Next Game – Clearwater Sanctuary, Ipoh – 29th March 2011

Next Tuesday 29th March is the Trophy Game and will be played at Clearwater Sanctuary, Ipoh. Tee off at 09:00. This coincides with the annual spring tour; our 4th to Ipoh, and a 2 day tournament follows at Meru Valley. See earlier notes. We have 11 signed up for the full tour and need ONE MORE to make 3 full flights.

The 11 are:-
David Hughes
Erol Akinci
Glen Wombwell
Hans Berger
John Laidley
Mike Smith
Raymond Keys
Tom Holmes
Tony Morris

If you want to join what is always a fun tour let Mike Smith know ASAP.

Check out the report from last year’s Northern Tour at the same golfing venues for a glimpse into what you may be missing.

If you want only want to play the Trophy Game sign up in the mormal way. Clearwater is a great course and is only 2hrs 10mins from Bangsar. Car pool.

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