Results – Bukit Beruntung Golf & Country Club – 30th October 2012

Loose Cannons All,

Klaus called in sick so fourteen of us played Bkt Beruntung GCR yesterday and as a surprise we got to play the West instead of the East which we tested last week. The West was a different animal in comparison is it was more open, less soggy ie more run, more water and some patches of bare soil on the second nine fairways although the first nine had some very nice charming holes. In general though it could do with some grass cutting here and there as well as more sand in some of the bunkers. In comparison to all other courses we are playing it’s not a bad course at all, it’s more a matter of getting used to how to play it I think.

The food at the Garden Terrace was very good but it took a bit long to get it, but that’s how it may be when one order individual dishes.

This time Alan’s guest Chee Wah Tsang could come he claimed 24hcp which we accept, next time you play at 25, please feel welcome Chee Wah Tsang.

So how did it go, John had the highest and the lowest score 42 points (with four bonus points) respective 88 gross closely followed by me, John is cut 4, sorry no monthly trophy at hand lah. Second came Andre also 42 but with less points on the second nine, cut 1. Most golf was played by Alan H at 120 closely followed by Allan M. For the matter of stats only four players had below 30 points.


– Intake; kitty from last 126 (not 86 as stated in KGSAAS report), 12 x 110 non-member, 2 x 60 member, 50 extras from Glenn & Vincent = 1616

 Expenses; Green fee 1092, M&M 435, winner 50 = 1577

– Kitty; 39 Rm which is in the hands of Andrew now

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