Results – Amverton Cove – 1st October 2019

It had been raining overnight so we were not allowed to drive on the fairways and hence it had not been time for raking of the bunkers, so they were a bit hard. We were also a bit unlucky as the greens surface had been machined to minor groves, a bit tricky for putting.Weather was nice and sunny especially later in the round when the sun had burned away the high humidity and we got a breeze.

Two third of the starters joined for the lunch, a nice airy place along the sea with good food and not too expensive. Iain Wise celebrated his birthday with a 200Rm contribution for the lunch, many thanks and Happy Birthday. Rein Le Tan celebrated his return to the Tuesday game by adding 200Rm to the kitty, many thanks and hope to see you more often.


As one assume most of us had some difficulties with the course, despite of that we had two outstanding players;

– Siegmund Maierbrugger won with a better second nine, Ricardo Castro second, both with 38 points, Brian Stubbs third with 33.

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 3.44.29 PM

  • Correction : Iain Wise’s score should have been 102 for 27 points

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