Malacca Away – 22/23 March 2017 – Ayer Keroh & Tiara Melaka

Here is the report as penned by our Convenor from the 2 day away golf trip to Malacca along with the results and some photos.

Phuu, I feels and looks like a lobster today after three days in the sun with Loose Cannons playing the ordinary Tuesday game at Kota Seriemas GCC located in Nilai. And the Malaka Away 2017 at Ayer Keroh CC Wednesday and Tiara Melaka GCC yesterday, both located in Ayer Keroh.

Melaka and these courses are familiar ground for the LC’s. Twelve of us made it for the two day competition namely; Andrew Robinson, Bernard Romahn, Brian Stubbs, Geoff Mclaws, Iain Wise, Martin Walsh, Mike Smith, Ray Funnel, Ricardo Castro, Roger MCGowan, Roger Surieux and my-selves.

We started off with Ayer Keros Govenor and Ghaffar nines on a hot and sunny day after various well selected restaurants and waterholes the evening before.

We were all pumped up but not a single of us beat the course, nearest came Andrew with 33 points followed by Mike, Geoff and Roger S on 32, one notch further down was Martin with 31. Unfortunately Ted Parslow could not stay for day two, otherwise his 34 would have been competitive the second day.  

As Ayer Keroh don’t serve beers until after 18.00 we went to Tiara Melaka for the lunch. After a well deserved M&M intake we went back to the Ramada Plaza for a rest and to get ourselves in the mood for the common dinner at Bistro 1673 at Jonker Street which we think, is the best restaurant for a group like us in Melaka. 

The following morning at the breakfast we were even more determined, this is the day we all have been waiting for.

Second day weather forecast were 61% precipitation of T-storms in the afternoon, we got nothing of that but sun all day long instead.

After registration at Tiara Melaka we got the bad news we are playing Lake and Medow nines, not that they are bad courses but we had hoped for Woodland as we thought we could stopped by at Mikes place for a cold lemonade or so in the shade of a tree, not to be lah.

So how did it go: Ray beat the course by one, Bernard played on his par, and he had the biggest improvements compare to first days scores.

– 67 points gave Geoff McLaws a well deserved third place

– Andrew Robinson managed to my surprise to improve on previous days score to clock 68 points for a second place

– and the winner is Martin Walsh with 70 points, he beat the course by three. Well played Loose Cannons Away 2017 Champion, Martin Walsh.

– I got the wooden-spoon, must have been the “convenor pressure”

Below you will find various pictures taken by the players, many thanks for that.

Being a Swede I could not stop myself from taking a picture of the H&M shop located across the street of Hard Rock. End of 2016 Hennes & Mauritz had 3962 shops worldwide.


Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 5.09.49 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 5.13.12 PM

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 7.52.46 AM


Loose Cannons Away – Malacca – 31st March to 2nd April 2015

A 3 day tour to Malacca was arranged from 31st March to 2nd April taking in 3 of the courses we played the year before. Day 1 at Tiara Melaka was the monthly March Trophy Game followed by a 2-day competition at Orna and Ayer Keroh Golf Clubs. We had 16 players for Day 1, 4 players coming down just for the day at Tiara Melaka, and then 12 players staying for the continuing 2-day competition.

Day 1 – Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club – 31st March 2015


The March monthly Trophy Game was held at Tiara Melaka. After the drive from KL the 16 players met at the club for some breakfast and teed off at around 9:30am. Conditions were hot and very humid but the course was very quiet allowing us to progress fairly quickly. The course seems to be needing a little attention compared to last year and a little shabby in places. The greens however were good and the course provided enough challenge for all players. 
We finished by around 2pm and then had lunch and drinks on the patio with the prize giving. An incredible storm then rolled in delaying our departure from the club but allowing us to take on some more beer before heading into Malacca to checkin to the hotel.


The winner of the March Monthly Trophy and RM50 was Ted Parslow with 38 points (gross of 80, which was the best gross of the day) on count back from Richard Moss who also shot 38 points (gross of 102).
Full results are detailed below:


Day 2 – Orna Golf & Country Resort – 1st April 2015


The first day of the 2-day Malacca Trophy Competition was held at Orna. Last year the course had been very dry but this year the course seemed much better. The course has a fantastic layout with some wonderful holes. Again the course was very quiet and we headed out in 3 flights over the East and West 9’s under very hot and humid conditions.
The course provided some wonderful undulating greens to test the putting skills and generally the course was in pretty good shape.
Some players struggled in the heat and humidity, probably due to excesses of the evening before, but we had some good scores in the group. Richard Moss unfortunately stopped play after about 6 or 7 holes as his shoulder was giving up …. but he managed to accumulate 6 points at least. 
For the 2 day competition we had a number of prizes for each day as well as the overall combined results so hopefully all participants went home with something.


The winner of the first day of the 2-day competition was Andrew Robinson with an excellent 40 points (gross of 92) and beating the runner up, Ted Parslow on count back who also had 40 points (gross of 78). Ted’s 78 was the best gross of the day. 3rd place was Martin Walsh on 39 points (gross of 84). Full results below :


Winner : Andrew Robinson (bottle of wine and 2 sleeves of balls)
Runner Up : Ted Parslow (one sleeve of balls)
3rd : Martin Walsh (Loose Cannons shirt)
4th : Roger Surieux (Loose Cannons shirt)
7th : Bernhard Romahn (golf cap)
9th : Ray Funnell (Loose Cannons golf cap)
12th : Richard Moss (golf towel)


Dinner at Bistro, Malacca

For the last evening the group had a good meal out at the Bistro on Jonkers Street, Malacca. After a failed attempt to order a set Nonya meal for 12 we eventually all ordered individual meals which were surprisingly very good. There was some significant amounts of wine and beer drunk which amounted to a substantial bill. At one point the waitress told me the bill had been paid by one of our party and all indications were that it was Martin Walsh. However we found out that she was mistaken …. Martin had only asked the waitress where the nearest ATM machine was and certainly had no intention of picking up the bill for the whole group. As he later said “I might be Irish but I’m not &%$#@# stupid!”.
We discussed the change of the Loose Cannons Convenor and a vote of thanks to Stuart Taylor and his efforts over the last year was led by Bernhard Romahn. As Ray Funnell had volunteered to act as Convenor for the following year (with assistance for looking after the monies and booking the restaurants) we all agreed that Ray Funnel would take over as Convenor directly after the end of the tour.

Day 3 – Ayer Keroh Country Club – 2nd April 2015


We all remember Ayer Keroh from last year …. long, difficult, and very hot. It was no different this year and this course taxed most of the group. The course was in good condition but there were many long holes with the last hole being a monster 569m par 5 …… just for the record I hit 3 drivers, a 60 deg wedge to the edge of the green and a putter to get my much appreciated par. Martin Walsh birdied this hole so deservedly got the last birdie prize.
We had a snack lunch at the club and presented all the final prizes for that day’s golf and the overall competition before heading back to KL about 3:30pm.
The winner of Day 2 of the Competition was Roger Surieux with an excellent 38 points (gross of 98). Runner up was Geoff Parslow with 35 points (and best gross of the day of 81). 3rd place was Martin Walsh with 33 points (gross of 90). Full results as below :


Winner : Roger Surieux (bottle of wine and 2 sleeves of balls)
Runner Up : Geoff Parslow (one sleeve of balls)
3rd : Martin Walsh (Loose Cannons shirt)
4th : Mike Smith (Loose Cannons shirt)
5th : Ted Parslow (golf cap)
8th : Stuart Taylor (Loose Cannons golf cap)
11th : Hans Berger (golf towel)


Melaka Trophy – 2 Day Competition Results

The overall winner of the 2-day competition was Roger Surieux with a total of 76 points – well done Roger! He scored 38 points each day and at Ayer Keroh this was a real achievement.
Runner up was Martin Walsh with a total of 72 points and 3rd place was Ted Parslow with 71 points.
The full results of the 2-day Competition and all the prizes presented are detailed below :


Winner : Roger Surieux (Malacca Trophy, bottle of wine and 2 sleeves of balls)
Runner Up : Martin Walsh (golf cap and one sleeve of balls)
3rd : Ted Parslow (golf shoe bag)
Last : Richard Moss (bottle of wine)
Last Birdie : Martin Walsh (one sleep of balls)
Paul Geddes Donation : Andrew Robinson (car tag)
Andrew Robinson Donation : Iain Wise (bottle of piss-coloured liquid??)

All in all an excellent tour and hopefully enjoyed by all participants. Many thanks to all the players who came down to Malacca for the 3 days and tho the additional 4 players who came down on the first day for the monthly trophy game.

Results – Malacca Tour – 25th – 27th March 2014

Loose Cannons had a very successful 3 day away tour to Malacca from 25-27 March playing at Orna, Tiara Melaka and Ayer Keroh. The Bayview Hotel was used as a base as we did last year. A brief report and photos for each day are included below.
Day 1 – Orna Golf Club

The monthly trophy game was held at Orna Golf Club with conditions hot, dry and windy. Fairways were very dry and hard but the greens were good albeit very tricky. We had 20 players on the day, including Geoff McLaws who came down for the day for the monthly trophy game.
The winner of the day was Andrew Robinson with a great score of 92 for 39 points. Geoff McLaws came 2nd with 80 (lowest gross of the day) for 36 points.


Day 2 – Tiara Melaka Golf Club

Following the monthly trophy game we then had a 2 day competition starting with Tiara Melaka on the first day. The course was in very good shape and well watered in the current dry conditions with good greens albeit a little slow. The weather was very hot requiring players to take on plenty of fluids to make it sound the 18 holes.
Winner of the day was Ted Parslow with 82 for 37 points and second was David Hughes with 86 for 35 points.


Tour Dinner – Bistro 1637 – Jonkers Street

We had a group dinner on the Wednesday evening at Bistro 1637, which turned out to be expensive with a poor selection and quantity of food. However the group did have a good evening helped no doubt by plentiful refreshments and ended up singing along with the local band to round off the evening. 

Day 3 – Ayer Keroh Golf Club

The last day of the four was at Ayer Keroh Golf Club – a tough and long course so with an even hotter day and with many players nursing a hangover it was a challenge. Martin Walsh managed to come down and join us for this game so making up a full 5 flight complement of 20 players. We had 3 players who did not finish on the day due to the arduous conditions. he course was fairly green compared to the dry courses of the previous 2 days and again greens were excellent but very tricky.
Winner of the day was Geoff Parslow with 81 points for 35 points and second was Hans Berger with 95 for 34 points. 


The 2 day competition was won by Geoff Parslow on count back with a total of 65 points and Stuart Taylor came second also with 65 points. David Hughes was third with a total of 62 points.
There was a large number of prizes for various positions which were presented in the clubhouse following the game.

Next Game – Malacca Tour – 25th – 27th March 2014

Next week will be the Loose Cannon’s Malacca Tour from 25th march to 27th March. We have 20 participants in this annual tour and all will be staying at the bay view Hotel in Malacca.
Day 1 on 25th march will be played at Orna Golf Club (tee off at 10:100am – be at the club by 9:30am) and will be the usual monthly trophy game. Day 2 and 3 on 26th and 27th March will be played at Tiara Malacca Golf & Country Club (tee off at 10:00am) and Ayer Keroh Golf Club (tee off at 9:00am) and will comprise a 2 day competition. Flights will be randomised for the first 2 days and then as per normal competition as per Stableford order for the last day.
All handicaps for the 3 days will be as per the current handicaps following the Loose Cannons game at Kota Permai on 18th March.
Orna Golf Club

Tiara Malacca Golf & Country Club

Ayer Keroh Golf Club

Results – Melaka Tour – 9th to 11th April 2013

2 Day Competiton – Ayer Keroh & Tiara Melaka – 9th & 10th April

Ayer Keroh – 9th April


All arrived on time at Ayer Keroh and we teed off at 1015 hrs. Pleasant conditions, tree lined course, and even crocodiles basking on the lake banks.!!   But the course is getting a little tired, with the second 9 also having very heavily sanded greens, which made putting a bit of a lottery. The scores reflected the challenges of the course on the day.

All participants bought prizes along to be distributed during the 2 days of the competition. Handicaps for the competition had been levelled and assessed, hopefully to give all a chance. 

Winner on the day was Bernard ocb from Kevin with 89 for 35 points, (Bottle of wine). 6th place Andrew 104, 27 points (bottle of wine) and 10th place was the very heavily favoured Ray , who as a result, scored 121 for 15 points….(box of balls). 


Mister Potato sponsorship signs were seen all over the golf course …. of course in the snack shop there were none to be found

Smiling now … maybe not later

Loose Cannons prepare to head off to 1st tee

Bernard takes on some fluids

Smiling Ted

Kevin as always smartly turned out for the big event

Erol blasts his drive off on the 1st

The Loose Cannons Southern Tour Team at Ayer Keroh Golf Course, Melaka

Vincent tees off on 1st hole

Glen putts looked on by caddy

An array of signs at a tee box with again a high emphasis on Mister Potato

The viking Hans heads off on the 1st

Glen prepares for the par 3 over water

Bernard overshoots the green but is dry

The beautiful scenery of Ayer Keroh

Bernard doing some gardening

Tip toe through the tulips with Glen

Glen and Bernard waiting on the tee box

Glen watches as Bernard’s ball heads to the jungle

Stuart’s ball lies in the rough … but not for long

Bernard assesses the situation

9th hole at Ayer Keroh

Bernard blasts off on the second 9

Glen drives on a tricky par 4 through a corridor of trees

Some of the greens on the back 9 were rather poor because of heavy sanding

Mister Potato continues his marketing campaign

An elevated view at one of the tee boxes as Bernard and Glen prepare to tee off

Glen moves a small “loose impediment”

The back 9 became a little boring and some of the holes were very similar

Gong time …. watched carefully by Mister Potato

Another heavily sanded green

Short par 3 close to finish

Glen recovers well from the rough

Bernard shows his prowess in the sand

Glen making his final push at the end of the round

A tricky shot close to a tree for Glen

Finishing hole at last

A well guarded green on par 3

Glen pitches up to yet another sanded green

View back down the par 3

Panorama view of par 3 hole

Dinner – 9th April 

For the evening’s frivolities, Andrew, who had meticulously planned the evening’s cuisine, deftly directed everyone to the planned restaurant, only to discover that the establishment did not allow or serve alcohol…!!  Very quickly we moved onto alternative location, where a good evening was had by all. Andrew was quickly renamed Nyonya Robinson” which I’m sure will stick for some time to come.

Andrew Robinson recommended the best Nyonya restaurant in Melaka for dinner …. unfortunately it was dry and didn’t even allow us to consume our own wine
Dejected Loose Cannon’s at the Amy Heritage Nyonya Restaurant realising there was no alcohol! By this stage Mr Robinson’s face was ashen gray at the prospect that he couldn’t consume his wine.

Dinner at a Chinese seafood restaurant after a failed attempt to eat at halal dry Nyonya restaurant. Mr Andrew Robinson now renamed “Nyonya Robinson”
After dinner some LC’s headed for some additional refreshments at Hard Rock Cafe

Tiara Melaka – 10th April

Tiara Melaka was in great shape – our golf not so


Teed off at 1015 hrs at Tiara, for the second day of the competition. The course was in excellent condition, the greens were as usual challenging, and everyone enjoyed their day’s golf, on an easier course. Scores were much better. 

The leaders, after the first day, in the third flight, were on the 18th with one of three possible winners. Kevin, as usual creeping quietly up, with Hans leading by 3 points, from Bernard. Then the drama…( see pic). Hans’s drive lodged between 2 trees, took a penalty shot, and then proceeded to put his next shot into the greenside bunker…and…. 

The winner on the day .. Bernard 84 for 39 points, (bottle of wine), Ray was 6th (bottle of wine), with Erol 10 th (bottle of wine). Ted P also had 84 which included 3 birdies, 5 pars and rather too many 3 and 4 putts…!!


Today’s sponsor is Hi-Rev

Glen blast off on 1st tee

Andrew complete with hangover tees off to clear the cobwebs

The leading group of 4 prepare for their final push in the 2 day competition

Andrew gets his head down and starts to play some great golf

Glenis about to hit this ball into a bunker and cause a small debate over the use of a rake

The greens were tricky and fast but played true

A short par 3 with trouble in front

Mister Potato again was out in full marketing force at Tiara Melaka

A great par 5 with the green over water – Stuart managed to put 2 balls in here
Andrew recovering from an awful tee shot

Some great water features on this course

We cannot get away from Mister Potato

Andrew heads for trouble on this difficult par 4

Sometimes it pays to “take time to smell the flowers”

The 9th hole

Par 3 over water

The group behind us in trouble in the water

An interesting hole with two options on how to head to the green – I chose the wrong option!

Glen plays cautiously which pays off

Glen heading home

Andrew is in full swing today and feeling better again

Andrew got into a little trouble on this hole from recollection
This is where Hans Berger’s ball ended up after his tee shot at the 18th hole!
Andrew throws up a lot of sand from his bunker shot – unfortunately the ball rolled back into the bunker

Panorama at Tiara Melaka

Final Results

Full aggregated results are attached for the 2 day comp.

1st place : Bernard 74 points. Trophy + Wine

2nd place : Kevin 73 points Box of balls

6th place : Ted 61 points ( ocb ) Vincent. A very professional looking golf cap

10th place Ray 51 points. Prize to next in line Erol / Glen

An excellent  Nyonya dinner (discovered by accident), at Bistro 1673 on Jonkers Street was thoroughly enjoyed by all, including the good band.


Loose Cannons Golf Day – Orna – 11th April


Normal Cannons game, handicaps and rules played at Orna GC. As at Ayer Keroh, the course and clubhouse were looking a little tired. The course was busy with touring Koreans, but we managed to tee off slightly early, but without the booked caddies. Bernard was suffering from the previous evening’s excesses and as a result gave everyone else a chance…

Jeff who has been vociferously complaining about his high handicap, during recent weeks, has at last corrected it….!! An excellent round of 91 for 48 points, resulted in a cut of 12, beating Andrew who had a 95 for 41 points . Cut 1. 

We were lucky with the weather for all 3 days. Everyone got on well together, all returned home safely , and a good time I believe was had by all. 


Panorama at Orna Golf Club

Getting ready at 1st hole on the east Course

Kevin immaculately turned out again for this outing

The Ozzies scowling at the poms

Jeff tees off on 1st hole, East Course
Panorama of 1st hole, East Course

Tricky greens again today

Ted shows how to hit a great shot from the bunker

The undulating fairways at Orna

Ted on the dance floor

Kevin hits a great shot out of the bunker – unfortunately it’s Stuart’s ball!

A great par 5 where almost everyone had trouble

Panorama of par 5

Decisions … go for green or play safe

Ted hits off on par 3 over water

9th hole, East course

9th hole, East Course

Island green par 3 on West Course

Kevin tees off on island green par 3

Everyone made the green and parred this hole

Kevin’s shorts need some vertical hold adjustment

Beautiful houses beside golf course

Ted coming to grips with his putting

Jeff continues his accumulation of points


Orna is a great design but needs a little more TLC

A blue kingfisher stands guard

Ted fluffs his drive

Jeff heads down the last hole on the West Course with over 40 points already in the bag

Panorama at Orna Golf Club


Next Game – Melaka Tour – 9-11 April, 2013

Next week will be the Loose Cannons Melaka Tour over 3 days from 9th April to 11th April. The following courses are scheduled for this 3 day tour:

Ayer Keroh Golf Club

Tuesday 9th April – Ayer Keroh, tee off at 1015hrs
Wednesday 10th April – Tiara, tee off at 1030hrs
Thursday 11th April – Orna, tee off at 0930hrs

Orna Golf & Country Club

All these courses are in the TP book so please remember to bring this on the trip. Also please will all payers bring a small prize, apron RM50, for the prize giving. There will be a trophy for the winner of the 2 day competition.

The first two days will be a 2 day competition using aggregated Stableford scores. The winner on the first day will be cut by the Stableford difference between himself and second place and the same for second to third places. 10th place will be increased by the Stableford difference between himself and 9th place and the same process for 9th to 8th place.

Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club

Handicaps and flights for the first day of the 2 day competition will be as follows:

Flight 1
Vincent Vijayan 28
Hans Berger 23
Erol Akinci 23

Flight 2
Bernard Rohman 16
Glen Wombwell 28
Stuart Taylor 16

Flight 3
Ted Parslow 16
Andrew Robinson 23
Kevin Wiggins 19
Ray Funnell 28

Accommodation for the 3 days will be the Bayview Hotel in Melaka and Andrew Robinson is arranging dinners for the two evenings we will be there.

Day 3 of the tour at Orna will be the normal Loose Cannon’s day with current LC handicaps.