Next Game – Melaka Tour – 9-11 April, 2013

Next week will be the Loose Cannons Melaka Tour over 3 days from 9th April to 11th April. The following courses are scheduled for this 3 day tour:

Ayer Keroh Golf Club

Tuesday 9th April – Ayer Keroh, tee off at 1015hrs
Wednesday 10th April – Tiara, tee off at 1030hrs
Thursday 11th April – Orna, tee off at 0930hrs

Orna Golf & Country Club

All these courses are in the TP book so please remember to bring this on the trip. Also please will all payers bring a small prize, apron RM50, for the prize giving. There will be a trophy for the winner of the 2 day competition.

The first two days will be a 2 day competition using aggregated Stableford scores. The winner on the first day will be cut by the Stableford difference between himself and second place and the same for second to third places. 10th place will be increased by the Stableford difference between himself and 9th place and the same process for 9th to 8th place.

Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club

Handicaps and flights for the first day of the 2 day competition will be as follows:

Flight 1
Vincent Vijayan 28
Hans Berger 23
Erol Akinci 23

Flight 2
Bernard Rohman 16
Glen Wombwell 28
Stuart Taylor 16

Flight 3
Ted Parslow 16
Andrew Robinson 23
Kevin Wiggins 19
Ray Funnell 28

Accommodation for the 3 days will be the Bayview Hotel in Melaka and Andrew Robinson is arranging dinners for the two evenings we will be there.

Day 3 of the tour at Orna will be the normal Loose Cannon’s day with current LC handicaps.

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