Results – Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club – 5th January 2021

After being washed away last week Kota Seriemas fully recovered and the 12 players had a beautiful day of golf (not the scoring…….). We teed off early under a blue sky and playing a golf course in a very good shape given the time of year where most courses are usually very wet and soggy. 

Nobody managed to play his handicap today with Mike Williams as the winner scoring 34 points. Graham came in as number 2 with 31 points surprisingly followed by myself with 30 points after blopping the first 4 holes!We finished around midday, well in time to drive back to East of Highway where 8 members had a very good lunch -ordered by Tony- and number 9 Ricardo had to wait a while before the non spicy stuff arrived. 

Mystery price for today went to Erol for a) enjoying himself on the golf course and b) producing the longest roll on the fairway………We also welcomed 2 guests; Helmut and Hans. For Helmut it was his 4th game already so next time he will be declared an official member of the LC’s.

Next week I have booked Palm Garden at 8:00 am. If we manage to get 4 flights we get a nice rate (10% discount). If it’s only 3 flights we have to pay the normal price (RM 255). So Cannons……………get out of your chair!

Next week we will also wrap up the remaining 2020 topics; December winner and LC of the year 2020.See the results below for both December and total year. We have several prizes available of course for the winner but also random…………



Results – Kota Sieramas Golf & Country Club – 18th August 2020

Another beautiful golf day at Kota Seriemas. 12 members made their way to the deep South of KL to play some golf. A little after 8 am we took off. Unfortunately the first 2 flights were positioned behind a group of local clowns who caused a considerable delay most of the morning. The 3rd flight starting at hole 1 was about 30 minutes faster than the other 2 starting from 10. Other than that the course was in very good shape as always and a pleasure to play and also the weather conditions were very pleasant.

We also welcomed back a few of our “lost in lock down” members; Aftab and Josef. Aftab managed to escape Trumpistan but will leave us soon again to continue his life in Istanbul. Josef finally worked his way out of Germany.

Lunch was at East of highway where we also celebrated another milestone; Brian’s 200th game with the Loose Cannons. A generous donation supported the beer bill. Thanks Brian. Erol took the mystery prize for playing most golf.; a sleeve of balls. 


The money today went all the way to Portugal. Let’s hope they spend it wisely; Ricardo winning with 82/38 and also playing lowest gross. Shared 2nd Bernard and Brian both 37 points and Dave continuing his good golf flow with a 3rd place scoring 98/36. See all results below.

The monthly ranking hasn’t changed with Graham and Dave still leading with both 81 points, closely followed by Ricardo and Brian. It’s hot at the top. Decision next week!!


Thanks to Ricardo Castro for the photographs.

Results – Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club – 30th June 2020

We had 11 members and our guest (new member) Andrew Morrow, playing Kota Seriemas all the way to the far South of Malaysia. They have good deals right now like many other courses. And it was worthwhile doing it.

The course is in great shape and not very busy at the moment. Again teeing off before 8:00 am on a beautiful morning, light breeze; perfect conditions. Not all of us took advantage of that but one did and made a strong statement.

Interesting to find out that the emergency number in case of buggy breakdown doesn’t get answered. So I left my buggy behind and joined buggy with Siggy for the remaining holes. That actually helped to improve my game so he will be my caddy for the rest of the season. We had a quick round and all returned at the clubhouse before 12:00. The showers were not open in contrast to earlier experiences and information so 9 smelly old men turned up at East of Highway to have wonderful food and a few beers. Andrew did some lavish ordering of food so the usual RM50 was not enough but it all tasted great. 


Brian demolished the course and came home with 93/44 winning the mid year game. Second today Dave with a respectable 100/39 followed by Iain 93/38.

The mystery prize for today was the last par. Iain took that home; a LC cap. The monthly medal goes to Mighty Mike again; 2nd medal in a row. Brian’s 44 today was just not enough to catch up with him, ending second in June. Shared 3rd Ricardo and Siggy.

Half way through 2020 Iain is leading the annual competition, followed by Mike and Ricardo.See all scores and rankings below.


Thanks to Ricardo Castro and Martin Belderink for the photos.

Results – Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club – 28th January 2020

Bernie Schobert had to pull-out late last evening due to an old neck injury, so we were one short of four flights.

We were all there early this morning but as when I came to the registration a Korean caretaker were already there finishing up their registration, however we were able to tee-off ahead of that smaller group. An hour later or so the big bulk of them had arrived filling the area, some of them were sporty dressed-up good looking head-turners, that we don’t see around during the Korean off-season. One would think the clubs are very happy about the number of Koreans playing here during their winter

It was a warm humid morning with no breeze although later in the game we got a little breeze. The course were in a good nick but a bit dry in certain sections and e.g. shipping into to green cased many long returning puts, so it was a mixed feeling i would say.

We were just short of two players at the post game lunch at East of Highway, that really made my last convener game more memorable with that high “noise” level.  Obviously the group had sent the hat around as I received a bottle Portuguese Wine, a very nice T-shirt and a box of golf balls, many thanks for that. Actually there is one more thing to arrived later I learned, that’s okay as good things take longer time.


Screenshot 2020-01-28 at 10.45.20 PMThe winner Graham Cadman who signed up as the last player won with 39 points receiving the first monthly medal of 2020.

And the winner is

Mike Smith came up from Melaka to make sure the convener transition followed the rules, came second with 37 points. Shared third Bernard Romahn and Roger Surieux with 36.

We had 570Rm left in the kitty so that was all spent on food and drinks and drinks, I topped up the difference to close the bill.

How has the three years as convener task been, nice and mostly fun I would say and I have no regrets at all.

Many Thanks Everyone – Hans


At East og HighwayCheers GuysLast registration

Results – Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club – 30th April 2019

With the late entry of Jason Winter, we had 5 full flights for the end of April Trophy Game at Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club. We had an early tee time of 7:30am and we got off on both 9’s at around 7:45am. Weather conditions were cool and overcast and with a sprinkling of rain during a few holes of our first 9 holes it was very cool and pleasant. The course conditions were good and with very few other players on the course, the first groups were finished at around 11:30am.

Lunch after the game was at our favourite East of Highway Restaurant which never fails to please. We had 3 birthday contributions to the kitty today so big thanks and Happy Birthday to Hans Berger, Ted Parslow, and Roger Surieux.


We had a new winner today – having his first Loose Cannons win and for the April medal was Josef Winter with a score of 91 for 37 points.


Runner up was Iain Wise with 95 for 36 points (enjoying revived form with his new beard) and 3rd place was Ted Parslow with 87 for 35 points. Best gross was Jason Winter with an 83 and most golf (best value!) was Roger Surieux with 112. Full results below:

Screenshot 2019-04-30 at 4.09.52 PM


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Results – Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club – 26th February 2019


The February Trophy game was held at Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club with an early teeoff at 7:20am which required us to be at the club by 6:40am! With 22 players we got off on two tee boxes and most of us made good time round the course. Course conditions were good and the weather excellent with a nice cooling breeze blowing.

After the game we had lunch at the rather expensive Restoran Loon Sing even with great effort on Tony’s part to choose the cheapest dishes. Probably better to drive an extra 20 mins or so to East of Highway Restaurant in future


The winner of the February Trophy …. or medal …… was Martin Belderink with a score of 93 for 38 points.


Runner up was Andrew Robinson with 102 for 36. Best gross was Andrew Chez with an 81. Full results tabulated below:

Screenshot 2019-02-26 at 4.00.13 PM



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Results – Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club – 15th January 2019

img_407615 Loose Cannons players played at Kota Seriemas Golf and Country Club today with a sharp tee off at 7:30am all from tee box no. 1. The course was in fine condition and the pace was good on the front 9 but by the time we did the turn we had a jumbo flight group of 5 players in front who held us up for a number of holes till they let us play through.

Lunch after the game was at East of Highway Restaurant and Tont Morris kindly threw in RM300 to the pot to celebrate his birthday this Thursday … thanks Tony!


The winner today was Stan Constantinides with a score of 93 for 35 Stableford points. Runner up position was shared between Ricardo Castro and Roger Surieux both on 34 points. Best gross of the day was Ricardo Castro with 89. Full scores below:

screenshot 2019-01-15 at 3.18.10 pm


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Results – Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club – 26 June 2018

Kaz at the hole 11 tee boxKota Seriemas were in pretty good nick compare to when we played it last time Feb 26, although some greens still had the hollow tining not completely recovered from. We were the only players at that early hours and the weather were cloudy at first with a little bit of wind until the sun came through, quite nice actually.

No one run away with a high number of points so at the top three it were pretty tight.

View from hole 11.jpg


– winner Iain Wise with 37 points

– runner up Ted Parslow on count back with 35 points

– shared third Stan Constantinides, Aftab Ahmad and Allan Wright also with 35 points

– lowest gross, who of the single handicappers did the best job this day, Andrew Chez did with 80 strokes

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 2.53.54 PM
Iain Wise, LC June winner
Allan Wright celebrated his birthday with a 200Rm contribution (many thanks and hip hip hurray) to our bill at Restoran Loon Sin and the food were good as usual.

Results – Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club – 27th February 2018


The Monthly Trophy Game was held at Kota Seriemas Golf & Country Club with 5 flights, 20 players and one guest. The course was relatively quiet so we got way sharp at 8:00am under wonderful conditions. The course was in good condition generally but we did notice that the tees were very dry and bare and the greens were not as good as before.

After the game we retired to the Loon Sing Restaurant close to the highway for lunch and the prize ceremony.



The winner of the February Monthly Trophy was Stan Constantinides with a score of 92 for 38 points just beating the runner up, Stuart Taylor, on countback who shot a 85 for 38 points. Well done Stan!!


Best gross of the day was Niall Murray with 80 and most golf was David Evans with 120 strokes. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2018-02-27 at 3.54.19 PM


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Results – Kota Sieremas Golf & Country Club – 26th December 2017

IMG_6831For the last game of the year and our trophy game for December we played at the beautiful Kota Sieremas Golf & Country Club. 15 players turned up after the post Xmas celebrations and we all got off on the 1st tee around 8:00am. Weather conditions were very good and the course was in very good shape. The greens were a little damp and slow over the first 9 holes but by the back nine the greens had dried out and were running faster. Play was speeded up as we could take the buggies on course (for an extra fee of course!)

After the game we had lunch at Restoran Loon Sing at the other side of Nilai and close to the highway. The lunch food was not the best but we managed to get out without breaking the bank as this restaurant can be expensive if you choose wrongly.


The winner of the December Trophy was Peter May with a score of 104 for 36 points. Runner up was Kaz Takita with 101 for 32. Best gross of the day was Niall Murray with an 83. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 4.07.27 PM


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