Results – Tasik Puteri – 1st October 2013


We only started with 11 players, as unfortunately Andrew Robinson had to drop out, and will be out for a couple of weeks. 

We teed off before 0740 hrs and the weather was good, light cloud. Tasik was in good condition, with lively, quick and in some cases bouncy greens. It was Iain’s birthday, so he kindly offered some NTPs, to celebrate the occasion. Ironically only 2 holes were achieved. Hans B on hole number 3 and Glen on hole 14. Iain then decided to present the other 2 sleeves to 5th and 7th places. Stuart got the 5th place as a result of being at the lunch.. and Ray got 7th place.

Many thanks Iain, and you do not look as old as some of your “friends” were saying …

The winner on the day was Glen with 100 for 40 points, well done. Paul Geddes came second with the lowest gross of 83 for 38 points. 



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