Results – Seri Selangor Golf Club – 12th October 2010 2010

11 players made it to Seri Selangor for a 7.00am muster.  The course was in good order with excellent greens.  However the rough was very rough and made for much ball searching.  The second flight spent at least 60% of the time looking for Ian’s ball…..he managed to loose 6!  The group welcomed Mohamed for his first Cannons game and Richard Moss who is now back in town after 2 years in Dubai.

The degree of difficulty was reflected in a slew of crappy scores!  Only 2 players breaking 100.  And from bottom the week before to top this week, the winner was Andrew Robinson with gross 90 for 37 points and cut 4.  Coming second in his first Cannons game since returning from Arabia was Richard Moss with 107 gross for 31 points and cut 1.  Andrew and Kevin shared the lowest gross with 90 apiece, whilst Tom played the most golf with 111.  Full details:
1. Andrew Robinson – 90/37
2. Richard Moss – 107/31
3. Ray Funnel – 102/30
4. Ian Geekie – 107/30
5. Tom Holmes – 111/27
6. Kevin Wiggins – 90/25
7. Mahomed – 102/25
8. Hans Berger – 103/24
9. Erol Akinci – 106/24
10. Tony Morris – 108/21
11. Bernhard Romahn – 105/17

Erol took the initiative to book us in to Betty’s Kitchen for lunch, which turned out to be closed for the day for stocktaking!  So it was off to the RSC Kiara Sports Annex, where Mike Smith joined us.  It turned out to be a good thrash with lashings of beer and wine to the fore. Unfortunatel Raymond who was not playing made his way to Betty’s for lunch……..!

The PINK LADY CHAMPIONSHIP is slated for Friday, 29 October, and 8 Cannons have signed up to grace the occasion.
The CANNONS XMAS LUNCH will be on Friday, 10 December, and Andrew + Mike will firm up details nearer the time.

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