Results – Glenmarie Golf & Country Club – 24th July 2012

Cannons all,   For the first LC game this Ramadan we chose Glenmarie who’s offer of RM85 nett sounded very attractive. Of course, like most ‘offers’ in life, you need to read the small print. Having to take one Caddy per flight and compulsory insurance the actual cost was RM105 but still very good for one of KL’s premier couses.   16 LC’s pitched up for the game along with a multitude of other non fasting golfers and so, despite making a tee time reservation, we had to queue up at the first tee and we finally got away at about 8:20, all from the same tee box.   Glenmarie is a quality course but I am sorry to report that the Garden Course we played was in very poor condition; the greens excepted, with a lot of weed evident on the fairways and some bare patches. The rough too was unkempt and covererd with white flowers under the trees which made looking for stray balls difficult. Not what one would expect of such a prestigious golf course. Even the Valley Course (which was closed for maintenance) showed a lot of weed growth on the fairways. Such a pity as this is easily controlable. The good news is that Buggies are allowed on the fairways. Despite the condition this is a good track and we will play here again.   We all got through the first 9 in reasonable time but the back 9 was painfully slow. We were held up on every hole by another society ahead of us playing off the blues, (why is it that Malaysian golfers, regardless of ability, must play from the blues when lots of them clearly should be taking advantage of the whites?) resulting in a 5 hour round of golf. Too bloody long. The resultant late finish ruled out 4 players from the lunch which was a pity as they missed out on an excellent meal.   The winner with an outrageous but well deserved score was Bob Simpson with 48 points and the runner-up was Erol Akinci with 40 points.The lowest gross was 80 by Geoff McLaws and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate with 109.  Bob is cut 12 strokes and Erol 1 stroke.   Lunch was at South Sea Seafood, near the Firefly terminal at Subang airport, where the food was superb and mostly finished before Bernhard & Tony arrived. Apparently while examining the score card to answer a query from driver Bernhard, Tony looked up just as Bernhard was entering the toll onto the NKVE!!!! There began a 30 minute tour of Shah Alam and its environs before they finally pitched up. More food was ordered by Alan (who scoffed most of it himself) and the amber nectar continued to flow resulting in a rather expensive but well enjoyed lunch that didn’t see the last man leave till 3:30pm. A bit of sad news gleaned at lunch is that the Equatorial Restoran in Rawang has closed due to renovation of the shop lots. The owner has no idea when or where she will operate from in future. Oh dear.

Results – KRTU – 17th July 2012

Venue:             KRTU

Tee off:           08.50am          Finished: 1.30pm

Players:            12

Weather:          Cool. We just escaped the rain which started at 1.30pm

Course:            The play was slow (4 ½ hours) but the course was in good condition so well worth the visit.


Collected:        RM 1,560        (12 x RM 130)

Game:              (RM 1,053)

Winner:           (RM     50)

Makan:            (RM   499)

Balance:         (RM    42)


1.      Jeff Pearce                 23        90  /  41           Cut 5 (18)

2.      Ray Funnell               31        102 / 35           Cut 1 (30)

3.      Peter Edgeworth         26        98  /  35

4.      Geoff Mclaws             04        80  /  32           (Lowest Gross)

5.      Geoff Parslow             08        87  /  32

6.      Bob Simpson               27        104 / 31

7.      Tony Morris                15        94  /  29

8.      Ted Parslow                08        92  /  25

9.      Bernhard Rohman       13        98  /  23

10.  Vincent Vijay             31        116 / 22           (Most Golf)

11.  George Murray            22        115 / 21

12.  Alan Holgate               31        114 / 21        

Next Game KRTU; Tuesday 17th July 2012

Golf next Tuesday 17 July 2012 will be at :-
Kelab Rekreasi Tentera Udara) Subang.
This is the Airforce course behing the old Subang Airport
You will need to bring with you your PASSPORT to be allowed onto the base.
Be there by 07:30 LATEST
Names to 
mike.maxcon.smith (at) soonest

Results for Bukit Kemuning Tuesday 10th July 2012

It’s quite a while since we last played Bukit Kemuning and much has been done by way of improvements to the golf course during our absence, The new buggy track is now complete and many new trees have been planted. They have improved the drainage and some improvement to the landscaping is evident and the general maintenance of the course is to a high standard. 
And now for a bit of a moan. This is a ‘buggy on track’ course and kerbs have been introduced in places to prevent buggies from running onto the course but where there are no kerbs golfers still habitually park the buggy with 2 wheels on the grass, even some of us LC’s. The result is ugly bare patches along the edge of the buggy track which Bukit Kemuning are re-turfing. Please guys, take the lead and keep the buggy on the track at all times.
After the recent rain there were some worries that the course may have been a bit wet but these proved to be unfounded and the course was in excellent condition with plenty of run on the fairways and deceptively quick greens. The bunkers were all in good order and although there were quite a number of other players on the course we were all round in just over 4 hours. The weather too was kind with a freshening breeze developing over the closing holes.
We had a good turnout of 16 players today which included a guest introduced by Geoff McLaws.
The winner was Geoff McLaws with 43 points and the runner-up was Geoff Parslow with 42 points.The lowest gross was shared by the 2 Geoff’s with 76 and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate with 113.
Geoff McLaws is cut 7 strokes and Geoff Parslow 1 stroke.
Ray Funnell returned a score of 43 points but was penalised 2 strokes for improving his lie.

Lunch was taken at the nearby Restoran O & S Seafood, arranged by Barry Cousins and excellent it was too, and very fairly priced at RM643 for a lot of food and 13 large bottles of the amber nectar. 

Results for Port Klang, Tuesday 3rd July 2012

Port Klang Golf Resort to give it it’s correct name, is hardly a ‘resort’ but it is certainly a nice golf course and the 11 LC’s that reported for the game found it in good condition, particularly the fairways which were as good as we find anywhere. Since we last played here they have invested in some new grass cutting equipment which has made for a big improvement in the playing surface surprise, surprise.

Barry looking happy…but not for long!
Bob, Ray & George
Hans, Mike & JeffAfter some heavy overnight rain in Klang there were some soft areas here and there, especially around the greens, and the bunkers needed raking. The greens were slow but true and the green mowing machine operative seemed to be set on cutting the greens we had just played rather that those we were about to play! We had the course to ourselves save for a lone walker ahead of us, and with individual Turf Mates (which are good fun but a bit hard on the knees; Barry’s knees having had enough after 9 holes) we were all round in under 4 hours. 
….and just in case you wonder where the name “Turf Mate” came from….now you know!
The weather was perfect; some high light cloud but clear air and low humidity, so all-in-all a good mornings golf.
Signs of neglect!
Any bridge builders amongst us?

The narrowest of bunkers in a wide fairway & where does Raymond’s ball end up? 
Mike just totally missed that putt as you can see;-)

Is that Raymond’s ball in another tiny bunker again? [Ball magnet!]

Another dodgy bridge!
Even this info board is looking tired!
Don’t even think about it Mike. You know it will end in tears!
Port Klang Golf Resort is a well kept secret, maligned by many for reasons unknown. Certainly the club house is nothing to write home about and the changing rooms are in urgent need of some TLC but if it’s a pleasant round of golf your looking for, then its a good venue. It’s not short at almost 6000 metres off the Whites and with a slope of 123 it’s not the easiest layout we play. It has lots of water, large greens and some challenging holes and is only 35 minutes away for most of us so it’s a course we should play more often.
The winner was Bernhard Romahn with 44 points and the runner-up was Raymond Keys with 43 points.The lowest gross was 84 by Bernhard and the most golf was played by George Murray with 111.
Bernhard  is cut 8 strokes and Raymond 1 stroke, lucky bugger.
Barry still looking Happy despite quitting after 9 holes!
Benhard pockets the RM50 winnings!
….and then he puts his hand out for some more!!!!
Lunch was taken at the nearby Port Village Seafood
Speaks for itself
No Motorcycles!!!
The loooooong plank walk
Doing the maths! 

Still doing the maths!! 
Full house and happy bunch!
We had a table overlooking the river, reserved earlier by Jeff Pearce who also ordered the grub which was excellent. The prawns were a bit pricey at RM100 but delicious. It was one of those lunches where everyone got involved in the banter and the beer and wine flowed freely; a very good lunch indeed.