Palm Garden Golf Resort Invitational game Tuesday 3rd April

As per my earlier notes and the KGSAAS Report, the STARTERS for next weeks invitational game at

Palm Garden Golf Resort are published below.
BECAUSE this is an INVITATIONAL GAME and BECAUSE there are others who would like to play but have not been included as all 20 places are filled
you MUST LET ME KNOW if for some reason you CANNOT PLAY.
Any no shows will be fined RM100.

Mike Smith
Ray Funnell
Geoff McLaws
Jeff Pearce
Hans Berger
Richard Moss
Vincent Vijayan
Kevin Wiggins
David Hughes
Tony Morris
Glen Wombwell
Erol Akinci
Ted Parslow
Geoff Parslow
Klaus Kretzschmar
Mike Han
Rein Li Tan
Barry Cousins
Iain Wise
Tom Holmes

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