Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 26th July 2016


The monthly trophy game for July was played at Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club with 20 Loose cannons players plus 2 guests (welcome to David Schipano and Daniel Schipano) on a beautiful morning. The course was in pretty good condition and we got started on two tee boxes and got round the course in good time finishing by 12:00 – 12:30.

After the game we had lunch at Chin Heong Restoran on the outskirts of Rawang just before the entrance to the highway. The food was very good with an interesting assortment of “new food” including black pepper tau foo, deep fried tilapia origami and some large frog ordered by ReinLi Tan.

Deep dried tilapia origami


The winner of the July monthly trophy was Hans Berger with an excellent 42 points (gross of 90), runner up was Allan Wright with 41 points (gross of 95) and in 3rd place was Martin Belderink with 40 points (gross of 96). Hans will be cut 6 for his next game.

July 2016 Monthly Trophy Winner – Hans Berger

Best gross of the day was our guest Daniel Schipano with an excellent 78.

Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-26 at 4.19.25 PM



Results – Royal Kampung Kuantan – 19th July 2016


We had 19 Loose Cannons to experience the delights of the walking course at Royal Kampung Kuantan Club today ….. well eventually 19 players with ReinLi tan showing up late and joining his flight by the 3rd hole. Many players who had not played this course were delighted by the quaint and old style clubhouse and I’m sure they enjoyed the course as well.

We welcomed back Allan McNicoll to the group today – he is back in Malaysia for a 5 week holiday so we will no doubt be seeing him taking advantage of playing golf in the coming weeks.

The course was in good condition after the initial start where the greens were wet and slow. The weather was pleasant with a small breeze which made walking an excellent option. With 19 of us and probably a lack of caddies we had the caddies “double bag” for two players (not to be confused with the double-bag phrase used in Aberdeen for the situation where you end up back home with a rather ugly bird!) The caddies knowledge of the course and the game of golf were somewhat dubious …… one of our caddies kept on stating “middle of fairway boss” when any ball headed was not OB”. Their knowledge of distances to hazards and the hole were very poor. A drive some 90m from the green was stated to be “on the apron” on one hole.

We made good time round the course and then headed into Ijok to the Jet Mei Seafood Restaurant where we had an excellent lunch. Vincent Vijayan kindly put in RM200 to celebrate his birthday so with the excess money from the golf game and this we walked out   of the restaurant without any need to pay anything more …. furthermore we still had some RM164 to go into the kitty.


Our winner today with the best gross of 78 and 40 Stableford points was Andrew Cseszko. Runner up was Paul Geddes with 84 for 38 and he was the luck recipient of the prize for 2nd place today of a fine bottle of Portugese wine kindly donated by our new member Rocardo Castro. 3rd place was Peter Kenyon with 95 for 37. Full results below :

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 4.51.59 PM







Results – Staffield Golf & Country Resort – 12th July 2016


An excellent morning’s golf at Staffield with 22 players participating. The course was in good condition and the weather excellent making it a pleasant outing. Welcome to our guest this week, Ricardo Castro, and hope to see him join us again on a regular basis.

We teed off from two tee boxes playing the Southern and Western nines and were all finished by just after 12 noon. We then drove back north and had lunch at our favourite Restoran East of Highway.


Our winner this week with an excellent 89 for 43 points was Rein Li Tan. Runner up, on count back, was Allan Wright with 42 points from Geoff McLaws also with 42 points. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with 74. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 3.41.59 PM



Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 5th July 2016


We had 6 full flights for today’s game at Palm Garden ….. well almost 6 full flights …. unfortunately one player pulled out at the very last minute which is a shame as there were a couple of players on waitlist who could have played. Anyway 23 of us headed out from 2 tee boxes onto the wonderful fairways of Palm Garden.

The course was in remarkable condition with fairways like smooth carpets, hardly needing the lift, clean and place rule we normally have and the greens although quite sandy were very good, quite fast and with some tricky slopes to read.

The weather was perfect although very humid and hot on the last few holes. We all made good time as there were only a handful of other players out on the course. We took lunch at the clubhouse and with a generous contribution by Brian Stubbs of RM200 for his birthday (Thank You Brian) and a very generous contribution of RM400 from Andrew Robinson (Thank You kindly Andrew) to celebrate his 400th game this helped greatly in reducing the costs.

The club also kindly donated a 2 ball free voucher to our group …. I suggested that this should go to the winner and the last in the group but this obviously fell on Mike’s deaf side!



The winner today was Stuart Taylor with 41 points (gross of 85) … duly cut 5. The runner up was Andrew Cseszko with 40 points on count back from Mike Williams and Peter May both also on 40 points. Best gross of the day went to Jason Winter with a 76. Most golf of the day was shared between Andrew Robinson and Julien Hodson-Walker and was more like a cricket score than a golf score!  Full results below :

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 3.52.07 PM