Results – Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort – 19th June 2018


We had 3 full flights this morning at Amverton Cove and we started promptly at just before 8:00am. The course was in pretty good shape and the weather pleasantly cool. We made good time round the course then retired to the usual restaurant just over the bridge after the game for some much needed refreshments. Food was passable but surprised a Chinese restaurant had run out of chilli!!!


The winner this week was Kaz Takita with a score of 91 for 38 points. Runner up was Geoff McLaws with a 77 (best gross of the day) for 36 points. Full results below:

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Results – Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort – 17th April 2018


We had only 3 flights today at Amverton Cove with 12 players heading at from Hole No 1 at 8:00am. Weather conditions were good and the course was generally ok but the back 9 greens had large areas of sand around the aprons making it sometimes difficult for the approach shots. We were not held up around the course and everyone was back by 12:30 or so for lunch on the golfer’s deck. Lunch was pretty average in terms of food quality and rather expensive compared to othere restaurants outside – perhaps time to reconsider a change.

One other issue noticed on the course today was a group games activity being held between the 9th and the 18th greens directly in front of the clubhouse with a large crowd of noisy participants shouting and screaming – not exactly helping golfers on those greens trying to concentrate on their putts. I realise that Amverton Cove is now offering a multitude of activities from archery, ATV driving, power boat rides in the lake and other team games but they should remember their prime activity is golf and these other activities should not impinge on the golfers while they are playing. Perhaps they should relocated some of these team activities away from the areas near the course.


The winner today with a very steady round was Andrew Robinson with a score of 99 for 37 points and he was the only player who managed to better their handicap today. Joint runners up were Bernard Romahn (86/34) and Iain Wise (98/34). Best gross was Geoff McLaws with an 84 and Brian Stubbs got the best strokes per $ out of the game. Full results below:

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Results – Amverton Cove – 20th February 2018


IMG_7773There were 16 players this morning for our game at Amverton Cove and we started from 2 tee boxes ta 8:00am. The weather was good although it got very hot and humid by the back 9. The course was fairly quiet (other than the noisy caddies!) and we made good time around the 18 holes. The course was in better condition and the fairways seemed to have more grass on them now.

After the game we had lunch at the club which was surprisingly good – beer in cans only – but no one seemed to go thirsty!



The winner today was Bernie Schobert with 84 for 39 points on count back to Stan Constantinides who came 2nd with 90 for 39 points. Best gross of the day was Jason Winter with 78. Full results below:

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Results – Amverton Cove – 9th January 2018

IMG_698920 players arrived at Amverton Cove but with heavy rain coming down play was delayed until 9:30am when 19 of us (minus Barry Cousins) decided to brave the wet fairways. Surprisingly the course was in good shape even after so much rain and as long as you could keep on the fairways the going was good. The greens were in good shape and running fairly true. With the cool weather after the rain it was a generally pleasant morning.

After the game we had lunch at the seafood restaurant just over the bridge on the way back from Carey Island where the food was the usual poor quality unfortunately. Kevin Wiggins kindly put in money for his birthday and with a large carryover from our registration there was nothing else to pay after the lunch.



The winner this week was Hans Berger (who also won last week!) with an excellent 91 for 45 points. Runner up was Stan Constantinides with 87 for 43. Best gross was Niall Murray with a 79. Full results below:

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Results – Amverton Cove – 23rd May 2017

Just a few players requires a short report doesn’t it;
– When we assembled for a shat (Editor : not sure if this was meant to be a chat or a shit) and a small bite early morning we were more or less alone at the club

– Course were in good condition through out

– Dark clouds were threatening at first but having played four holes or so the sun dominated the sky, luckily we had a nice breeze to cool us down a bit

– After five six holes the locals had arrived and the course were quite busy

Kaz Takita won with 98/34 closely followed by Ray Funnel with 105/33

And as usual when we play Amverton Cove we had a good lunch at the Chinese restaurant immediately to the right after the bridge.


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Results – Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort – 14th February 2017


On a beautiful Valentine Day’s morning 22 Loose Cannons plus 2 guests tee’d off from tee boxes 1 & 10 at Amverton Cove & Island Resort. The course was quiet and in quite good conditon except for the tee boxes which had recently been modified and sanded heavily. We made good time round the 18 holes and the first group were finished before noon. Weather was good and relatively cool making it a very pleasant morning.

Welcome to our two guests from Huan Hin who joined us today; Frank MacKenzie and Richard Green.

We had lunch at the usual Chinese seafood restaurant over the bridge as you left Carey Island – food was ok – not brilliant …. except for the lovely fresh prawns …. but the beer was cold and plentiful.



The winner today was Brian Stubbs with an excellent 91 for 44 points (cut 8). Runner up was Peter Kenyon with 96 for 41 points. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with 80. Full results below:






Results – Amverton Cove – 13th September 2016


There were only 12 players this week to enjoy the delights of Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort. We got off early on the back 9 just after 7:30am in front of a competition group that were also at the club and therefore managed to navigate round the course in fairly quick time. The course was in better condition than the last time we played so it is good to see the course returning to some of its former glory. There had been some recent rain so there were some wet patches around the course but the greens were generally very good although some seemed very slow compared to others.

After the game we had lunch at the nearby seafood restaurant as per usual where we managed a large choice of seafood washed down by many Tiger beers.


The winner this week was Ricardo Castro with an excellent 84 for 44 points with runner up being Ted Parslow with an 84 for 40 points. Best gross was shared between Ricardo and Ted with their 84’s. Full results below:




Results – Amverton Cove – 12th April 2016

After some early morning rain it was a cool start to the day as 23 players headed out from two tee boxes at Amverton Cove. We have seen the course in better condition – there were many bare patches on the fairway and some untidy patches with water hoses all over the place. The greens however were quite good.

We welcomed a new guest of Ian Wise today, Mark Tiernan and warmly welcomed back David Hughes who is over on his annual pilgrimage to KL.

Lunch was taken after the game at the usual seafood restaurant by the bridge on the road back out from the golf club.


The winner today with a gross 84 for 42 points was Stuart Taylor – cut 6. 2nd place was Mahmud Mohamed with 87 for 40 on count back from Peter Kenyon with 95 for 40. Best gross of the day was a 79 from Geoff McLaws.

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Results – Amverton Cove – 29th December 2015

For the last Loose Cannon’s game of 2015 and the Trophy Game for December we played at Amverton Cove. We originally had 4 full flights but due to tow last minute pull-outs we had 14. We teed off on split 9’s and the pace was very good for the first 9 holes …. after the turn some Tan Sri and local sultan had cut in in front of the groups and the last 9 holes were rather slow. However the course was in good shape and the weather was fine.
Post game we ate lunch at the usual restaurant at the bridge close to the club – food was good (well ordered Iain Wise) and a suitable quantity of liquid amber was consumed.
Ray Funnell will be resigning as Convenor – many thanks Ray for all the good work this year – and Mike Smith will be taking over the helm as of 1st 2016 aided by myself, Stuart Taylor, to do the handicapping and Iain Wise to do the monies.
Our December Trophy winner was Jeff Pearce with an excellent 40 points (gross of 88) with Geoff McLaws runner up (again!) with the best gross of the day of 77 and 39 points. Full results below: