Christmas Lunch – Coliseum Restaurant – 18th December 2019

Following up on the final invitation, yesterday we had our traditional yearly Xmas Luncheon at Coliseum Cafe & Hotel downtown Kuala Lumpur.

Everyone arrived in time at the bar to have ample time for beers, gin & tonic etc and catching up, before we assembled at our usual room at the back of the restaurant.

Andrew began by asking for a toast for our, no longer with us Loose Canons, since it began years ago;

Murray Preston
Gordon Wingate
Andre Holm
Roger Smith

and this year

Ray Funnel
David Hughes


After that the groups founder Mike Smith said some well thought of encouraging words.

Follow up on that the Convener that’s me, was asked to say something;

– the number players per game has gone down since the heydays of 6-7 flights which is a bit much actually

– in general several players would like to play more games closer to KL 

Perhaps I did not say all this but that’s the situation we are in; more games closer to KL 

I don’t mind the extra travel now and then but if several are not prepared to, it defeats the purpose 

Every groups need new heads/faces now and then. I read that Sir Alex Ferguson during his days came into 

the situation that Manchester United had to change or mover people around every fourth year or so.

Coming end of February next year I have been the convener for three years and in my mind I have had the thoughts is time to handover the baton to someone else and just enjoy playing.

So it’s a done deal, Martin Belderink and Jan van Driel will take over from March 2020.

My last game as a convener will be Feb 25th and it well end were it started, at Bkt Unggul.

Would like to thank Andrew Robinson for organizing this event and the food I think was excellent and better than last year.

I believe the pictures attached speaks for themselves. 


Results – KGPA – 17th December 2019

Living just a stone-throw from KGPA and having had more or less the same downpours I was a bit worried about the course  conditions, but it was not too bad, soggy sections of some holes yes, but playable sometimes with a little of ball movement.

Good golf weather, nice venue but the city is coming closer and closer, next up is a hotel squeezed in next to the Phileo Semantan MRT-station.

We had a good post game lunch at Pantai Seafood Restaurant, but only 50% of the players attended…..

I was in the same buggy as Ian Wise, and surprise surprise when he pulled the bag cover off, there was no driver. But it did not hurt him at all, almost as long with the 3-wood from the tee-box and on the fairway.


Result from the testing elements; three players on 37 points, Jan van Driel won with best second nine.

Screenshot 2019-12-18 at 9.31.49 AM.jpg


hole 26 backdrop forest nineTee-box hole 23 forest nine

Obituary – David Hughes

David Hughes sadly passed away peacefully on 8th December 2019, aged 82 after a short illness.  David for many years lived in Malaysia and was an active member of the Loose Cannons golfing group.

With his armed forces and physical instructor background he was always a strong, low handicap golfer and one of the few lefties amongst us. After his return to Wales, David made annual visits out to Malaysia to visit his daughter during the winter months and frequently rejoined our group for rounds of golf.

David, or “Taffy” as he was affectionately known,  will be sadly missed and fondly remembered by all his golfing mates from the Loose Cannons.

Our condolences go out to David’s family at this sad time and may he R.I.P.

Results – Amverton Cove Golf & Island Resort – 10th December 2019

We were just one short of two flights at Amverton Cove today, the sky looked promising and we had only a couple of flights in front of us when we teed off from the blue tee-box.  But that was a false impression as the first flight in front held us all back, so we were waiting and waiting until Iain Wise got the opportunity to voice our concern over their slow play.
The course was in good condition but played a few shots more than normal as it had been raining lately.
We had to fork out 60Rm each for the M&M, a bit more than we expected as our birthday boy did not stay for lunch, next time Jan van Driel.


Ricardo Castro being the better player this day won with 34, Roger Surieux came second with 30 points.
Screenshot 2019-12-10 at 7.52.08 PM

Results – Seri Selangor – 3rd December 2019

An easy ride to Seri Selangor this morning as the traffic was less then normal probably due to the schools are off for the rest of the year. Construction work was going on e.g. expanding parking and it looks like they will upgrade the locker room, we look forward to that, don’t we.

Weather was just fine for golfing and the course was in the best condition I ever played it I think except for certain sections of hole 18. We had the post game lunch at Pantai Seafood Restaurant, plenty of guests, noisy and good food, lovely place.


So how did it go, we had Ted Parslow in our flight and the way he was hitting the ball from the tee-box I thought here we have today’s winner, but but the 34 points was only enough for second place. Ricardo Castro played even with the course enough to win on 36 and Martin Belderink rounded up the podium with 33 points.

Screenshot 2019-12-04 at 7.24.50 AM


Flight 1 at tee-box 1Flight 2 on tee-box 10There are some land left 2

Results – Staffield – 26th November 2019

We were met with a blue sky and lite breeze when we arrived Staffield early morning Nov 26 for the November Champion game and for a change in comparison quite a smooth registration.
Obviously, it had been raining overnight as the workers were busy returning the bunkers sand to its place, others than that the course was in good condition. It became a bit hot later in the game, luckily the breeze increased to compensate for the heat. I noted that the sky was unusually deep blue in some places, very nice.
Postgame lunch at clubs restaurant, the good flow of Carlsberg Smooth Draught compensated for a bit late arrival of the dishes.


We played here two months ago for the September Champion game, today’s scores were not as good as the course played a few shots more:
– Shared 3rd the English Tony Morris and the French Roger Surieux 35 points
– Second the Dutch Martin Belderink 37 points
– And the winner the English Brian Stubbs with 38 points
Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 2.59.19 PM


November Champion Brian Stubbs

Results -Tasik Puteri – 19th November 2019

For a change I was first at Tasik Puteri sitting more or less alone in the restaurant waiting for the other players to arrive, is it you Hans!
The sky looked promising but the course did not as it had been thoroughly drenched overnight, never seen it so wet i.e. playable but not easy. We played Puteri and Putera nines from white some played quite well I myself felt like a beginner.
Off to Chin Hiong for M&M after the game, Tony ordered an excellent choice of dishes.


It was close at the top, Tony with 35 and Bernard and Siegmund shared second with 33 points.
Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 2.55.25 PM


This ball bounched on water up on land

Results – Bangi Golf Club – 12th November 2019

We had an easy registration, I think we were the only larger group so early in the morning, so no waiting time for tee-off. The weather stayed dry with partly cloudy sky with the course in a good nick i.e. a nice day on the Bangi GR today.

There are a lot of activities in the place out there e.g. the road from the main road has been resurfaced and they had cut down more or perhaps all trees between Putrayaja hole 9 and Bangi nine-hole 1. Bangi nine is closed for renovation.
The food at East of Highway was as usual very good, but for some reason, we had to wait a long time for dish # two, three, etc to arrive. It was funny to see the waitress moving here arms to describe what was going on in the kitchen.


It was good scores all over today even though we played from the blue tee;
Winner Tony Morris with 45 points with the lowest gross of 80
Shared second Allan Wright and Josef Winter with 39 points, see the attached table for all.
Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 3.02.39 PM


BuggyFlight 1Large BungalowMustang

Results – Bukit Kemuning – 5th November 2019

The scenario indicated it may be a good day at Bkt Kemuning, registration was smooth,  it was not very busy and no threatening dark clouds in sight.
Last time we played this course just after the hazy period, the fairways were hard and the greens grass stiff like a wire brush, today softer fairways and greens.
This course takes heavy downpour well and it suits seniors as one can drive on the fairways and for the prize of 321Rm a flight it’s very good value for money.
And I think for the first time we had three German players with the addition of Gerd Janotta who used to head the Continental Tyre factory in PJ.
We had the post-game lunch at the usual New O&S Seafood Restaurant, no prawns this time so only 50Rm ahead extra with the remains from the fee.


And the winner today on countback Stan Constantinides with 40 points, see table below for full results.
Screenshot 2019-11-30 at 2.43.03 PM


Stan in actionStan the winner

Results – Ipoh Away – 29th-31st October 2019

Monthly medal it’s all done and dusted. This is about Royal Perak and Meru Valley 30-31 Oct, LC’s Ipoh Away. Players were the same as at Clearwater except for Aftab Ahmad who had returned home.
I almost missed the tee-off at Royal Perak as it took some time to get my car out of the hotel.
This course was a very different experience compared to the previous day as we had not much of soggy areas. Fairways were good but the greens were a bit slow though.
After the game we found out how one could get a beer or two with something to eat, just step in at the bar and they get your order delivered even though it took some time. In the evening we had a nice dinner at the hotel.
The last day was at Meru Valley we had a leader ball with two 31’s one 30 and one with 26 points. The middle flight 26 – 23 and the first flight two with 19 points.
We played Valley and Waterfalls nines, except for Valleys three first holes which we very soggy the course was not bad at all. The greens were very fast and good.
So how did it go:  Josef Winter had an excellent day with 39 points and adding that to his previous day points, he won  with 65 points.
Mike Smith came second with 61 and Martin Belderink 57 points. The remaining had from 56 down to 31 points which was myself.
Ricardo made a 200Rm contribution to the lunch/kitty as he will have his birthday next week when he is elsewhere.
I reckon the pictures attached will describe a nice bunch of golfers out on an adventure sort of.
I reckoned Clearwaters Lake nine and Meru Valley’s Waterfall nine were the nicest nines.
But one should stay away from the area during the wet season especially Clearwater.
I will take a couple of weeks off or so from playing golf as my back has not improved, one cannot go on with painkillers and muscle relaxing pills for too long.