Next Game – Clearwater Sanctuary, Ipoh – 29th March 2011

Next Tuesday 29th March is the Trophy Game and will be played at Clearwater Sanctuary, Ipoh. Tee off at 09:00. This coincides with the annual spring tour; our 4th to Ipoh, and a 2 day tournament follows at Meru Valley. See earlier notes. We have 11 signed up for the full tour and need ONE MORE to make 3 full flights.

The 11 are:-
David Hughes
Erol Akinci
Glen Wombwell
Hans Berger
John Laidley
Mike Smith
Raymond Keys
Tom Holmes
Tony Morris

If you want to join what is always a fun tour let Mike Smith know ASAP.

Check out the report from last year’s Northern Tour at the same golfing venues for a glimpse into what you may be missing.

If you want only want to play the Trophy Game sign up in the mormal way. Clearwater is a great course and is only 2hrs 10mins from Bangsar. Car pool.

Results – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 22nd March 2011

15 Cannons and 2 guests were scheduled to play Bukit Kemuning on a wet Tuesday morning but Aftab messaged Hans while were assembling to say he wasn’t coming (was that because of a little rain?) and Rainli’s friends didn’t show because Rainli had switched his mobile off overnight, overslept (as usual) and didn’t get to answer their enquiry as to whether the game was on or not. Guys, unless it’s absolutely unavoidable, if you register to play you must attend. If you are bringing guests make sure they turn up.
It rained heavily and continuously from the early hours till 7am and then eased to a steady light rain till about 11am. The 14 survivors got started a bit late at 08:45 and were round in reasonable time. The course was wet but quite playable but the greens were generally poor to awful.
The winner with 38 points was Ray Funnell and the runner up with 37 points OCB was myself. Cuts of 4 & 1 apply. The lowest gross was 83 by John Laidley and the most golf 117 was played by Alan Holgate.
M&M was taken at the club which is quite good and reasonably priced.

Results – Rahman Putra – 15th March 2011

Cannons all.

Rahman Putra was a tad soft underfoot through the green but the greens were firm and fair. 10 Loose Cannons took up the challenge and as we have come to expect, found the course unforgiving of errant shots. You have to find the fairways here. The rough, when wet, is very rough and punishing.

The winner with 36 points was David Hughes and the runner up Barry Cousins with 34 points. Cuts of 4 & 1 stroke apply. The lowest gross was 90 by David and the most golf was played by Dick Stauffer. The full results and your updated handicaps can be found on the attachment.

Numbers were down as is always the case because of the KLOGS game tomorrow. I know we aren’t getting any younger but I’m sure most of us can still manage to play on consecutive days!

M&M was taken at the club which was up to it’s usual high standard and with the amber nectar at a reasonable price the F&B bill was reasonable. RM55 carry over.

Loose Cannons will go on a Northern Tour to Ipoh at the end of the month for the Trophy Game at Clearwater Sanctuary followed by a 2 day tournament at Meru Valley. Andrew has made a very good deal on Club Rooms at the renovated Impiana ( thank you Andrew)  and we expect to have a very enjoyable trip. Currently we have 8 confirmed participants for the full tour and we aim to top this out at 12 on a first come first served basis. We won’t go with odd numbers. For tour details see earlier blog post.

Loose Cannons Northern Tour – 29th-31st March 2011

Cannons all.

KLLC will do the Northern Tour to Ipoh on 29th 30th 31st March. 3D2N 3×18 holes.


Day 1
Meet at Clearwater at 08.30 for the Trophy Game played to current Cannons handicaps.
Transfer to Impiana after F&B at club
Cocktail hour at Impiana
Dinner at the Royal Ipoh Club
On-on to suitable bar

Day 2
A leisurely start for the first day of the Away Tournament at Meru Valley – played to what the ‘Tour Committee’ (myself & Andrew Robinson) deem to be real handicaps.
Cocktail hour at Impiana
Dinner at the very good chinese restaurant a few hundred metres walk from the hotel
On-on to suitable bar

Day 3
An early check-out of Impiana
Second day of the Away Tournament at Meru Valley
Lunch and prize-giving at the club
Depart for KL

Meru Valley is 27 holes and we need to arrange the booking such that we play all 3 nines over the 2 days
There will be a Tour Trophy for the 2 day competition.
Each participant must donate 1 sleeve of balls for the sweep and 1 bottle of alcoholic beverage.
We will car pool.

Impiana Hotel Club Room RM245 net per night
Clearwater Sanctuary. TP course. RM80 Bring your TP book.
Meru Valley. RM114.20 Guest. RM30 Member

Hotel Reservation by CC to individual account.

Rafiza Nordin
Sales Manager
Impiana Hotel Ipoh
18 Jalan Raja Dr. Nazrin Shah
30250 Ipoh
Perak Darul Ridzuan
Tel :+605-255 5555
Fax :+605-255 1948
H/P :+019-555 5768

If you only want to play the Monthly Trophy game at Clearwater that’s OK.
We will aim to have FULL FLIGHTS for the TOUR COMPETITION.

If you want to participate register with Mike Smithme ASAP.

If you want to participate register with Mike Smith ASAP.

Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 8th March 2011

A very pretty picture. P.S. Ladies T’s just off screen to the left!!!

13 golfers (it should have been 14 but Reinli was a no show having previously confirmed his attendance) played a rather soggy Kinrara. Taking account of the heavy overnight rain that didn’t abate until tee off, the course was in surprisingly good condition with much evidence of ongoing renovation work in many areas. As is our norm we played the white tees and were surprised to find these positioned on the forward tee boxes on every hole. More on that later. However, despite the shortness of the track most found it tough in part due to the very soft fairways with not much run and several plugged balls. The exception were our winner, John Laidley with an excellent 73 and 47 points with David Hughes regaining some form returning 85 for 42 points as runner up. Johns 73 was the lowest gross of course and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate who took 115 strokes to negotiate Kinrara.
Since we were playing from the ladies tees it was felt that it would be unfair to cut John 11 strokes as would be the norm and it was agreed that he would be cut 4 strokes from his REVISED USGA handicap which is now 8 so John will play off 4 next time out. David is cut 1 stroke.
On the subject of handicaps Aftab complained that his 15 h/c was too low. Aftab, the reason you are playing off 15 is that your first game with LC show that you declared a h/c of 13. You have played twice without being in the frame and so your h/c today was 15. As I understand it, your KGSAAS h/c is 24. It was agreed over lunch that the 3 scores you have returned would be computed to USGA h/c rules and your revised h/c is now 22 next time out.
M&M was taken at the RSC Annex and excellent it was too. With John donating his winnings to the pot we had a surplus of RM2 so a good result all round. Several members retired for further libation to the veranda bar where they are probably still as I write.

Batam and Ipoh Golf Packages

Trying to put a package together for the proposed Batam trip is proving difficult and a LOT more expensive than the Firefly sales promotion would have you believe. Forget the RM710 bit which is still shown as the “from” price. The best deal I can get a quote for from Firefly is 3D2N 2×18 holes RM1410. Simon has put together a proposal that isn’t much different at RM1440made up of Hotel & Golf 980+Flight 330+ Club carriage 100+ departure tax 30.
If we booked Flight through Firefly and Hotel through and used the TP vouchers for the Golf 3D2N 2x18holes would cost in the region of RM1000.
Alternatively we could go to Ipoh on Tuesday the 29th and play the Trophy game at Clearwater and a 2 day Tour Match at Meru Valley Wed & Thurs getting back to KL late Thursday afternoon for about RM650 PROVIDING we can get hotel rooms. (Checking on-line today all reasonable hotels in Ipoh are fairly full through end April.)
Andrew. Does the Ipoh Club have rooms?
So, those WANTING to PARTICIPATE please indicate your interest ASAP for
  1. BATAM at any price
  2. BATAM for c.RM1000
  3. IPOH
  4. ANY of the ABOVE
Take note. We will not undertake this unless we get a FIRM COMMITTMENT from you. Min # for Batam 4 pax and Ipoh 8 pax.