Results – Royal Kampung Kuantan – 19th July 2016


We had 19 Loose Cannons to experience the delights of the walking course at Royal Kampung Kuantan Club today ….. well eventually 19 players with ReinLi tan showing up late and joining his flight by the 3rd hole. Many players who had not played this course were delighted by the quaint and old style clubhouse and I’m sure they enjoyed the course as well.

We welcomed back Allan McNicoll to the group today – he is back in Malaysia for a 5 week holiday so we will no doubt be seeing him taking advantage of playing golf in the coming weeks.

The course was in good condition after the initial start where the greens were wet and slow. The weather was pleasant with a small breeze which made walking an excellent option. With 19 of us and probably a lack of caddies we had the caddies “double bag” for two players (not to be confused with the double-bag phrase used in Aberdeen for the situation where you end up back home with a rather ugly bird!) The caddies knowledge of the course and the game of golf were somewhat dubious …… one of our caddies kept on stating “middle of fairway boss” when any ball headed was not OB”. Their knowledge of distances to hazards and the hole were very poor. A drive some 90m from the green was stated to be “on the apron” on one hole.

We made good time round the course and then headed into Ijok to the Jet Mei Seafood Restaurant where we had an excellent lunch. Vincent Vijayan kindly put in RM200 to celebrate his birthday so with the excess money from the golf game and this we walked out   of the restaurant without any need to pay anything more …. furthermore we still had some RM164 to go into the kitty.


Our winner today with the best gross of 78 and 40 Stableford points was Andrew Cseszko. Runner up was Paul Geddes with 84 for 38 and he was the luck recipient of the prize for 2nd place today of a fine bottle of Portugese wine kindly donated by our new member Rocardo Castro. 3rd place was Peter Kenyon with 95 for 37. Full results below :

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.51.59 PM







Results for Kampung Kuantan Tuesday 19th June 2012

Loose Cannons play Royal Kampung Kuantan once a year and it never fails to deliver a stern test. KK is one of the oldest courses in Malaysia having been founded by a Scotish planter in 1910 so its 102 years old. It’s a 9 hole layout but tough and long with a slope rating of 134 and it showed in the scores today. Out of the 11 starters only the winner and the runner-up managed to break 100.
The course was in good condition and with a lot of run after the recent dry spell, some reasonable scores were anticipated but alas, the unfamiliarity of this track with it’s numerouse ditches and huge trees combined with the ineptitude of most of the players resulted in some pretty dismal scoring.
The winner was Hans Berger with 36 points and the runner-up was Jeff Pearce with 33 points.The lowest gross was 89 by Hans Berger and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate with 121.
Hans is cut 4 strokes and Jeff 1 stroke.

Lunch was taken in Ijok at the usual place and very good it was too. There was plenty of beer drunk for a change and some lively banter, much of it concerning the job our guest Graham has in China where part of his duties involves auditioning girls for the massage parlour of the ski resort he is building. The mind boggles!!! The other topic was a blow by blow account of Alan Holgate’s 6 strokes to get past the ladies tee on the 6th. In addition to the RM50 collected at registration, a further RM10 top up was needed to pay for the lunch and so the mornings golf plus lunch cost us RM60 before paying for the caddy. We shall return next year but I rather fear that with the new road making KK only a 40 minute drive for a lot of KL folk, the price and conjestion may increase.

Mike Smith (looking unusually happy!!), Hans Berger, Bob Simpson and two caddies/masseurs!!

Next Game Kampung Kuantan Tuesday 19th June 2012

Golf next Tuesday 19th June 2012 we will make our annual visit to :- Royal Kampung Kuantan Golf Club
This is a WALKING COURSE. If you have a pull kart bring it.
If you don’t there are karts available and caddies..
Be there by 07:30 LATEST
M&M will be at the excellent Seafood Restoran in Ijok.
Names to Mike Smith (mike.maxcon.smith at soonest
To get there leave KL on the E2 north towards Rawang.
Exit onto the E25 to Kuala Selangor.
Follow the E25 to its end and follow signs for Kuala Selangor.
RKKGC is in Bkt. Rotan 4 k down the road.
Turn the RIGHT and the club is on the LEFT.
From Bangsar it takes 40 minutes.

Results – Kelab Di Raja Kampung Kuantan – 14th December 2010

The annual pilgramage to play Royal Kampung Kuantan attracted 10 Cannons.  The course was very quiet, in decent nick and the weather excellent – all in all a very pleasant stroll in the park.  And the sprinkles of rain were not at all irksome. The degree of difficulty of this 9 hole ‘planters course’ is reflected in some fairly average scores. Winner was Ray Funnel with a gross 100 for 32 points and cut 4.  R-up was Hans Berger with a gross 103 for 31 points and cut 1.  Kevin Wiggins had the lowest gross with 93 and John Harvey played the most shots with 110.  The details….

1. Ray Funnel – 100/32
2. Hans Berger – 103/31
3. Klaus Kretschmar – 101/28
4. Ian Geekie – 107/28
5. Kevin Wiggins – 93/27
6. Andrew Robinson – 99/27
7. Erol Akinci – 105/27
8. Tony Morris – 99/26
9. Richard Moss – 104/24
10. John Harvey – 110/18

Luncheon was taken at the Restoran Makanan Laut Jet Mei in Ijok on the way home.  It was excellent!

Finances for the day:  Collection 500.  Costs were golf 315, winner 50, drinks at club 65 and lunch 150 for a total of 580. The excess of 80 was funded out of carry-over funds. There is still 120 carry-over in the kitty.

And a mention of the Cannons Xmas Lunch that took place at the Coliseum last Friday, 10 December.  All very silly and merry with poppers, paper hats and so on.  The food was almost a side show – but there was plenty of steak pie!  Mike Smith was MC for the lunch and each Cannon was called upon to stand and entertain the group for a few minutes. A repeat for 2011 is surely indicated

Next Game – Kelab Di Raja Kampung Kuantan – 14th December 2010

Next week we will make our annual jaunt to play KELAB DI RAJA KAMPUNG KUANTAN which is located at Bukit Rotan about 10 kilometres shy of Kuala Selangor off the road from from Sungai Buloh. Take the Sungai Buloh turnoff the NS, going N, and hard left after the toll and follow the road towards Kuala Selangor and just keep going.  For Cannons living out west, there will be quicker ways to get there that need researching.  This is an old ‘planters course’  and one of the oldest courses in Malaysia, founded in 1910.  It is 9 holes, so we go round twice playing off  different tee boxes. At first sight the course looks easy but its deceptively tricky!  After golf we will retire to the excellent RESTORAN MAKANAN LAUT JET MEI, located in Ijok on the way home.
Please let Andrew know by return email if you are playing and be there by 7.30 hrs.  From Bangsar allow 50 minutes.