of the beer bill and celebrating their belated birthday. Both reached a beautiful number; Siggy turning 56 and Erol turning 70!


The winner today and the only one playing 36; der Panzer Bernard, followed by Ricardo 34 (and lowest gross) and Brian 32. A lot of members did a lot of golf and thus getting value for money.

Screenshot 2020-05-13 at 4.47.55 PM


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – KGPA – 25th February 2020

With some away in Cambodia with Wiggs, others in holidays, we only had 5 LC’s members and 2 guests, the brothers Bryan and Andy Morrows for the last game of February at KGPA.

Lakes and Forest were in very good condition, and we can see all the hard work they were doing the last 2 years are paying off. Weather was hot, dry with a beautiful blue sky and sunny all morning.

All 7 said yes to lunch at Annexe (Big thank you to Andrew), with good food and cool Tigers. Attached please find today’s game results sheet, final February rankings after 4 games, LC player of the year scores sheet and some pictures (Thanks to Paul Collett).


Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 8.42.13 PM

The winner today was Paul Collett with 93/36 beating Ted Parslow with 87/36 (best Gross) on countback, third place was Iain with 103/29. Ted Parslow won the mystery prize (Best gross on the first nine).

With these results, Allan Wright wins player of the month with his best 2 games with a total of 77, well done Allan.


Results – KGPA – 17th December 2019

Living just a stone-throw from KGPA and having had more or less the same downpours I was a bit worried about the course  conditions, but it was not too bad, soggy sections of some holes yes, but playable sometimes with a little of ball movement.

Good golf weather, nice venue but the city is coming closer and closer, next up is a hotel squeezed in next to the Phileo Semantan MRT-station.

We had a good post game lunch at Pantai Seafood Restaurant, but only 50% of the players attended…..

I was in the same buggy as Ian Wise, and surprise surprise when he pulled the bag cover off, there was no driver. But it did not hurt him at all, almost as long with the 3-wood from the tee-box and on the fairway.


Result from the testing elements; three players on 37 points, Jan van Driel won with best second nine.

Screenshot 2019-12-18 at 9.31.49 AM.jpg


hole 26 backdrop forest nineTee-box hole 23 forest nine

Results – KGPA – 24 July 2018


With Hans Berger away on Summer vacation it was Ted Parslow who arranged today’s Loose Cannon’s game at KGPA. We originally had 18 signed up but with 2 late pull-outs it was 16 making a nice round 4 flights.

We welcomed back Geoff Parslow to the group who has not played for some time and Paul Geddes’ guest Lewis Marr.

We teed’ off on the Lakes 9 at 8:30am prompt and then finished on the Forest 9. Weather was good and the course was in good condition so it made for a good morning.

After the game 13 of the 16 players took lunch at Pantai Seafood Restaurant throwing back quite a few cold beers in the process.


The winner this week was Kaz Takita with a score of 89 for 39 points, ocb from Ricardo Castro who also scored 39 points. 3rd place was shared between Ted Parslow (85 for 38) and Stuart Taylor (84 for 38). Full results below:

Screen Shot 2018-07-24 at 3.47.27 PM


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Next Game – KGPA – Wed 30th July 2014

Next week’s game will have to be played on Wednesday 30th July as Mon/Tue are Public Holidays (Hari Rays) – so we will play on 30th July at KGPA with a starting tee time of 8:30am. This is the monthly Trophy Game for July.
Cost will be RM150 per pax based on special weekday package inclusive of green fees/buggy/insurance and caddy (1 per buggy, compulsory). This rate is very close to that of the TP book so to avoid the usual confusion at registration let’s all stick to this weekday special rate. There will be some carry over with this fee which will go towards lunch.
IMPORTANT – all players will have to show proof of residence for this rate so please bring passport/resident visa/MM2H card/PR card/driving license/business card to show residence status.
Please be at the club EARLY by 8:00am latest as we all know registration at this club can be “tedious”! Many thanks.

Results – KGPA Golf Club – 20th November 2012


15 Cannons mustered for the weekly game at KGPA, a convenient venue that we had not played for some time. We had booked 4 flights for 8.30, the earliest time non-members can tee-off.  

The registration was a nightmare!! A rugby scrum at the desk which was manned by extremely inept and slow personnel.  Eventually getting ‘served’ I was asked to tear out the TP coupons from the 8 books proffered, to save time, said Doris No1.  So I did and then she disappeared only to be replaced by Doris No2 who told me the coupons were unacceptable as they had to tear them out of the books themselves! With my systolic blood pressure rising there was now a mini conference of Doris 1, 2 and 3.  And after some delay they said OK.  But Glens coupon was rejected as the bottom left hand corner of the coupon was missing!  So retrieving Glens book I tore out the missing corner and there was another mini Doris conference to confirm that this scrap of paper was indeed the missing corner?  Eventually approval was granted, by which time there were about a dozen others in the queue behind me. And then all the serial numbers on the coupons had to be carefully recorded on the flight chits.  And then all the assorted driving license, passports and so on for the remaining 7  Cannons had to be carefully added to the chits to obtain the ‘package rate’.  And then the whole lot had to be carefully fed into the computer……!!  Registration took 40 minutes, by which time flights were backed up on the starting blocks.  We got underway by 9.30 and finished some 5 hours later! On the positive side the weather was good and the course was in pretty fair nick considering the amount of rain of late. But it will be a long time before KGPA features again on the Cannons schedule.

13 of us made our way to the annexe for lunch – or was it high tea or early dinner?  Ray and Paul having had to rush off to important meetings.. The food was good when it arrived and a fair wack of beer/wine was knocked back.  Tony managed to have 2 meals – a mee mamak adn an unclaimed fish & ships.  And the germano-scandinavian axis tucked into hideous looking banana splits after their main course.

And then the plaintive cry went out…..’LISTEN UP!!’  And it was time to announce the winners.  Ray Funnell with 100 off the stick and 36 points edged Tony Morris, 95 off the stick for 36 points, OCB,  Well done Ray, you are cut 4 and Tony is cut 1. The lowest gross was Geoff McLaws with 86 and Allan McNicoll wrestled back the most golf played accolade with a solid 108. Full details as follows:

1. Ray Funnell – 100/36
2. Tony Morris – 95/36
3. Gordon Wingate – 95/33
4. Stuart Taylor – 98/33
5. Glen Wombwell – 106/33
6. Allan McNicoll – 108/33
7. Bernhard Romahn – 90/32
8. Kevin Wiggins – 95/32
9. Jeff Pearce – 101/32
10. Andrew Robinson – 100/31
11. Geoff McLaws – 86/30
12. Hans Berger – 96/28
13. Raymond Keys – 104/26
14. Paul Jeyaraj – DNF



Next Game – KGPA Golf Club – 20th November 2012


4 flights have been booked at KGPA for next Tuesday 20th November for an 8.30 am tee-off, (non-members cannot tee-off before that time). We play here as Tony Morris has requested for us to do so, and because we haven’t played here for a long time and because its near home for all of us. We will be playing the Lake and Forest 9’s.  Please have the exact money (RM130 pp) and please be there by 8.00 am latest.

After ablutions we will adjourn to the RSC Kiara Annexe for F&B. Please confirm your participation by return email to Andrew Robinson.