Next Game – Nilai Springs – 6th May 2014

Next week we will play at Nilai Springs and we have 5 flights tentatively booked at 8:00am from (hopefully) 2 tee boxes and 1 caddy per flight.
Costs will be RM130 per player and for TP book holders RM110.
Please confirm by e-mail if you plan to play and be at the club by 7:30am latest.
We shall probably eat at the club unless we have a consensus to eat closer back to KL (Restoran East of the Highway?) or if anyone has a good recommendation locally near the club – so please indicate what your preference would be.

Results – Tropicana Golf & Country Club – 29th April 2014


The newly refurbished Tropicana was in great shape this morning for the monthly Loose Cannons Trophy Game. We had a record turnout of 28 players for this month’s Trophy Game and we all got off to a fairly prompt start off two tee boxes on the East 1 and East 2 courses at approx. 7:45am.
The course was in excellent condition, having recently complete a refurbishment, with beautifully manicured fairways, powdery white bunkers and great greens running at a Stimpmeter reading of 8m. Pin positions today were difficult to say the least and with the undulating greens made putting out a testing process. Our members specifically mentioned the great condition of the course, especially Hans Berger who made a special mention of this over lunch.
We all finished by around 1:00pm and then most of the team made our way to Pantai Seafood Restaurant for an excellent lunch. Allan McNicoll was celebrating his 60th birthday today so kindly offered to pay for the drinks which was most appreciated by all attendees – thank you Allan for the kind contribution. We had the luxury of a private room with TV and karaoke system and we played a special tribute video (BBC Grandstand style) for Allan McNicoll, the Birthday Boy – see video below at bottom of blog posting. Allan was also entertained by the wonderful singing rendition by Hans Berger of his routine, but always well received, Swedish drinking song …. Rat…!
We actually had two other Birthdays …. Hans Berger (today) and Ted Parslow (yesterday) so it is very much hoped that next week we can enjoy some sponsored  refreshments from these gentlemen.
The winner today was Iain Wise with a score of 95 and 36 points – well done Iain. Second place was shared by Geoff McLaws, Andrew Chez and Allan McNicoll. Best gross of the day was a 79 from Sean Niven. It is indeed encouraging to see a winner playing exactly to his handicap taking poll position today on this rather tough course. Full results below listed by Stableford and Gross Scores:
Sorted By Stableford

Sorted By Gross Score


Allan McNicoll’s “Grandstand Special” Birthday Tribute Video

Next Game – Tropicana Golf & Country Resort – 29th April 2014

Next week is our monthly Loose Cannons Trophy Match and as per previous discussions and general agreement we decided we should play the Trophy Game at some of the more prestigious clubs. 
So next Tuesday 29th April we shall play Tropicana Golf & Country Resort (East1/East2) from the white tees. Jason Winter has just visited the course and has reported it to be in great shape so it should be an ideal venue for our monthly Trophy Game. We have two tee boxes booked for tee-off at 7:45am so please be at the club by 7:15am latest.
The cost will be RM240 per pax inclusive of green fees/buggy/insurance/caddy fees. 
Lunch Venue
Post game lunch will be at Pantai Seafood Restaurant which has some great seafood and other Chinese food …. and of course plenty of cold beer. A map to the restaurant is attached below. We shall be celebrating Allan McNicoll’s Birthday (It’s a Big One!!) on this day and he has kindly offered to pay for the drinks over lunch – Thank You Allan.
Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Jalan Cempaka, 
Kampung Sungai Kayu Ara, 
47400 Petaling Jaya
Map to Restaurant

Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 22nd April 2014


I played Kinrara a few weeks ago and it was dry and well maintained. Today was a slightly different story – with the heavy rain of the last 2 days the fairways and rough were wet and soggy. On top of this there appears to have been no cutting of the rough or greens so the combination of the wet and the heavy grass made it tough going today. 
We had 22 Loose Cannons players today so another good turnout for this course which has not been played by Cannons for a long time. The clubhouse has been renovated as have the changing rooms and showers making it very pleasant compared to what it was before. We got off at almost right on our designated tee-time of 7:45 from two tee boxes.
We decided to play off the blue tees today as the whites were effectively next to the red tees. For most holes this was good although on a few holes there was quite a distance between the whites and the blues making those holes a bit longer/tougher.
The fairways were fairly good but wet in places due to the rain, the rough was very heavy as mentioned before and the greens slow as they had not been cut.
One interesting observation I noted on hole number 13 was two of the drains at the side of the fairway had been covered by an air-conditioning panel – made it look like the course had air-con installed …. bizarre!
After the game most of us took lunch at the Restoran 8 Road in Puchong which was very good and excellent value – another one to retain on the books for when we play either Kinrara or perhaps Bukit Jalil.


The winner today was Ted Parslow with a gross of 79 and 38 points – well done Ted! Second was Andrew Chez with 82 and 35 points. Best gross of the day was Jason Winter with 77. With Ted and Jason responsible for the design of this course I believe their valuable inside knowledge must have helped in their top places today!
Full results in the table below:


Next Game – Kinrara Golf Club – 22nd April 2014

Next week on Tuesday 22nd April we will be playing at the delightful Kinrara Golf Club. Tee-off has been booked for 7:45am and we will have 2 tee boxes to depart from. Please be at the club by 7:15am latest for registration.

We shall be playing from the BLUE tees on this course as white is a little short.

This is a TP book course so all TP book holders please bring your books. Cost for TP books will be RM100 and costs for non-TP books will be RM120.

As part of the special weekly rate we will also get food vouchers which can be used at their clubhouse cafe which is basic (and dry). However I am confirming a nearby Chinese restaurant for lunch and detail of this will be forthcoming shortly.

After golf at Kinrara Golf Club on Tuesday 22nd April we will have lunch at the following restaurant for all those interested. Address and directions are as follows:

Restoran 8 Road
No 12A & 15, Jalan Kenari 8, 
Bandar Puchong Jaya, 47100


1. Exit Kinrara Golf Club and turn right onto Jalan Kinrara 6
2. Drive approx 2.4 km and take slip road left onto Lebuhraya Bukit Jalil
3. Drive another 2.3 km and take slip road left onto Jalan Kinari prior to large flyover/interchange
4. Drive 500m along Jalan Kinari and Jalan Kenari 8 and restaurant is on right 
5. If no parking parking then you can park at IOI Boulevard which is right next to restaurant 

Results – Saujana Impian Golf & Country Club – 15th April 2014


A large turnout of 24 players (6 flights) today at Saujana Impian. Unfortunately the registration and starter were really not ready for a larger group and we were forced to all go off one tee which slowed things up a bit. Again we were also held up by late arrivals of players which did not leave enough time to register in time for our 7:30 tee-off time –  we always request a time for players to arrive to leave enough time to arrange TP books, payments and get through the registration process – please remember your late arrival is affecting ALL players in getting off for a prompt start.
Conditions on the course were excellent – well maintained fairways and the greens were in very good shape some of them being rather quick. 
We managed steady progress on the first 9 holes but on the back nine were held up by two groups in from of the LC group which slowed things a little over the closing few holes. One flight of our group retired early due to their experience with slow play. It must however be realised by all that when playing in what is now a rather large group and on a course where we get no privilege of being able to utilise 2 tee boxes it is going to be a little slower going. Having said that I think it is a timely reminder to all players to be considerate of the time taken while on the course. So many times players are not efficient at their course management (being at the right location with the right club and ready to take their shot as soon as it is their turn to play). I think everyone really needs to be aware of this and try to mange their game a little better for the enjoyment by all. Also if you are beyond the point of where you can score any points please pick up so we can speed play up.
First place today goes to Geoff McClaws with an excellent best gross of the day of 76 and 40 points just beating (on count back) David Hughes who also scored 40 points with a gross of 82. I also note that Brian Stubbs again played under handicap with 38 points – well done. Full results are listed below.
After the game most of the players had lunch at the excellent Ken Well Seafood Restaurant with some great food – many thanks to Andre Holm for this great recommendation. We will certainly use this lunch spot again either for Saujana Impian or even the nearby Sungai Long which we must try and return to as it has now been completely renovated.



Poll Results on Loose Cannons Annual Membership Fee

The results of the poll about membership fee for Loose Cannons is now closed and the results are tabulated below.,+Geneva,+sans-serif;&hideq=true&purl=
We had a total of 30 votes cast with a majority of members (50%) voting for an annual fee at RM100.

I would propose therefore that we now go ahead and impose an annual fee of RM100 on ALL members commencing 1st January 2015.

Any new members joining in 2014 will have to pay the RM100 fee (RM50 if they join after end of June).

Next Game – Saujana Impian Golf & Country Club – 15th April 2014

We will be playing at Saujana Impian Golf & Country Club next week on Tuesday 15th April – with a tee-off booked for 5 flights off 2 tee boxes at 7:30am. Please can you confirm if you will be attending by return e-mail.
Please be at the club promptly by 7:10 latest so we can finalise registration.
Cost will be RM150 per pax – this will include green fee/buggy/insurance and 1 compulsory caddy per flight (if available.) Additional caddies will be at players’ individual expense. AS part of the promotional rate we also get free buffet lunch so if any player wishes to stay and use this they can – otherwise we will eat offsite at the restaurant suggested below.
Lunch will be taken at a nearby restaurant (recommended by Andre) …… it is 7km/15 mins away from the club. The tables will be booked for lunch but no food will be pre-ordered – we will order once all the players arrive. See New System for Lunch below 
Ken Well Seafood Restaurant
B-G-7, Jalan Kasturi 6
Taman Kasturi
Batu 11
43200 Cheras
Google Maps Directions – Link

New System for Lunch
In order to simplify lunch arrangements where some people may not want to join for lunch, some people don’t drink, some people only take tea, some people drink beer, and some people drink wine we will try a new system as follows:
1. The fees collected in the morning at registration will cover green fees/buggy/insurance/caddy(if compulsory) plus a nominal uplift to cover for the winners RM50 and the monthly trophies. Any slight excess will be added to the Loose Cannons float.
2. A lunch venue will be decided and recommended to members if they wish to join.
3. No pre-ordering of food will be done as this can cause over ordering if players don’t show up for lunch and hence cause increased expense to all those taking lunch
4. The lunch bill will be divided by all players attending lunch
5. ALL drinks will be ordered separately by individuals or groups wanting the same drink and will be for individual accounts … i.e. paid for at time of order. This will prevent complaints by members who perhaps don’t drink or disparity between those taking beer and those taking wine. The restaurant booked will be informed that only the food bill will be communal and ALL drinks will be paid for by the individual.
I hope this new system may help in any disparity in the current system … let’s give it a try.

Results – Bangi Golf Resort – 8th April 2014


It’s been many years since I have played Bangi so it was a joy to return to this club and see how it had matured. The course is in very good condition with well maintained cow grass fairways and very good (and fast) greens. We played off the white tees as normal Loose Cannons policy but if we play here again we would play the blues as the whites are a little short.
The clubhouse needs some attention and is certainly showing its age in the changing rooms and showers. The restaurant now is very basic with no beer – hence our choice for post game lunch offsite.
We had 22 players confirmed and we had one last minute pull out by Mr Moss who was unwell and unable to leave the close proximity of his toilet facilities. So that left the awkward 21 players – 3 flights of 3 balls and 3 flights of 4 balls. After some confusion at the start, caused by the overzealous organisers at the club who had printed score cards for everyone with the incorrect flight allocations not knowing that we randomised the flights just prior to tee-off. Nevertheless we all got off at around 7:45am or just after and were relatively unimpeded round the course completing the round by 12:30 or so.
We welcomed back Peter Jackson (Jacko) who has not played since last year with guest Willi Kramheller. We also saw the return of Mike Han to the fold and welcomed a new guest Brian Sage who was sampling our golf society – lets hope he will decide to join us on a regular basis.
We had some good scores today given the short course with 8 players playing to handicap or better. The winner today with a magnificent 92 for 43 points was Brian Stubbs – well done. Second on count back was Peter Jackson with a score of 100 for 38. Best gross of the day was Paul Geddes with 86.
We had lunch at the Restoran East of the Highway (which as pointed out by Peter Jackson is actually WEST of the highway!) Only 16 players made lunch with 2 not showing up after earlier commitment – Mr Moneybags will be approaching these 2 players next week to contribute to the lunch costs which had all been pre-ordered. The lunch was pretty good with plenty of food given the no-shows all washed down with beer and wine. From the restaurant it was a short drive back home. 
We will keep this course on our regular list of playing courses as it is in good condition, is close to town and now we have a reasonable lunch venue post-game.