Results for Bukit Kemuning Tuesday 10th July 2012

It’s quite a while since we last played Bukit Kemuning and much has been done by way of improvements to the golf course during our absence, The new buggy track is now complete and many new trees have been planted. They have improved the drainage and some improvement to the landscaping is evident and the general maintenance of the course is to a high standard. 
And now for a bit of a moan. This is a ‘buggy on track’ course and kerbs have been introduced in places to prevent buggies from running onto the course but where there are no kerbs golfers still habitually park the buggy with 2 wheels on the grass, even some of us LC’s. The result is ugly bare patches along the edge of the buggy track which Bukit Kemuning are re-turfing. Please guys, take the lead and keep the buggy on the track at all times.
After the recent rain there were some worries that the course may have been a bit wet but these proved to be unfounded and the course was in excellent condition with plenty of run on the fairways and deceptively quick greens. The bunkers were all in good order and although there were quite a number of other players on the course we were all round in just over 4 hours. The weather too was kind with a freshening breeze developing over the closing holes.
We had a good turnout of 16 players today which included a guest introduced by Geoff McLaws.
The winner was Geoff McLaws with 43 points and the runner-up was Geoff Parslow with 42 points.The lowest gross was shared by the 2 Geoff’s with 76 and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate with 113.
Geoff McLaws is cut 7 strokes and Geoff Parslow 1 stroke.
Ray Funnell returned a score of 43 points but was penalised 2 strokes for improving his lie.

Lunch was taken at the nearby Restoran O & S Seafood, arranged by Barry Cousins and excellent it was too, and very fairly priced at RM643 for a lot of food and 13 large bottles of the amber nectar. 

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