Results – Palm Garden – 12th January 2021

Another “last game before lockdown” 12 members gathered for this event at Palm Garden. Weather conditions were pretty good. Unfortunately due to maintenance the greens were not very good. Let’s use this as an excuse that only 2 players scored their handicap or better. Josef was the clear winner today with 40 points, followed by Ricardo (36) and Dave, Helmut and Mike W all 35 points.Since there won’t be any more games in January we already have a January Winner; Mike Williams.Helmut is now an official member with 5 games. Welcome to the LC’s!

“Last supper” was at East of Highway where we celebrated numerous things. First of all the return and belated birthday (60 years young) of Iain, secondly Tony turning 71 next week. Both a big thanks for your contribution!We handed out the December 2020 medal going to Tony and we wrapped up 2020 Loose Cannon of the year. Despite his long absence Iain still came in as 4th winning the special prize; socks. Tony 3rd and Martin 2nd winning some MST vouchers and Ricardo as LC of the year with a floating trophy and a special golf shirt. Number 10 in the ranking was also eligible for a prize. Josef took that one.As usual the food -ordered by Tony- was very good and accompanied by a few Tigers that went down well. 
Take care everybody and hope to see you all after this lockdown again. Let this be the last one……..Stay safe!



Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 28th July 2020

No rowing and plowing this week. Palm Garden was in excellent shape (as always) and the weather was also very friendly to us today. Thanks to some late entries we had 3 full flights going out around 8:15 am. With a start from 2 different t-boxes it all went smoothly and some discount vouchers and the MST golf card discount helped us to get a good rate as well. 

Also a welcome back to Jan after nearly six months being expelled from Malaysia, trapped in the land of coffee shops that sell no coffee, tulips and clogs.

 8 players wrapped up the day in our favourite restaurant East of highway. Always good food and some nice cold Tigers. 


Winner today was Tony Morris with a nice 88/38 OCB beating Siggy 91/38 followed by Mike Garwood 82/37. See all scores below.

The monthly medal stays with your convener winning best 2 July games with total 84 stbf, followed by Tony with 79 and Iain 75. 

The annual ranking is still headed by Iain, followed by Ricardo and Mike Williams. Given Iain’s escape to the UK it might be difficult to defend his position in the coming period. Mike Garwood played his 5th game today so a welcome to the Loose Cannons.

The Mystery prize today was scoring the last par. Hole 18 it was with both Paul and Robert winning a sleeve of balls


Thanks to Ricardo Castro & Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 2nd June 2020

Palm Garden attracted 16 Loose Cannons to come and play some golf. A very good turn out and the return -after a 6 months sabbatical- of our one and only Stableford Jedi; Stuart Taylor. Welcome back!

Since the restaurant is closed in the morning everybody gathered at the registration area. Various discount cards and a voucher helped to get us a decent rate. Going into buggies and to the t-box was organized in the typical Malaysian way……..NOT REALLY…. They tried to keep some order but that is usually bound to fail when you deal with Loose Cannons.

Nonetheless we took off on time and from different t-boxes. About 4 hours later everybody was back in the restaurant. The course was in excellent shape and a pleasure to play. The climate nowadays doesn’t help though and makes conditions a little tougher than normal.

Mighty Mike keeps on striking and took another win today with 80/41 followed by our comeback kid Stuart; 84/40 and Tony 88/39.

Andrew managed to finish his 500th game this time (see Special Report below). We celebrated that with the help of his generous RM500 contribution for beers. He got handed out the first new Loose Cannons cap for this great achievement; first games in early 2004 together with Iain and Mike Smith. Siggy also got a cap for his contribution at KGSAAS last week. A sleeve of balls found a new owner; Stuart for returning and taking care of our stablefords.

The only negative maybe is the total lack of organization in the restaurant. Plenty of staff but it still took ages before getting a beer……… Yet another fine day out. Thanks for your participation.


Screenshot 2020-06-03 at 4.31.02 PM

Andrew Robinson’s 500th Game

It was a rather special day today with Andrew Robinson clocking in his 500th game with Loose Cannons. Starting with Loose Cannons way back in 2004 when the group was first formed Andrew has played an impressive number of games, albeit with a few interludes during this time due to bad health or injury.

Today he scored a very respectable score of 111 for 30 points today and on the 18th green he sank a lengthy putt to finish in style.

A quietly confident Andrew Robinson before the start of the game

Andrew Robinson on the 1st tee prepares to kick off his 500th game

This was Andrew Robinson’s 9,000th drive as he teed off on the 1st hole today


On the 18th hole at the conclusion of his 500th game Andrew confidently sinks a great putt to finish.




After the successful completion of his 500th game, Andrew was presented with a red Loose Cannons cap in the clubhouse ……. perhaps after another 500 games, he will get the matching shirt!!

Andrew very kindly contributed RM500 to the pot for lunch and drinks. Thank You Andrew from everyone today and many congratulations on a great achievement.


And thanks to Ricardo Castro for the following photos contributions.

Also thanks to Martin Belderink for the following photos.


Results – Palm Garden Golf Resort – 31st December 2019

We played Palm Garden as it was the last monthly trophy for the year as we wanted to have a nice finish.

It wasn’t too many cars on the road this New Year Eve morning so for once I arrived in very good time. Registration went smoothly but that place is like a children play school with cutting, gluing, stamping vouchers, anyway we were ready to go before our tee-off time. Weather looked promising and the course was in a very good shape except for some greens which were a bit slower.

We had the post game lunch at the clubs restaurant which was about half-full.

Happy New Year Loose Cannons


The winner today and his second monthly trophy for the year, Tony Morris with 39 points.

The winner Tony Morris

He won over Stan Constantinides with one point more second nine. Allan Wright came third with 35 points.

Screenshot 2020-01-01 at 6.41.07 AM


Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 28th May 2019

We had 4 full flights at Palm Garden Golf Club today. The course was in great shape, although the greens a little sandy , and the weather was wonderful ……. however our day was marrred by extremely poor F&B service at the club.

I was looking forward to a pleasant day at Palm Garden Golf Club and made an early start to have my breakfast at the club. It was then that things started to go wrong ….. after ordering my usual roti canai with teh tarik …. a further 15 minutes later the waitress came out to tell me and my friend who had also ordered the roti that there was no more roti. This was after serving one portion previously to another colleague who had arrived slightly earlier. Now if I had ordered Eggs Benedict on a bed of poached spinach I might have understood but this is Malaysia. How can you you only have enough raw materials to serve one serving of roti canai first thing in a restaurant.

Another colleague arrived and ordered coffee …. only to be told there was no milk!! Well it is only a very basic kitchen ingredient …… something far wrong with the F&B department if they cannot maintain stock of such a basic item.

Moving out to our tee time we had to wait for scorecards to arrive at the 1st tee …… the starter who was in charge of this eventually sauntered up with the cards …. very annoying.

Out on the course at the drinks hut we found that drinks were very limited … no 100 Plus available …… wonder why?

After the game we had lunch at the club. Service was pretty poor with the waiters being fairly clueless as to who ordered what. One of our group ordered mixed satay ….. then was told there was no beef … only chicken. Then after the first round of drinks they had run out of Carslberg beer in the bottle!! Again why is stock control such an issue. We resorted to a few jugs of Carslberg draft and by this time the Assistant General Manager had turned up and after hearing all our gripes about the shockingly poor F&B he kindly donated 3 jugs of beer to our tables. This was a kind gesture but doesn’t get away from the fact that the F&B department and their stock control at the golf club needs to be reviewed as the service and availabiliy of food and drinks is not acceptable.

It is a shame that a golf club of this stature is let down by such basic support facilities in their F&B department as well as other on course organisation such as having score cards readily available and a good choice of drinks and snacks at the halfway huts.


Scores were good today showing the good condition of the course. Winner of the May Monthly Medal with an excellent score of 98 for 40 points was Andrew Robinson.


Runner up was Geoff McLaws with a 76 (best gross) for 39 points. Full scores below ……

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 4.18.55 PM


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Geoff McLaws – ShotTracer at Hole No 17


Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 24th April 2018


We had a bumper turnout this week at Palm Garden Golf Club with 32 players attending. Whether it was the good course that attracted players or the free lunch and drinks courtesy of our Birthday Boys Ted Parslow & Hans Berger …. we are not sure.

Our 8 flights got off smoothly from two tee boxes at 7:30am and we were all back in the clubhouse before 12:30pm as a heavy rain storm hit – the last flight unfortunately had to abandon the last hole and only played 17 holes …. more of that later!

The course was in really nice condition and as always the greens were testing. Being able to drive the buggies on the fairways and having caddies certainly speeded play up.

We had lunch at the club after the game and the food and drinks were very kindly sponsored by Hans Berger and Ted Parslow who were celebrating a combined birthday of 150 years!! A big Thank You to both Hans and Ted for this kind gesture. The club also provided gifts for the Birthday Boys and some vouchers as lucky raffle prizes. Hans and Ted were presented with two birthday cakes adorned with their national flags (thanks to Ricardo for arranging this)



The winner today was David Evans with 39 points – and this was his score after only completing 17 holes as he was in the last flight that did not play the last hole. Well done David. Runner up was Kaz Takita with 92 for 38 points. Best gross was Andrew Cseszko and Jason Winter both with 82. Full results below.

Note : For the 4 players in the last flight who missed the last hole their gross was calculated by using a gross score on the last hole that gave them zero Stableford points)

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 2.57.19 PM



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Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 29th August 2017

The monthly trophy game for the month of August was played at Palm Garden Golf Club and with some golf vouchers gathered from the last game there we had some discount (well some of the players did!). We had only 4 full flights this week and got off from two tee boxes promptly at 8:00am.

The course was in very good condition and is always a joy to play here with beautiful fairways and excellent greens. From the white tees the course is short so making some birdie opportunities for a few players. The weather was kind as well and was actually a bit cooler than normal.

After the game we all had lunch at the club restaurant with their excellent fish and chips being a firm favourite.


IMG_5233The winner of the August Trophy was Andrew Cseszko with an excellent 76 for 39 points with Ray Funnell runner up with 101 for 38 points. Best gross of the day was Andrew with his 76 and our Convenor, Hans Berger, got the most golf award. Full results below :

Screen Shot 2017-08-29 at 8.27.25 PM



Results -Palm Garden Golf Club – 28th February 2017


The monthly trophy game for February was held at the prestigious Palm Garden Golf Club, IOI. This was Mike Smith’s last game as Convenor and we had a bumper turn out for this event with 32 players (8 full flights). The organistaion at the club was excellent with all of us starting on a shot-gun start from numerous tees meaning we were all back at the club within a fairly short time of each other.

The course was excellent with beautiful fairways, terrific greens and fluffy bunkers. Weather was very good unlike the day before where it rained down all day. We were all back in the club where we had lunch by 12:30 – 1:00pm.

After lunch we had the usual prize giving then a presentation to Mike Smith of a few gifts bought with contributions from all members – many thanks to all who contributed. Mike was presented with a golf bag, a golf shirt (embroidered with his favourite catch phrase “Listen Up!”) and a golf cap.

Hans Berger , who is taking over as the next Convenor, made a brief presentation highlighting that our next game would be at Bukit Unggul and that from now we would be playing all games strictly to USGA handicaps.


The clear winner of the monthly trophy was Dave Evans with an excellent round of 91 for 44 points – well done Dave. He misses the obligatory 8 cut as we now move onto the new USGA handicap on a weekly basis but I’m sure Hans will come up with a suitable penalty for anyone winning back to back games. There were 3 players as runners up on 38 points, Geoff McLaws, Stuart taylor and Martin Belderink. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with a 77. Full results below.

It was also noted that Bernard Romahn played the entire round with 15 clubs in his bag resulting in a penalty of 2 strokes per hole …… this has happened before with Bernard so perhaps worthy of him taking note for future games.



Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 5th July 2016


We had 6 full flights for today’s game at Palm Garden ….. well almost 6 full flights …. unfortunately one player pulled out at the very last minute which is a shame as there were a couple of players on waitlist who could have played. Anyway 23 of us headed out from 2 tee boxes onto the wonderful fairways of Palm Garden.

The course was in remarkable condition with fairways like smooth carpets, hardly needing the lift, clean and place rule we normally have and the greens although quite sandy were very good, quite fast and with some tricky slopes to read.

The weather was perfect although very humid and hot on the last few holes. We all made good time as there were only a handful of other players out on the course. We took lunch at the clubhouse and with a generous contribution by Brian Stubbs of RM200 for his birthday (Thank You Brian) and a very generous contribution of RM400 from Andrew Robinson (Thank You kindly Andrew) to celebrate his 400th game this helped greatly in reducing the costs.

The club also kindly donated a 2 ball free voucher to our group …. I suggested that this should go to the winner and the last in the group but this obviously fell on Mike’s deaf side!



The winner today was Stuart Taylor with 41 points (gross of 85) … duly cut 5. The runner up was Andrew Cseszko with 40 points on count back from Mike Williams and Peter May both also on 40 points. Best gross of the day went to Jason Winter with a 76. Most golf of the day was shared between Andrew Robinson and Julien Hodson-Walker and was more like a cricket score than a golf score!  Full results below :

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 3.52.07 PM