Results – Amverton Golf & Island Resort – 16th July 2019

There were only 10 players today with many people away at this time of year. It was quiet so we started from 2 tee boxes and were not held up unduly. Weather was very cool with dark ominous clouds building up but which thankfully came to nothing.

The course was in fairly good condition and the greens had been recently scarified but were still relatively smooth and true.

We had lunch after the game at the Kang Guan Restaurant which was ok but not on par with some of the other restaurants we visit.



Geoff McLaws was today’s winner playing to handicap with a score of 80 for 36 points. Runner up was Iain Wise with 94 for 35. Best gross of the day was Geoff McLaws with 80. Full results attached below:

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Results – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 9th July 2019

Today we had only 11 players with 3 flights teeing off sharp before 8:00am. Given all the rain we had yesterday the course was in very good condition with minimal soggy patches. The greens were in very good shape and probably the best we have seen them to date.

The course was quiet this morning so we were all finished by around 12 noon. Weather conditions were very good and surprisingly cool for most of the round.

We had a good lunch at O&S restaurant after the game although the bill seemed rather more expensive than normal – maybe worth looking at alternatives or being a little more careful on what we order.

We were joined at lunch by Barry Cousins and Andrew Robinson.

Stuart Taylor had a “wardrobe malfunction” after the game with his change of clothes T-shirt ripping down one complete side. Not wanting to spend RM190 on a new shirt from the pro shop he boldly went to lunch in his used golf shirt much to the disgust of his adjoining members at the table whose nasal orifices were impinged upon.


The winner again this week was Hans Berger with another great score of 96 for 41 points (did someone mention drug test!!). Runner up with a mere 86 for 36 points was Stuart Taylor. Full results below:

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Results – KGSAAS – 2nd July 2019

This morning at KGSAAS we had 4 flights teeing off on Sultan and President 9’s. Unfortunately we had 2 players missing in action: Josef Winter went to the wrong golf course and Paul Geddes was late but eventually, these 2 players caught up with the rest and joined us for the game.

Weather was very cool which was pleasant and the course was good apart from the greens which had all been sanded recently.

Lunch after the game was at the club and some of us stayed probably longer than we should have over many beers after the game.


The winner today was “local boy” Hans Berger with 99 for 39 points with Ricardo Castro runner up with 82 for 38. Full results below:


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Results – Monthly Medal – Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club – 25th June 2019

We had 3 full flights today for the Monthly Medal game at Nilai Springs Golf & Country Club. With an 8:15am tee time we got off fairly sharply starting on the Pines 9 followed by the Mango 9. Weather was very good and the course was generally in good condition with the greens running very true.

After the game 8 of us had lunch at the East of Highway Restaurant which was its usual good standard and the bonus looks like they have reduced the price of the beer.


The winner of the Monthly Medal for June was Stuart Taylor with a score of 80 for 43 points.


Runner up was a rather disgruntled Iain Wise who with 90 for 40 points thought he had the win in the bag. Best gross was Stuart Taylor with 80. Full results below:

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Results – Staffield Country Resort – 18th June 2019

It was an early start today with a 7:30am tee off time at Staffield. We had 15 players show with one last call off from Mike Smith with an injury. The course was quiet and we got off without delay on the Northern and Western nines. Course conditions were good and the weather was good making for a pleasant morning’s golf.

The first group was a 3-ball and they finished by 10:45am so it was an early lunch and some extra beers for them as they waited on the next flight which was some 1hr 10 mins behind. We had a good lunch at the club with some cold beers on special offer (3 jugs for RM148)


We had two players (Stuart & Tony) today on 43 points so it required a countback. They both had 21 points on the back nine (Western) and then both had 15 points on the last 6 holes so it was down to the last 3 holes and Stuart got 8 and Tony 6 so Stuart was the winner. 3rd place was shared between Stan Constantinides and Geoff McLaws both on 37 points. Best gross was Geoff McLaws with a 78 and most gross was Erol with 112. Fill scores below:

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Results – Tasik Puteri Golf & Country Club – 11th June 2019

After all the Ramadan special discounts at various top courses in and around KL it was time today to return to normal – so we played at Tasik Puteri. We had 4 full flights and got off early before 8:00am on split tee boxes on Puteri and Ptera 9’s. Weather was nice and cool making it a pleasnt round of golf. The course was in fairly good shape, a little wet in places due to recent heavy rain, and the greens were good albeit rather slow.

Post game we adjourned to the Chin Heong Restaurant on the outskirts of Rawang. Food was good and the cold beers most welcome. Many thanks to a Birthday contribution from Martin Belderink and an extra “club-throwing” fine donated by Geoff McLaws.


Winner today was Enzo Filoni with 89 for 42 points on countback from Iain Wise, also with 42 points. Best gross was Tony Morris, Geoff McLaws and Ricardo Castro, all with 86. Full results below:

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Results – The Mines Resort & Golf Club – 4th June 2019

We played The Mines Resort & Golf Club today using their special Ramadan rate. We had 4 flights with 15 players with one last minute drop out and teed’ off on two tee boxes at 7:30am. Weather was really pleasant and the course was in great shape making it a really wonderful experience. We were held up for a bit on cross over due to 2 flights being inserted between our flights – the starter and marshall should really be arranging this better at a club of this stature.

We all finished by around 12:30pm and then headed to the nearby East of Highway Restaurant for lunch and some cold beers. Many thanks to Stan Constantinides who conributed to the pot as it was his birthday today – Happy Birthday Stan and also a kind donation was made by Niall Murray who was celebrating being a father – congrats Niall!


The winner today was Andrew Cseszko with a score of 77 (best gross) for 37 points – he didn’t make lunch so his RM50 winnings went into the pot …. cheers Andrew! Runner up was Ted Parslow with 86 for 36. Full scores tabulated below:

Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 4.21.10 PM


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Results – Palm Garden Golf Club – 28th May 2019

We had 4 full flights at Palm Garden Golf Club today. The course was in great shape, although the greens a little sandy , and the weather was wonderful ……. however our day was marrred by extremely poor F&B service at the club.

I was looking forward to a pleasant day at Palm Garden Golf Club and made an early start to have my breakfast at the club. It was then that things started to go wrong ….. after ordering my usual roti canai with teh tarik …. a further 15 minutes later the waitress came out to tell me and my friend who had also ordered the roti that there was no more roti. This was after serving one portion previously to another colleague who had arrived slightly earlier. Now if I had ordered Eggs Benedict on a bed of poached spinach I might have understood but this is Malaysia. How can you you only have enough raw materials to serve one serving of roti canai first thing in a restaurant.

Another colleague arrived and ordered coffee …. only to be told there was no milk!! Well it is only a very basic kitchen ingredient …… something far wrong with the F&B department if they cannot maintain stock of such a basic item.

Moving out to our tee time we had to wait for scorecards to arrive at the 1st tee …… the starter who was in charge of this eventually sauntered up with the cards …. very annoying.

Out on the course at the drinks hut we found that drinks were very limited … no 100 Plus available …… wonder why?

After the game we had lunch at the club. Service was pretty poor with the waiters being fairly clueless as to who ordered what. One of our group ordered mixed satay ….. then was told there was no beef … only chicken. Then after the first round of drinks they had run out of Carslberg beer in the bottle!! Again why is stock control such an issue. We resorted to a few jugs of Carslberg draft and by this time the Assistant General Manager had turned up and after hearing all our gripes about the shockingly poor F&B he kindly donated 3 jugs of beer to our tables. This was a kind gesture but doesn’t get away from the fact that the F&B department and their stock control at the golf club needs to be reviewed as the service and availabiliy of food and drinks is not acceptable.

It is a shame that a golf club of this stature is let down by such basic support facilities in their F&B department as well as other on course organisation such as having score cards readily available and a good choice of drinks and snacks at the halfway huts.


Scores were good today showing the good condition of the course. Winner of the May Monthly Medal with an excellent score of 98 for 40 points was Andrew Robinson.


Runner up was Geoff McLaws with a 76 (best gross) for 39 points. Full scores below ……

Screenshot 2019-05-28 at 4.18.55 PM


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Geoff McLaws – ShotTracer at Hole No 17