Results – KGPA – 25th February 2020

With some away in Cambodia with Wiggs, others in holidays, we only had 5 LC’s members and 2 guests, the brothers Bryan and Andy Morrows for the last game of February at KGPA.

Lakes and Forest were in very good condition, and we can see all the hard work they were doing the last 2 years are paying off. Weather was hot, dry with a beautiful blue sky and sunny all morning.

All 7 said yes to lunch at Annexe (Big thank you to Andrew), with good food and cool Tigers. Attached please find today’s game results sheet, final February rankings after 4 games, LC player of the year scores sheet and some pictures (Thanks to Paul Collett).


Screenshot 2020-02-25 at 8.42.13 PM

The winner today was Paul Collett with 93/36 beating Ted Parslow with 87/36 (best Gross) on countback, third place was Iain with 103/29. Ted Parslow won the mystery prize (Best gross on the first nine).

With these results, Allan Wright wins player of the month with his best 2 games with a total of 77, well done Allan.


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