Next Game – Berjaya Hills, Bukit Tinggi – 2nd November 2010

Next game will be at Berjaya Hills aka Bukit Tinggi on Tuesday 2nd November. Be there for an  0800 tee off. Ater the game we will immediately adjourn to Kampong Bukit Tinggi for makan and minum.
If attending then please send a semaphore signal, smoke signal, carrier pigeon message or telegram message to Richard Moss 🙂

Results – Nilai Springs – 26th October 2010

Another good turn-out saw 15 players muster for this weeks game.  The course was relatively quiet and in good nick and the weather was perfect.

This was the Trophy Game for the month.  After protracted debate/discussion/review/calculation the winner was declared to be Ray Funnell with a gross 97 and 37 points plus 3 bonus points for 40 points.  Second OCB with a gross 88 and 36 points plus 4 bonus points for 40 points was Andrew Robinson.  Kevin had the lowest gross with 84 and newcomer John Harvey and Alan played the most golf with 114 apiece.  Full details – minus the bonus points follows:

1. Ray Funnel – 97/37
2. Bernhard Romahn – 87/36
3. Andrew Robinson – 88/36
4. Kevin Wiggins – 84/34
5. Erol Akinci – 98/34
6. Paul Jeyaraj – 99/33
7. Tom Holmes – 102/32
8. Richard Moss – 107/32
9. Glen Wombwell – 97/31
10. Sigi – 106/30
11. Hans Berger – 103/27
12. Mahomed – 102/26
13. Tony Morris – 107/26
14. Alan Holgate – 114/24
15. John Harvey – 114/23

Post-golf sustenance was taken at the club and there was a RM98 carry-over.

Next week your Cannons Pro Tempore Convenor Again will be in Penang on family duty.  Accordingly Richard Moss has stepped up to the plate to take over proceedings.  Doubtless an informative signal will issue forth in the fullness of time.

Results – Tasik Puteri – 19th October 2010

There was a good turnout for Tasik Puteri this week with 15 starters. Check-in was a slow affair with the computer down and the Doris on duty not being the sharpest pencil in the box…….!
Winner was Tom Holmes with 96 off  the stick for 43 points and cut 7.  Second was Tony Morris with 94 for 37 points and cut 1.  The lowest gross was Andrew Robinson with 89 and the most golf was played by Ian Geekie with 112.  Full details:
1. Tom Holmes – 96/43
2. Tony Morris – 94/37
3. Andrew Robinson – 89/34
4. Sigi – 101/34
5. Mahomed – 95/32
6. Ray Funnel – 101/32
7. Hans Berger – 95/31
8. Klaus Kretschmar – 101/30
9. Alan Holgate – 109/30
10. Kevin Wiggins – 91/28
11. Erol Akinci – 104/27
12. Reinli Tan – 103/26
13. Richard Moss – 110/26
14. Ian Geekie – 112/23
15. Bernhard Romahn – 100/22
Lunch was taken at the Equatorial Restaurant where we celebrated Alan Holgate’s birthday – only 25 more years to go for a telegram from the Queen…..!  Alan generously donated RM100 to the kitty and a bottle of Oban Single Malt Whisky which was soon polished off – once the cork had been extracted!  Reinli kindly donated a bottle of Chivas adn several bottles of wine were in evidence alongside the beer, juices and so on.  Mike made a short address to Birthday Boy and we all stood and sang Happy Birthday, with certain Tony Morris embellishments.  Alan then responded with a very long-winded speech – ‘thankyou!’  There was one bottle of wine and half a bottle of Chivas left over and these have been added to the Cannons cellers for future consumption.


The were a couple of instances of late arrivals to mention.   Richard overslept and arrived an hour late at the course so missed the first couple of holes.  And Mohamed circumnavigated Rawang Town a few times on his way to the Equatorial…..  And Mike and Dick, who joined us for lunch, had apparently been shuttling backwards and forwards through tunnels on the way to the Equatorial?  They really should all instal Garfields?

The PINK LADY CHAMPIONSHIP on Friday 29 October has attracted 9 Cannons who have now all paid Reinli. On the day those over 55 will play off the white tees and Tom will play off the back tees!
The XMAS LUNCH is slated for Friday 10 December at the Coliseum and Mike/Andrew will progress matters accordingly.

Loose Cannons Xmas Lunch – 10th December 2010

The Loose Cannon’s Xmas lunch will be held at the prestigious Coliseum Restaurant on Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman on Friday 10th December. Andrew Robinson and Mike Smith will be firming up details for this event but please block this out in your diary …. and while you are at it probably better block out most of the next day!
Please make arrangements for non-self-drive transport that day as there will be in all probability an excess of rehydration materials available for the duration of the luncheon which will no doubt cause post-luncheon drowsiness, slurred speech and a moderate to total inability to use one’s limbs for perambulation.

Next Game – Tasik Puteri – 19th October

Next week we will play TASIK PUTERI and afterwards go to the EQUATORIAL RESTAURANT to celebrate Alan Holgate’s 75th birthday.  For oenophiles, BYO.  Doubtless Alan will dig out some fine bottles from his extensive cellers…..  Please let me know asap if you intend to play and be there by 7.30am latest.

Results – Seri Selangor Golf Club – 12th October 2010 2010

11 players made it to Seri Selangor for a 7.00am muster.  The course was in good order with excellent greens.  However the rough was very rough and made for much ball searching.  The second flight spent at least 60% of the time looking for Ian’s ball…..he managed to loose 6!  The group welcomed Mohamed for his first Cannons game and Richard Moss who is now back in town after 2 years in Dubai.

The degree of difficulty was reflected in a slew of crappy scores!  Only 2 players breaking 100.  And from bottom the week before to top this week, the winner was Andrew Robinson with gross 90 for 37 points and cut 4.  Coming second in his first Cannons game since returning from Arabia was Richard Moss with 107 gross for 31 points and cut 1.  Andrew and Kevin shared the lowest gross with 90 apiece, whilst Tom played the most golf with 111.  Full details:
1. Andrew Robinson – 90/37
2. Richard Moss – 107/31
3. Ray Funnel – 102/30
4. Ian Geekie – 107/30
5. Tom Holmes – 111/27
6. Kevin Wiggins – 90/25
7. Mahomed – 102/25
8. Hans Berger – 103/24
9. Erol Akinci – 106/24
10. Tony Morris – 108/21
11. Bernhard Romahn – 105/17

Erol took the initiative to book us in to Betty’s Kitchen for lunch, which turned out to be closed for the day for stocktaking!  So it was off to the RSC Kiara Sports Annex, where Mike Smith joined us.  It turned out to be a good thrash with lashings of beer and wine to the fore. Unfortunatel Raymond who was not playing made his way to Betty’s for lunch……..!

The PINK LADY CHAMPIONSHIP is slated for Friday, 29 October, and 8 Cannons have signed up to grace the occasion.
The CANNONS XMAS LUNCH will be on Friday, 10 December, and Andrew + Mike will firm up details nearer the time.

Next Game – Seri Selangor Golf Club – 12th October 2010

Next week’s game will be at Seri Selangor. Please be there by 7:00am to start.Please let Andrew Robinson know of your intention to play.
After the game we will follow Erol to ‘Betty’s’ Midwestern Kitchen for a slap-up lunch washed down with fine wines (Please BYO for all wine drinkers as Betty’s has no wine) to celebrate the RETURN OF MOSS!!!!  Oh dear………! ALAN HOLGATE’S Birthday will be celebrated at the following week’s game.

Directions from Sri Selangor Golf Club to Betty’s Midwestern Kitchen
Turn left out of Sri Selangor GC 

Keep on that (winding road) until you come to an underpass (with 2 tunnels). That’s about 2.5 km.
Important! Take the right tunnel.
Immediately after tunnel turn right.
Betty’s is about 500 meter on your left.
Address: A-G-40, Jalan PJU 1/43, Aman Suria Damansara, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

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Results – Kinrara Golf Club – 5th October 2010

There were 8 of us at a rather quiet Kinrara Golf Club.  The course was in reasonable shape, but rather soggy, and the decision to play ‘Winter Rules’ was a wise one.

Winner with a stunning 83 off the stick and 46 points, cut 10, was Kevin Wiggins.  Second OCB with a gross 88 and 40 points was Hans Berger, and he is cut 1.  Kevins 83 was the lowest gross and Alan enjoyed the most golf with his 107.  And coming LAST FOR THE FIRST TIME WITH CANNONS was ANDREW ROBINSON who played a load of rubbish……..!  Full details follow:

1. Kevin Wiggins – 83/46
2. Hans Berger – 88/40
3. Erol Akinci – 90/40
4. Ian Geekie – 96/37
5. Reinli Tan – 90/35
6. Tony Morris – 91/35
7. Alan Holgate – 107/30
8. Andrew Robinson – 102/24

Post golf sustenance was partaken of at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex, a rather quiet affair – but the more astute stragglers gravitated downstairs to the Pavilion Bar to make absolutely sure that the rehydration process was adequately completed.

And some announcements!!

1.  The PINK LADY CHAMPIONSHIP on Friday 29 October has attracted 8 Cannons entries.  Still to pay are Ray, Raymond and Richard Moss. Still space for one or two more?

2.  The CANNONS CHRISTMAS LUNCH will take place on Friday 10th December at the Coliseum Restaraunt in Jalan TAR, and not the one in Rome….  Make a note in you diaries!

3. The itinerant returns!  Yes, as per an earlier signal, RICHARD MOSS  landed back in Malaya at the KL aerodrome yesterday and we look forward to his Cannons contributions going forward.

4. Next weeks game will be at SERI SELANGOR.  Be there by 7.00am, YES 7.00AM!!!  And let me know if you playing!!  After the game we will follow Erol to ‘Betty’s’ for a slap-up lunch washed down with fine wines to celebrate ALAN HOLGATE’S 75th!!!! and the RETURN OF MOSS!!!!  Oh dear………!

Kind regards
Andrew Robinson
Cannons Pro Tempore Convenor Again