Results – Saujana Impian Golf & Country Club – 15th April 2014


A large turnout of 24 players (6 flights) today at Saujana Impian. Unfortunately the registration and starter were really not ready for a larger group and we were forced to all go off one tee which slowed things up a bit. Again we were also held up by late arrivals of players which did not leave enough time to register in time for our 7:30 tee-off time –  we always request a time for players to arrive to leave enough time to arrange TP books, payments and get through the registration process – please remember your late arrival is affecting ALL players in getting off for a prompt start.
Conditions on the course were excellent – well maintained fairways and the greens were in very good shape some of them being rather quick. 
We managed steady progress on the first 9 holes but on the back nine were held up by two groups in from of the LC group which slowed things a little over the closing few holes. One flight of our group retired early due to their experience with slow play. It must however be realised by all that when playing in what is now a rather large group and on a course where we get no privilege of being able to utilise 2 tee boxes it is going to be a little slower going. Having said that I think it is a timely reminder to all players to be considerate of the time taken while on the course. So many times players are not efficient at their course management (being at the right location with the right club and ready to take their shot as soon as it is their turn to play). I think everyone really needs to be aware of this and try to mange their game a little better for the enjoyment by all. Also if you are beyond the point of where you can score any points please pick up so we can speed play up.
First place today goes to Geoff McClaws with an excellent best gross of the day of 76 and 40 points just beating (on count back) David Hughes who also scored 40 points with a gross of 82. I also note that Brian Stubbs again played under handicap with 38 points – well done. Full results are listed below.
After the game most of the players had lunch at the excellent Ken Well Seafood Restaurant with some great food – many thanks to Andre Holm for this great recommendation. We will certainly use this lunch spot again either for Saujana Impian or even the nearby Sungai Long which we must try and return to as it has now been completely renovated.



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