Results – Bukit Beruntung Golf & Country Resort – 1st September 2020

Way up North this time to Bukit Beruntung, for many of us a new experience. And it was a pleasant one. Most LC’s agreed that this course is worthwhile playing again. Arriving there is quite impressive since the club house is a bit of a royal experience with the size of the palace of Versailles We started early morning before 8:00 am; smooth registration, perfect weather and nobody in front of us.

The course is good quality and not always easy with some narrow challenging fairways. Most greens run well and true. Besides that it is very good value for money with a green fee of only RM 75, including some drinks.

After the game we had lunch in Chinese restaurant “Full Moon”. Also worthwhile repeating. Good food at reasonable prices. Our beer manager Brian was very active today securing the cold supplies aka Tiger.


The winner today showed some supernatural powers and a drugs test has been requested: Josef with one of his best games ever 85/45. Second place today Allan with a fine 97/38, followed by Jan with 95/37. See full list below.

We wrapped up August and presented the monthly medal to winner Hans. He also got a sleeve for playing most of his shots on the buggy track today. 
Iain is still leading the annual ranking after August but since he is in the UK right now and not playing, Ricardo is now catching up with him; both 54 points. Mike W follows with 44 points. See full list below. 


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – Bukit Beruntung – 16th February 2015


This week we decided to head north to Bukit Beruntung which we had not played for many years. It was listed in the Top Premier book at a bargain rate of RM50 but when calling to book I was informed there was a special rate of RM45. Later we found that this did not include insurance which we had to pay separately but still a very economically attractive rate. The club has 2 18 hole courses – we played the better?? East Course and with the Saujana group which had taken over this club some years back we perhaps naively thought it may have improved.
The clubhouse is a very large and ominous looking building which is now in a bad state of disrepair. An outhouse which stored all the grass cutting equipment had recently been in a major fire and was completely burnt out …. insurance job??
There were 13 of us …. again sadly let down by last minute pull outs which created extra costs for a number of 1/2 buggy charges. 
We all got off on 2 separate tee boxes at just before 8:00am and the first 9 holes were relatively cool, but got progressively hotter as the morning went on. The course was badly cut up by wild boars and the green surrounds were in pretty bad shape as were the bunkers. You really had to keep on the fairway as there was no relief by slicing or drawing onto other fairways – each hole was individually carved through the palm oil plantations so once of the fairway your ball was well and truly gone.
The greens were very soft and spongy with many bumps and fairly slow – particularly one green which had been left to grow and resembled the texture and nature of my ex-mother-in-law’s thick shag pile Axminster carpet.
However the course was extremely scenic and had some interesting holes as can be seen in the photos below.
We all got round in reasonable time being held up a little by a number of Koreans who were all playing the course. We then headed off and had an excellent lunch at Restoran recommended by Rein Li Tan – who also ordered the food. The Mongolian pork ribs were outstanding and a double portion was quickly ordered
Barry cousins was celebrating his 300th game today – well done Barry – and he kindly sponsored the drinks. Allan McNicoll was having his last Loose Cannons game prior to heading to South Africa so he kindly bought lunch for everyone. Thanks Allan and Barry!


There was a wide range of scores today from very good to VERY bad. The winner today with a credible 42 points (gross of 89) was Mike Smith. The runner up was Iain Wise with 38 points (gross of 94). Best gross was Mike Smith with his 89. Full results below: 


Results – Bukit Beruntung Golf & Country Club – 30th October 2012

Loose Cannons All,

Klaus called in sick so fourteen of us played Bkt Beruntung GCR yesterday and as a surprise we got to play the West instead of the East which we tested last week. The West was a different animal in comparison is it was more open, less soggy ie more run, more water and some patches of bare soil on the second nine fairways although the first nine had some very nice charming holes. In general though it could do with some grass cutting here and there as well as more sand in some of the bunkers. In comparison to all other courses we are playing it’s not a bad course at all, it’s more a matter of getting used to how to play it I think.

The food at the Garden Terrace was very good but it took a bit long to get it, but that’s how it may be when one order individual dishes.

This time Alan’s guest Chee Wah Tsang could come he claimed 24hcp which we accept, next time you play at 25, please feel welcome Chee Wah Tsang.

So how did it go, John had the highest and the lowest score 42 points (with four bonus points) respective 88 gross closely followed by me, John is cut 4, sorry no monthly trophy at hand lah. Second came Andre also 42 but with less points on the second nine, cut 1. Most golf was played by Alan H at 120 closely followed by Allan M. For the matter of stats only four players had below 30 points.


– Intake; kitty from last 126 (not 86 as stated in KGSAAS report), 12 x 110 non-member, 2 x 60 member, 50 extras from Glenn & Vincent = 1616

 Expenses; Green fee 1092, M&M 435, winner 50 = 1577

– Kitty; 39 Rm which is in the hands of Andrew now

Results – Bukit Beruntung Golf & Country Club – 1st November 2011

Loose Cannons Tuesday 1st November
Bukit Beruntung Golf & Country Resort

Bernard Romahn                     94  /  36           Cut 4              
John Laidley                           82  /  36           Cut 1              
Simon Compton                      92  /  34                                  
Ray Funnell                             101 / 33                            
Tony Morris                            98  /  32                      
Vincent Vijay                          105 / 31                                 
Erol Akinci                              98  /  29
Barry Cousins                         112 / 29
Jeff Pearce                              107 / 28
Klaus Kretzchmar                   110 / 25
Glen Wombwell                      112 / 25
Ben Webb                               102 / 18
Richard Moss                         121 / 18
Allan Holgate                         126 / 15
Cash collected:                        RM 1400        
Club Costs:                                                     (RM  984)
Makan “Equotorial”                                        (RM  507)
Makan Collection:                   RM  165         
Winners prize:                                                 (RM  50)
Carry over:                            RM 24