Results – Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club – 5th January 2021

After being washed away last week Kota Seriemas fully recovered and the 12 players had a beautiful day of golf (not the scoring…….). We teed off early under a blue sky and playing a golf course in a very good shape given the time of year where most courses are usually very wet and soggy. 

Nobody managed to play his handicap today with Mike Williams as the winner scoring 34 points. Graham came in as number 2 with 31 points surprisingly followed by myself with 30 points after blopping the first 4 holes!We finished around midday, well in time to drive back to East of Highway where 8 members had a very good lunch -ordered by Tony- and number 9 Ricardo had to wait a while before the non spicy stuff arrived. 

Mystery price for today went to Erol for a) enjoying himself on the golf course and b) producing the longest roll on the fairway………We also welcomed 2 guests; Helmut and Hans. For Helmut it was his 4th game already so next time he will be declared an official member of the LC’s.

Next week I have booked Palm Garden at 8:00 am. If we manage to get 4 flights we get a nice rate (10% discount). If it’s only 3 flights we have to pay the normal price (RM 255). So Cannons……………get out of your chair!

Next week we will also wrap up the remaining 2020 topics; December winner and LC of the year 2020.See the results below for both December and total year. We have several prizes available of course for the winner but also random…………



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