Results – Loose Cannons vs LEGS – Staffield Country Resort – 18th October 2016


Loose Cannons and LEGS have been challenging each other since April 2013 and this was the 7th game in the series held at Staffield Country Resort. We had 12 flights with 24 players from each side competing in a best ball Stableford competition.

After a slight delay due to quite a few ladies arriving late (some miscommunication on the tee-off time apparently) we all got off on the West Course at around 8:30am. The weather was wonderful and the course was in great shape making it a very good morning’s golf.

Most players completed the round by 1pm and we had a lunch set up in the clubhouse restaurant where the prize giving was done.


In preparing the flights for today’s match we took all the players’ USGA handicaps, adjusted them all for the slope of the course with men 18 and below playing off the blue tees and those above 18 playing the white tees, and then adjusting the teams to try and match the combined handicaps which we did within one shot. These matched pairs worked very well resulting in some very close games and overall an extremely tight match.

The overall match was a draw with Loose Cannons winning 5 of the matches, LEGS winning 5 matches and two matches were drawn. So 6 points to each side for match No 7.

So after 7 matches there is still only 1 point separating the two teams with Loose Cannons with a total of 35 match points and LEGS having a total of 34 match points. We look forward to the next match in the series.

Full results and overall scores detailed below.


The best men’s pair score was Mike Smith and Iain Wise with 49 points (RM300) and the second best Men’s pair score was Martin Walsh and Graham Cadman with 37 points.(RM150).


For the ladies the best pair score was also 49 points from Gina Blackwell and Yuni Rhoden (RM300). Second best ladies pair score was 47 points from Yani Soermurni and Anita Hourigan (RM150).


NTP for Hole No 8 on the West Course was Mike Smith (RM100) and NTP for Hole No 8 on the South Course Peter Kenyon (RM100).


Well done to all our winners and thanks to all participants who made the day a great success.






Results – Loose Cannons vs LEGS – Staffield – 3rd May 2016

19 Loose Cannons (Mahmud pranged his car on the way to Staffield) and eventually 20 LEGS ( 2 ladies arrived late, one of them went to KGSAAS!!!!) teed it up just after 8 o’clock on a relatively cool morning at Staffield Country Resort for the annual match.
This year LEGS were the ‘hosts’ and had chosen Staffield as the venue and had requested the match to be played from the Reds & Blues respectively. Several Cannons raised their eyebrows at this decision but since Loose Cannons USGA handicapping is calculated to the average Blue Slope and because the slope at Staffield for Red & Blue is the same at 130, this didn’t seem to me to be an outrageous request. In reality the Blue tees were between 60 and 110 metres behind the Red tees which gave the ladies a big advantage. Plus the fact that LEGS were generally lower handicappers across the board meant that Cannons were up against it from the start. Hey ho.
There were some last minute adjustments of flights to accommodate the 2 late arriving ladies and inexplicably 2 of our flights teamed up with the wrong pair of ladies but play started just after 8 with a mini shotgun start on tees 1 thru 5 West with 2 flights per tee box. This inevitably slowed things up and the round was slow overall taking the best part of 5 hours but everyone enjoyed the competition if not the result. The ladies were good.
Staffield was in great condition but the greens were a tad slow. The weather was fine throughout with a little breeze towards the end of the round. The club had given us West & South for the match so we didn’t have any cross over issues.
Lunch was a Chinese Buffet at the club and LEGS provided every table with 2 jugs of beer. Needless to say many additional jugs were required, mostly by the thirsty Cannons but it was noted that several of the ladies were getting their share as well. One of them went home without her clubs!!! Anyway, many thanks to the ladies for the jugs they provided.
The scoring was chaotic to say the least as many of the ladies (and a couple of the men) had not read or understood the scoring procedure and it was not helped by the 2 Cannons flights that had decided to play with a pair different from the Starter Sheet. And to add to the scorers misery some of the cards were barely legible with numerous corrections and many cards displayed some imaginative mathematics. But from early on the outcome was never in doubt.
The clear winners were LEGS by 7.5 to 2.5.  The full result is attached. Note that, where necessary, I have taken the ‘declared’ Stableford points as correct and adjusted the gross score accordingly.
Congratulations to the ladies.
Screen Shot 2016-05-21 at 5.41.26 AM

Results – Loose Cannons vs LEGS – KGSAAS – 5th May 2015


For this Loose Cannons vs LEGS match we had 11 flights (44 players) at KGSAAS. We tee’d off from 5 tee boxes on the Sultan/President combination under hot and humid conditions at around 8:30am. The course was in good shape although the fairways seems a little heavy in places and the greens were on the slow side but did run very true. The first 5 flights had the men (handicaps around 18 or less) teed off the blue tees making this rather long as many of the blue tee  boxes were on the black tee boxes.
It was best ball Stableford points per team added up for the match to decide the results of each individual match – 1 point for a win and a 1/2 point for a draw.
After the game we all had lunch in the Chinese Restaurant at the club which was good and the prizes awarded to the best two teams on each side.
An excellent day out all in all.


Loose Cannons had a convincing win for this match beating the LEGS ladies 7.5 games to 3.5 games. Many of the matches were very close with only 1 point separating the teams. Best winning pairs and runners up are as follows:
Mens Pair Best Score : Barry Sage & Jeff Pearce – 48 points
Mens Pair Runner Up : Mike Smith and Aftab Ahmad – 46 points
Ladies Pair Best Score : Nancy Wingate & Pauling Ngui – 44 points
Ladies Pair Runner Up : Masni Yusoff & Iris Soo – 40 points
Full results as below along with a summary of all games to date :


Results – Impian Golf Club – Loose Cannons vs LEGS – 14th October 2014


This was the biannual challenge between Loose Cannons and LEGS and the ladies hosted this game at their home club of Impian Golf Club. We had a perfect number of 18 a side making a convenient 9 flights for a shot-gun start on holes 10 through 18.

Everyone showed up promptly and we managed to avoid a delay in the registration with the club agreeing for us to pay later which was good. Buggies and caddies were all ready so we all got off to a sharp start at just before 8:30am.

The weather was good albeit a little humid and sticky. The course was in good condition although some of the greens had been scarified making it rather uneven and unpredictable in those areas.

We all got finished by 12:30pm or so and sat down for an arranged lunch at the club before the final results were announced.

Many thanks to all the people who helped organise this match and to all the participants who made this a most successful day out.


The past 3 matches have been very close with two matches drawn and one match won by the ladies ….  making them one up overall to date.

Today the men came good and won 6 games with the ladies winning 3 games …. so a convincing overall win for Loose Cannons – well done to all the Loose Cannons players for a great result.

This means that we are now tied in the overall score to date. Loose Cannons look forward to arranging the next game around April time frame next year and continue the good work that we demonstrated today!

There were prizes for the best Stableford score for the ladies pairs and the mens pairs. Winner for the ladies were Yvonne Gately and Meret Dahl with a best Stableford score of 51 points, and winner for the best men’s pair score went to Stuart Taylor and Barry Cousins with a score of 49 points.

Full results are tabulated below.


Results – KGSAAS (LEGS Challenge) – 18th February 2014


Another very enjoyable day for the 40 players for the LEGS/LCs match. A good day’s golf was had by all. The guys managed to start with 20, with a couple of guests helping us out. Hopefully 2 new members will result. KGSAAS was in very good condition, good run in the dry conditions and the greens played well.

After detailed checking the match score was actually 5/5. Two scores had been entered the wrong way round…!! As in previous games the pairings worked out well with 6 of the 10 matches being very close, within 2 stableford points. So…. after 3 LEGS games, the ladies lead by 14/13 matches and the LCs lead by 3 points…!! 1191/1188…. Unbelievably close…. 



Many thanks to Pauline Lacey for some of the contributed photos.


Results – LEGS Competition @Saujana Impian – 17th September 2013


The return match took place at the excellent Impian GC. The course was in very good condition, but the greens were a little slow which was the only complaint on the day. A great day was had by all. Teed off on time, and all flights were back in the clubhouse in good time. The lunch, kindly provided by the ladies, many thanks, was a success and both teams enjoyed some healthy banter. Congratulations to the club for excellent service, helped by the LEGS waitresses.

Better ball stableford was the method of play.

Stuart and his partner Allan, won with an outrageous 48 points. Well done. Bernard and Ted were second, ocb from Rebecca and Pauline were third with 44 points. Full results


1st place pair 75 RM each

2nd place pair 50 RM each

3rd place pair 35 RM each

There were three matches which were very close, one of which was shared, but the ladies won the other two and as a result won the match 3.5 versus 4.5. Well played the LEGS ladies.

So after two matches the ladies are leading 9 matches to 8. This time round the ladies aggregated stableford points were 314 against 326 for the men. Total stableford for the two matches. Ladies 689 Men 692.    Overall it is still amazingly close. 

By popular demand, the next match will be in early March, when it is our turn to host.



Next Game – Impian Golf Club – 17th September 2013

Next week is the return LEGS challenge match at Impian GC. We currently have 16, with a reserve. If anyone else wants to play then Ray Funnell must know by 1000 hrs, Wednesday 11th. Meeting Tiggy tomorrow morning to agree pairings and H/Caps. Hopefully we can achieve a close match as previously.

A further mail of the remaining details will be sent as soon as possible after the meeting. Tee off, slightly later than usual, 0830 hrs.

The 16 Cannons Men are:

Andre Holm
Allan McNicoll
Paul Geddes
Ray Funnell
Ian Dickson
Kevin Goodwin
Stuart Taylor
Hans Berger
Bernard Rohman
Aftab Ahmad
Iain Wise
Ted Parslow
Rick Currin
Graham Cadman
Bernard Rohman
Andrew Robinson

Results – Bukit Unggul – 23rd April 2013


And a good time was had by all.  9 Pairs teed off on time in very pleasant conditions , with a 4 point start. The club had organised the bags and buggies well and the ladies enjoyed their fruit platters and welcome drink, courtesy of the LCs . 

The match was based on better ball stableford.   Efforts were made to try and get the handicaps and the pairings to provide close matches.  This was achieved with the match being all square at 4 1/2 games each. On total aggregated handicaps the ladies achieved 9 more points…!!

The ladies winning pair with 47 points was Camilla and Nancy. Camilla recording a gross of 75…. The men’s winning pair was Paul and Mathew with 50 points. 

Full results below:

Next Game – Bukit Unggul – 23rd April 2013

Next week is the inaugural challenge match between LEGS and the Loose Cannons. The ladies so far have 18 players, with the match initially set at 8 pairs each. So please guys we at least another 2 players. 10 flights have been booked at Bukit Unggul with a tee off time at 0830. Be at the club by 0745 hrs please.