Results – Bangi Golf Resort – 13th February 2018


Last time we played Bangi they had been doing a lot of maintenance work on the areas around the golf course so it was somewhat disappointing today to see the state of the course. The greens were bad, uncut and slow with numeorus patches and almost all of the bunkers have been left in a bad state and all with GUR signs. Looks like the maintennace budget has finished.

However the weather was great as our 5 flights headed out on the Putrajaya and Bangi nines. This course is generally rather short even from the blues so some good scores were expected.

We had lunch after the game at the regular and excellent Restoran East of Highway where 11 of us enjoyed a good lunch and plenty of amber ale to counteract the dehydration of the game.



There were some very good results today with 8 players shooting on the 40’s (Stableford Points). Our winner was Ricardo Castro with a 79 for 42 points. We had 3 runners up on 41 points; Bernard Romahn, Roger Surieux and Enzo Filoni. best gross was Niall Murray with a 78 which could have been 2 or 3 shots better had he not driven his ball OB on the very last hole. Full results below:

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La Bodega Golf Classic – Tropicana Golf Club – 13th April 2018

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The La Bodega Golf Classic event, 2018 will be held on Friday, April 13 at Tropicana Golf & Country Club. This year we will be supporting two charities, Myanmar Education Centre and Positive living community. Both charities have difficult financial situations and need to fundraise money towards their daily running and for the children. La Bodega will be donating a proportion of the competition fees towards these two deserving charities so please support the golf event by putting April 13 in your diaries. More details on both the event and the charities will be sent to you in due course.

Results – Tasik Puteri – 6th February 2018


With many of our regular players away on the WIGS tour we had only 15 players today at Tasik Puteri. Arriving at the club we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful new men’s changing room which had been renovated – a huge improvemnt on the old one.

We played the Puteri and Tasik 9’s and immediately noticed at the start that the newly printed scorecards were wrong in that the Puteri and Tasik 9’s both had the same odd indexes so we had to change the Tasik 9 indexes up by 1 to make them even.

The course was in good condition although the greens were slow. The weather was pleasant with some cloud cover giving us some respite from the heat.

After the game we had lunch at Restoran Chin Heong which was attended by 11 players.



The winner today was Ricardo Castro with a great round of 81 for 41 points. Runner up was Kaz Takita with 91 for 38. Best gross was Niall Murray with a 77. Full results below:

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Results – Staffield – 30th January 2018

When we played this course in November last year I was told when registering next time we need to bring proof of age to get the benefits of seniors green fee. I called them Monday but no change of process. Oh boy, what a registration process one had to go through as they checked our proof of age for validity, three Malaysian driving licenses were not valid as it had no birthday date…no birthday date…. and a number of others needed clarification of which of the numbers is the birthday of the holder. Then they were all copied and after that the actual registration commenced.

By the time it was finished, a line of six-seven others were waiting behind me for the same process. And in the meantime two minibuses of Koreans had arrived and occupied the first tee-box of the Western nine which was allotted to our last three flights. One don’t take a fight with a stern looking Korean so eventually the club opened the Northern nine for us, but in hindsight it should have remained closed.

So much for booking well in advance, I need to find a better way of fixing this, group booking is perhaps the answer.

I have never experienced the course as wet and soggy before with lack of maintenance in certain areas which I think explain the high gross scores in many cases. But the weather was very nice, a bit hot though.

As many times before we had the lunch at the club with 19 of the 24 players attending. Yeah the food could be a bit better but with so many eating on the way home it’s not really working well as it will drag out forever until one can order the food.

So did we have any really good scores, yes three of twenty-four beat the course and they were:

Winner on count back Paul Collett with 91/39 who is the first winner of this month’s trophy from Royal Selangor

Runner up, Ricardo Castro with 83/39

Third and lowest gross Andrew Cseszko with 78/37

Paul Collet, January 2018 Champion
When I left the course, a flock of cows were grazing just outside going right. Being an old farmer boy I had to make a u-turn to take a few pictures and having a chat, I like cows.

An eventful and memorable day – Hans


The results have been corrected as 6 of the final scores did not have matching gross and Stableford points – these have been corrected as per the gross score submitted.

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 3.59.35 PM


IMG-20180130-WA0004IMG-20180130-WA0001Free walking cows grazing along the road


Results – KGSAAS – 23rd January 2018


There were 27 players today at KGSAAS and we all got off smoothly on the Sultan and Alam Shah 9’s at 8:00am. The Sultan 9 had very poor heavily sanded grass areas around the green making it difficult around the greens and the greens themselves were slow. The Alam Shah 9 was better although the greens there had recently been sanded. We made reasonable time around the 18 holes and were back in the clubhouse shortly after 12 noon for lunch on the terrace.

There were 3 Birthday Boys this week (Stuart, Tony and Enzo) who all contributed to the pot and plus a contribution from Paul Geddes for his 100th game made it a free lunch for everyone.



The clear winner this week was Geoff McLaws with an excellent par round of 72 for 43 points. There were 3 runners up all on 37 points; Roger McGowan, Joe Lacy and Stan Constantinides. Best gross was Geoff McLaws with his 72. Full results below:

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Results – Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort – 16th January 2018


I am always puzzled as to why Bukit Kemuning Golf & Country Resort has the word “Bukit” as there is not much bukit in the course being a very flat and generally boring course. However despite that we had a rather pleasant morning at this course with 19 players heading off from tee box 10 due to a competition starting on tee box 1. There was not much run on the course due to the recent rain and some of the greens were rather slow. The weather was wonderful and cool making it a pleasant round.

I had the pleasure of playing with our newest member Vince Main who I believe has been misspelling his name. Having hit his ball numerous time into the water drain hazards today I believe his name should be Vince Drain!

We had lunch post game at the New O&S Seafood Restaurant in Bukit Kemuning which was good (thank you to Barry Cousins for the ordering!).


The winner today (on count back) and on a real winning streak with 3 back-to-back wins now was Hans Berger with 100 or 36 points. Runners up also with 36 points were Andrew Robinson and Iain Wise. Best gross of the day Was Niall Murray with a 79. Bernard was recorded as a No Return due to lack of card submission. Full results below :

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Results – Amverton Cove – 9th January 2018

IMG_698920 players arrived at Amverton Cove but with heavy rain coming down play was delayed until 9:30am when 19 of us (minus Barry Cousins) decided to brave the wet fairways. Surprisingly the course was in good shape even after so much rain and as long as you could keep on the fairways the going was good. The greens were in good shape and running fairly true. With the cool weather after the rain it was a generally pleasant morning.

After the game we had lunch at the seafood restaurant just over the bridge on the way back from Carey Island where the food was the usual poor quality unfortunately. Kevin Wiggins kindly put in money for his birthday and with a large carryover from our registration there was nothing else to pay after the lunch.



The winner this week was Hans Berger (who also won last week!) with an excellent 91 for 45 points. Runner up was Stan Constantinides with 87 for 43. Best gross was Niall Murray with a 79. Full results below:

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Results – Tasik Puteri – 2nd January 2018

Rein Li Tan and Stan Constantinides fell sick over night reducing the starters to twenty two for our first game of 2018, yet a very big turn-up. We welcomed three new players; Jan van Driel, Vince Main and Gregory Walsh.

Weather was perfect for golf and we played the old nines Puteri and Putera, however the course in general was not as good as we have been used to in the past.

After the game seventeen turned up for lunch at the asked for; Restoran Chin Heong Rawang.


– winner Hans Berger with 94/43 (my best game for well over sixth month)

– runner up Kaz Takita with 92/41

– third Tony Morris 86/39
– lowest gross Ricardo Castro 85

Screen Shot 2018-01-03 at 6.49.28 AM

Photos (courtesy of Ricardo Castro)


Results – Kota Sieremas Golf & Country Club – 26th December 2017

IMG_6831For the last game of the year and our trophy game for December we played at the beautiful Kota Sieremas Golf & Country Club. 15 players turned up after the post Xmas celebrations and we all got off on the 1st tee around 8:00am. Weather conditions were very good and the course was in very good shape. The greens were a little damp and slow over the first 9 holes but by the back nine the greens had dried out and were running faster. Play was speeded up as we could take the buggies on course (for an extra fee of course!)

After the game we had lunch at Restoran Loon Sing at the other side of Nilai and close to the highway. The lunch food was not the best but we managed to get out without breaking the bank as this restaurant can be expensive if you choose wrongly.


The winner of the December Trophy was Peter May with a score of 104 for 36 points. Runner up was Kaz Takita with 101 for 32. Best gross of the day was Niall Murray with an 83. Full results below:

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 4.07.27 PM


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