Palm Garden Golf Resort Invitational game Tuesday 3rd April

As per my earlier notes and the KGSAAS Report, the STARTERS for next weeks invitational game at

Palm Garden Golf Resort are published below.
BECAUSE this is an INVITATIONAL GAME and BECAUSE there are others who would like to play but have not been included as all 20 places are filled
you MUST LET ME KNOW if for some reason you CANNOT PLAY.
Any no shows will be fined RM100.

Mike Smith
Ray Funnell
Geoff McLaws
Jeff Pearce
Hans Berger
Richard Moss
Vincent Vijayan
Kevin Wiggins
David Hughes
Tony Morris
Glen Wombwell
Erol Akinci
Ted Parslow
Geoff Parslow
Klaus Kretzschmar
Mike Han
Rein Li Tan
Barry Cousins
Iain Wise
Tom Holmes

Results – KGSAAS Tuesday 27th March

18 golfers teed it up at KGSAAS in overcast cool weather on a course in superb condition. After 4 holes there was a half hour rain delay but once play resumed it remained cool and fair for the rest of the round and with light traffic we were all round in good time. KGSAAS is a very nice golf course and with the promotion package currently available we will play here more often.
Iain Wise was a welcome returnee from the sands of Dubai together with occasional visitor Andy Morrow.
The winner of the March Medal was Klaus Kretzschmar with 45 points off the stick plus 3 bonus points for 48 points. The runner up was myself with 43 + 3 = 46 points. The lowest gross was 85 by Kevin Wiggins and the most golf played was 103 by Jeff Pearce.
Klaus is cut 9 strokes and myself 1 stroke.
The full results can be found in the attachment or at the the Loose Cannons Blog at

Apres golf M&M was taken at the club house and good it was too and not too expensive although a minor cock-up with the billing occurred; the table of 5’s bill not being included when the whip round was made. A top-up of RM10 was needed and so Ray F & Andre owe RM10 next game. (the others on the table paid up).

This was John Laidley’s last game for a while and he did his best to get everyone pissed to mark the occasion. Thanks John. Enjoy the Gold Coast.
Next week we will play the new Palm Garden Golf Resort thanks to Ted Parslow.
This is an invitational game limited to 20 players and preference has been extended to recent regular attendees. With 18 names confirmed as of yesterday a further call went out Tuesday to all LC’s and now all 20 slots are filled. The list of players will be published under separate cover.
Watch this space for the 10th April venue.

Results – Kinrara Golf Course – 20th March 2012

After a few days without rain I was expecting Kinrara to be reasonably dry underfoot but I was wrong. The back 9 in particular had several fairways that were still very soft and had not been cut for a few days. There were also a lot of worm casts and so not a lot of run off the tee. But this is a club that’s spending a lot of money on their facility, the clubhouse is superb and the tee boxes are as good as anywhere we play. They have recently built 3 new bunkers adjacent to the driving range (why???) and there is a lot of maintenance activity on the course. The greens are generally good if some what slow and if they can get the drainage sorted and some new buggies this will be a very attractive venue on a more frequent basis.
15 LC’s teed it up in good weather playing off the Blues as historically they place the whites on the ladies tees during the week. And so it was yesterday, but let me tell you that off the Blues this is a completely different golf course reflected in the slope of 132. Progress was rather slow due in some part to hunting for balls in the thick rough (again due to soft ground resulting in inability to get the mowers working) and ongoing greens maintenance. You will get this on an 18 hole layout! At the 5th we were held up for several minutes as they were hollow tining, sweeping, sanding and cutting the green as we played and we were forced to wait while they mowed an area around the pin.
The winner was Erol Akinci with 39 points and the R/U Kevin Wiggins with 38 points. The low gross was an uncharacteristic 87 by John Laidley and the most golf was played by Richard Moss with 112.
Erol is cut 4 strokes and Kevin 1 stroke.
Full results and handicap adjustments can be found in the attachment.
M&M was taken at the Annex with 11 attending. Good grub and cheap booze. Good location for these gatherings.

‘Loose Cannons’ Northern Tour 26-29th March – (Update 2)

Confirmed participants and hotel requirements are as follows:

3 nights hotel, 26-29 – Robinson, Vijayan, Parslow E, Parslow J
2 nights hotel, 27-29 – Funnell, Berger, Moss, Wiggins

There are still a few possibles………?
8 is a tidy number but 11 or 12 is preferable……


Day 1, Tuesday 27 March.  Assemble at Kelab Golf Kinta at Batu Gajah
by 9.00 for a 9.30 tee-off. Cost RM45 pp. This is the regular Tuesday
Cannons game and Trophy Game for the month, played off prevailing
Cannons handicaps.  After the game we depart for Ipoh and check in to
the Impiana Hotel, if not already done so the day before. Evening
dinner at the Royal Ipoh Club – dress code applies, ie long trousers,
collared shirt and shoes with socks.

Day 2, Wednesday 28 March.  Assemble at Meru Valley GCC at 9.00 for a
9.30 tee-off for the first day of the 2-day Northern Tour Away
Competition.  Cost RM146 pp. Handicaps will be based on perceived
‘real handicaps’, as determined by the organising committee.  Evening
dinner at nearby restaurant – BYO WINE.

Day 3, Thursdat 29 March.  Check out of hotel and assemble at Meru
Valley for the second day of the Away Comp. Cost RM146 pp. Following
prize giving and lunch its back to KL.

TROPHY & PRIZES – AR will sponsor an Away Trophy and all paricipants
are asked to bring some sort of prize such that everyone goes home
with something….

TRANSPORT – car pooling indicated and to be sorted by participants

HOTEL – Impiana Hotel, 18 Jl Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, 30250 Ipoh. Tel: 05
255 5555.  Cost RM250 pp/night inclusive breakfast.

Results for Nilai Springs Tuesday 13th March

17 LC’s assembled at Nilai Springs Tuesday having had to cancel the proposed visit to Berjaya Hills as they had closed one nine. We will try there again in a couple of weeks time.
The weather was good for golf but recent heavy rain had left the bunkers hard, rutted and with little sand. The greens were lightly sanded and rather slow for Nilai and because of the wet conditions buggies were restricted to the track but otherwise the course was in reasonable nick. When is this period of heavy rain going to end? This should be the dry season right now.
Again this week we were delayed by some very slow players ahead; Koreans I believe, a couple of 2 BALLS holding up a 4 BALL. The Marshall had to be called when 3 flights were waiting on one tee box. These Koreans are coming to Malaysia increasingly, particularly this time of the year when golf courses in Korea are frozen, and I suppose there’s not much we can do about it other than avoid the courses during the Korean winter that they frequent.
The winner was David Hughes with 43 points and the runner-up Hans Berger with 41 points. The lowest gross was shot jointly by John Laidley and newcomer Geoff McLaws with 82’s. The most golf was played by Ken Oakley with 117.
Welcome to Geoff McLaws and bon voyage Ken Oakley. He’s back to the states later this week.
David is cut 7 strokes (which will bring his handicap back to where it belongs) and Hans 1 stroke.

The full results can be found in the attachment or at the the Loose Cannons Blog at

Click on image to see more detail

Apres golf M&M was taken at the club house which is becomming an expensive venue. With no exesses so far as I could see our bill came to a whopping RM702.
The NORTHERN TOUR to IPOH March 26th – 29th.
So far there are 9 confirmed for the full trip and 2 or 3 others planning to go for 1 or 2 nights.
If you have not yet signed up for this tour please do so now to Andrew Robinson < (at)>

‘Loose Cannons’ Northern Tour 26-29th March – (Update I)

The following have confirmed:

1.  For 3 nights 26-29 and playing 3 or 4 rounds – Robinson, Parslow
E, Parslow J, Cousins, Vijayan.

2.  For 2 nights 27-29 and playing 3 rounds of golf – Funnell, Berger, Moss, Holm.

3.  To be confirmed – Wiggins, Morris.

4.  Not going – Keys.

So we are 9 and possibly 10 or 11.  It would be nice to get 12…….any more?

Email Andrew directly at :- (at)