Results – KGSAAS Tuesday 27th March

18 golfers teed it up at KGSAAS in overcast cool weather on a course in superb condition. After 4 holes there was a half hour rain delay but once play resumed it remained cool and fair for the rest of the round and with light traffic we were all round in good time. KGSAAS is a very nice golf course and with the promotion package currently available we will play here more often.
Iain Wise was a welcome returnee from the sands of Dubai together with occasional visitor Andy Morrow.
The winner of the March Medal was Klaus Kretzschmar with 45 points off the stick plus 3 bonus points for 48 points. The runner up was myself with 43 + 3 = 46 points. The lowest gross was 85 by Kevin Wiggins and the most golf played was 103 by Jeff Pearce.
Klaus is cut 9 strokes and myself 1 stroke.
The full results can be found in the attachment or at the the Loose Cannons Blog at

Apres golf M&M was taken at the club house and good it was too and not too expensive although a minor cock-up with the billing occurred; the table of 5’s bill not being included when the whip round was made. A top-up of RM10 was needed and so Ray F & Andre owe RM10 next game. (the others on the table paid up).

This was John Laidley’s last game for a while and he did his best to get everyone pissed to mark the occasion. Thanks John. Enjoy the Gold Coast.
Next week we will play the new Palm Garden Golf Resort thanks to Ted Parslow.
This is an invitational game limited to 20 players and preference has been extended to recent regular attendees. With 18 names confirmed as of yesterday a further call went out Tuesday to all LC’s and now all 20 slots are filled. The list of players will be published under separate cover.
Watch this space for the 10th April venue.

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