Results – KGSAAS (LEGS Challenge) – 18th February 2014


Another very enjoyable day for the 40 players for the LEGS/LCs match. A good day’s golf was had by all. The guys managed to start with 20, with a couple of guests helping us out. Hopefully 2 new members will result. KGSAAS was in very good condition, good run in the dry conditions and the greens played well.

After detailed checking the match score was actually 5/5. Two scores had been entered the wrong way round…!! As in previous games the pairings worked out well with 6 of the 10 matches being very close, within 2 stableford points. So…. after 3 LEGS games, the ladies lead by 14/13 matches and the LCs lead by 3 points…!! 1191/1188…. Unbelievably close…. 



Many thanks to Pauline Lacey for some of the contributed photos.


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