Results – KGSAAS – 29th October 2013


The October trophy game was played at KGSAAS. After everyone driving through heavy rain on the way to the course , we were very lucky to tee off on time on the Alam Shah and Sultan 9s. The course dried out quickly and within around 45 mins the sun was out and the rest of the round was played in pleasant conditions. The course played well and the greens were true and even. 

The winner, obviously using his membership experience, was Aftab Ahmad, with 94 for 39 points, plus 3 bonus points (42). In second place was Ray Funnell with 96 for 38 points, plus 3 bonus points (41). Afab cut 4 Ray cut 1. Three players had the lowest gross, 87. Paul Geddes, John Laidley and Kevin Wiggins.



Results – Amverton Cove – 22nd October 2013

Everybody arrived on time, thank you, and we teed off on time off the blues. Cloudy weather to start, looked like a downpour, but soon cleared, and most of the round was played in very pleasant conditions. The course was in excellent condition, although the greens were a little sandy, with the odd uneven run as a result. Many compliments on the day, and we will certainly play the course again soon. 

The scores reflected the course and the conducive playing conditions. 75 % of the players were under the 100….  The winner, with also the day’s lowest gross, was John Laidley with an excellent 77 for 43 points. I had the good fortune to watch his great round. For his efforts John is cut 7…. Second place was Erol Akinci with 92 for 41 points cut only 1….. Full results attached.  

We lunched at the Chinese restaurant by the bridge, and an enjoyable meal
was had by 15 players. 

Next Game – Amverton Cove – 22nd October 2013

Next week we are playing at the excellent Parslow Amverton Cove for the second time. 5 flights have been booked , with tee off at 0745 hrs. Please be at the club by 0720 hrs. Costs will be 130 RM for seniors (proof of age reqd) and 150 RM for the younger boys. One  compulsory caddy per flight included. Any additional caddies are at own expense 50 RM. 

Results – Templer Park – 14th October 2013

Well ….TEMPLER PARK was in excellent condition, the fairways were holding a bit after the recent rains and the greens were as usual undulating and challenging but the scores  reflected a rather tough day…..

We welcomed a new father and son combination, the Laidleys, and Tom mentioned a few times at lunch that he had beaten his Dad again….Also welcomed Jason Winter and Robert Mulliss for their first and we hope regular games with the LCs.    

The winner, or should I say played less badly, was Ray Funnell with 103 for 33 points, cut 4. Second was Jason Winter with an excellent 82, the day’s lowest gross, for 32 points. Cut 1. His round also included a 2 shot penalty for hitting the wrong ball….. Full Results attached.

After the game a gargantuan “feast” was consumed at the Tang. Thanks Tony
for booking, slightly smaller next time please…..!!

Next Game – Templer Park – 14th October 2013

TEMPLER PARK has been booked for MONDAY 14TH OCTOBER (15/16 th is holiday).
Costs TP Book 130 RM, others 180 RM. I have managed to bring the tee off forward to 0800 hrs, from 2 tee boxes. Please be at the club by 0730 hrs latest. Please let me know of your availabilities by SATURDAY EVENING 1800 hrs. Need to know by then, as Monday game.

After the game we will eat at the Tang Dynasty Restaurant again. Pork knuckles, and Chicken baskets have already been ordered….!!

Results – Perangsang Templer – 8th October 2013


Perangsang was in great condition , although the greens were a little slow, but true. The weather was excellent and a good morning’s golf was enjoyed by all. This is now a very good value venue and expect to play again in the near future.

Thank goodness for pre registration as we just managed to start off 2 boxes just in front of a Petronas competition.

The winner was Tony Morris, with an excellent 85 for 43 points. Well done. Cut 7. Ted Parslow came second with the lowest gross of 82 for 39 points. Cut 1. Full results attached.

16 people then adjourned to the Tang Dynasty for the usual enjoyable lunch. Thank you to Paul Geddes for paying for the drinks, to celebrate his birthday and for surviving another week…. Car accident last week, and now a damaged neck and head after inspecting the bottom of a swimming pool…..



Results – Tasik Puteri – 1st October 2013


We only started with 11 players, as unfortunately Andrew Robinson had to drop out, and will be out for a couple of weeks. 

We teed off before 0740 hrs and the weather was good, light cloud. Tasik was in good condition, with lively, quick and in some cases bouncy greens. It was Iain’s birthday, so he kindly offered some NTPs, to celebrate the occasion. Ironically only 2 holes were achieved. Hans B on hole number 3 and Glen on hole 14. Iain then decided to present the other 2 sleeves to 5th and 7th places. Stuart got the 5th place as a result of being at the lunch.. and Ray got 7th place.

Many thanks Iain, and you do not look as old as some of your “friends” were saying …

The winner on the day was Glen with 100 for 40 points, well done. Paul Geddes came second with the lowest gross of 83 for 38 points.