Dear Loose Cannons,
Again a month without golf….. It is getting a bit boring isn’t it? From the earlier words of the PM it looked like a bit of light at the end of the tunnel when he said that fully vaccinated people MAY get some relief in sports etc. And that only in some parts of the country. Well, I am sure that Selangor and KL will be at the bottom of the list, looking at the number of infections here. I just cleaned up my clubs again, making sure that mould will not start to ruin my grips.
I will be getting my second jab on 12 August, so I guess from that perspective, I could be playing again two weeks later. But, of course, that is all subject to the decisions the government will take.
So for the time being no progress. I can only urge everyone to get yourself vaccinated as soon as possible, because that is the only way out of this situation. And for the rest enjoy golf on the internet, YouTube and TV.If you want to read something interesting, check this out:https://www.morningsun.net/story/news/2021/07/26/psu-research-team-begins-work-soybean-based-golf-balls/8088730002/. Below update standings for LCOTY.

It won’t be long and we can eat our golf balls ūüėČūüėČūüėČ

Hope see you guys in August and stay safe.


Jan & Ricardo


Dear Loose Cannons,
The June news for the Loose Cannons can be short and simple: NO GOLF !A very sad month which will go into the history¬†as no Loose Cannons games played for a whole month as this is not allowed in Malaysia! Also the announcement just now (Sunday 12.02)¬† that the lock down will not finish tomorrow, will mean that it is very likely that we will start July with not being on the fairways. So it is just television, you tube, games etc which can keep us a bit in swing.Last week I cleaned my golf clubs¬†from all the¬†dust it was¬†gathering. I was tempted to do some swings, but I am sure that my wife would not have liked that at all, so I put them back in the bag, and thought when, oh when…..
I hope everyone has had their first vaccination, and some of us maybe even the second shot already. That is the only way out, guys, get yourself vaccinated!
I have calculated the handicap progress in absolute and relative terms over the first half of the year, but actually of course it was only over the first 4 months and a bit of the year. The table you can see at Statistics page, to keep you motivated……and other fresh stats, and below LCOTY standings.
Hope to see you all soon on the course again, and in the meantime, keep yourself safe and healthy!



Dear Loose Cannons,
I hope everything is well with you all. Enjoying¬†watching¬†golf on TV and youtube, and thinking: when will it be our turn again…?Well, my expectation is that it will take a while before we can go around on the course again. With the way the figures are going at the moment here in Malaysia, it doesn’t look good at all. So let’s concentrate on getting vaccinated, sooner rather than¬†later. That is at the moment the only way out of this situation.
On the Loose Cannons, we have only played one game in May, so no monthly results. Maybe June, but that is questionable under the present circumstances. We still have a credit open at Bukit Jalil and Rahman Putra, so those would be the first ones to choose from when the courses will open again. Below LCOTY standings after May.
Wishing you all the best, enjoy the lock down, stay safe and hopefully see you soon.




KGPA is always a challenge to play, that was clear this morning. We teed off with 4 flights, later than planned (the starter said: “We have a delay”….), and the first two flights with a very slow flight in front of them, took almost 5 hours to finish. And with the weather hot, and the greens variable, it wasn’t easy. And the scores showed it. Nobody played his handicap, and more than half of us ended up below 30 points. The winner today was Siggy, who won on countback from Bernhard, both 35 points. Ricardo was the winner of last month’s game, just beating Josef, so he received the well-deserved voucher.
We lunched in a nearby seafood restaurant, only with 7 of us……… We welcomed Bipan with his second game for LC, and Hakan, who was back again to play after a long time! Hakan received a sleeve of balls. A special welcome to Andrew Robinson, who joined us for lunch to celebrate his birthday. He is on the way back, and hopefully, it won’t take long before we see him on the course again. We gave him a small gift to celebrate that, and he gave us a generous contribution to the (high) lunch costs.
We will be going into an MCO situation in Selangor again, so we will see what games we can organize for the coming weeks. Below KGPA results, April monthly competition final table, and LCOTY standings.







See you all next week somewhere in KL.


Dear All,

The course this morning was in a good condition. It was quieter than usual because of the Ramadan month, which also meant that we could take the buggies on the fairway! Early in the morning at registration, we were informed that the greens were all sanded and aerated, so we were prepared to have difficulties on the green. It was however well done, and the greens were fast, and not really bumpy. So no excuses there…..
The course is always a pleasure to play on, well maintained, and challenging. The scores certainly reflect that. Everybody had to give in on his handicap, except Bernhard. He was the winner with 39 points! The second and third were Josef and Mike, both with 35 points.
During a well-deserved lunch at East of Highway, the winner’s prize could not be given as Bernhard was not present. The mystery prize, a sleeve of balls, went to the second-highest gross score, to Robert. Next week again a challenging course on the program!
Below are the scores for Impian and also the standings of the April competition. A tight race for the top!

See you all next week at Rahman Putra.



Dear All,

A real challenging course. That is the quick summary of Glenmarie Valley playing today. At the “right” places water in play and at the same time enough holes without water but challenging¬†enough¬†through the combination of distance and needed accuracy. The greens were in good shape, and the weather¬†was friendly as well, although later the humidity started to play a role. In spite of the rain the last couple of days, the fairways were good, in some places a bit soggy, but not too bad. So all in all a good course to go to, in times like this when we have good offers for the green fee.
During a very good lunch at La La Chong in Ara Damansara we welcomed two guests: Michael who played his second game and Neil Fenwick of whom we still don’t know whether he played his first, second, third, or even fourth game. The more we talked the more games he played (an effect of the beers….?). Anyway, welcome Michael and Neil!
The scores of today were good, Tony ended up in a third-place with 34 points and Mike and Siggy both on 36 points. On countback on 9 still the same. The countback on the last 3 holes gave the difference in the advantage of Mike, who was today’s winner¬†and also had the lowest gross score of 83. Siggy, still got his bonus of last week, as he was the March competition winner.
The mystery prize went to our (first, second, third, fourth time) guest Neil, also because he scored 44 (!!) points. Well done Neil! Below final results table and April Monthly competition standings.

See you all at Impian G&CC


Pictures of the day

LC Statistics page was updated. Our Blog is our history, our life, don’t miss it, be part of it!!


Dear All,

Amverton Cove always is a nice, well-maintained course to play. Enough challenges around with a lot of water in play, and at the same time good opportunities to score. But… as well a lot of places where you can lose your balls! The weather was great and the course relatively quiet when we started. We teed off nice and well, with one three-ball and two full flights. Some last-minute cancellations whatever the reason for this. The last two flights took a bit of time to get to the restaurant, but it was worthwhile waiting. The restaurant was again a good choice. Isuka may be a bit more expensive, the quality of the food is certainly better than the restaurant where we used to go.
The scores of today were again very good with 5 of us played their handicap or better. We welcomed two new guests, Simon and Michael. Welcome to the club!
The highest Stableford was scored by Simon, one of our guests, and the winner of the day was Ricardo with 40 points, with a gross score of 79, just 7 over the par of the course! Well done! The mystery prize of a sleeve of balls today went to John, as having the highest gross score on the first nine.

See you all back next week, at Glenmarie.


Thanks Jan for the report and Ricardo for the photos.

Dear All,

The course was in a good condition, certainly when taking into account the rain of the previous day. The greens a bit changing, form fast to less fast to slow, some damage in the fairways, but on the whole, a good course to play. The weather started nice, but you could feel the heat approaching. The last holes were therefore for some of us a struggle to get through.
Lunch was in a new restaurant, and, combined with three of us ordering, it gave us a new variety of food! In the right combination with some beers, it was a good experience.
And then the scores…….. We know that you have to score well to have a chance to win here, but today you needed a real monster score. Ricardo had the lowest gross score of 83. Six players played their¬†handicap or better. The fourth-place of Iain with 39, two-second places of Jan and Robert with 40 points, and the winner was Andrew Morrow with 48 (!!!) points, Well, his lower handicap will reflect this next time. His handicap was based on games last year with the last game played in July. We welcomed a new player, Bipan Kapur, who joined us for his first game in the Loose Cannons. Welcome Bipan, the mystery prize was for you.
Most of the attention went of course to the real golf player in our midst. Tony Morris with 500 games, the fastest player in Malaysia, was honored with a special LC shirt. Tony, congratulations on this real milestone. A very faithful and consistent player, who keeps the speed in the game. Up for the next jubilee! Thanks to his very generous gift, the costs for this copious lunch were kept within nice limits. Many thanks, Tony!
The results of today’s game, the monthly competition of March, and the standings of the 2021¬†competition are below:

Cartoon of the Month:
Pictures of the day:

A new page (LC Statistics) was added to our blog. See you all next week at Amverton Cove. Stay safe.


Thanks Martin for the report and Ricardo for the photos.

My last day in the office was welcomed by 16 players! On top of that all 16 stayed for lunch as well……….unprecedented. But that’s the LC way; play and lunch. Most of us were early except for Hans Berger who was on the way to Slim River and Reinli who was stuck in his last pint of Guinness. Bukit Beruntung is an interesting and value for money course. The greens are really nice, just very slow. We took off by 8:00 am with flight 4 welcoming the 2 ‘missing in action’ a while later. Despite a little drizzle most of us had an enjoyable round of golf finishing around midday, well in time to make it for lunch in Full Moon restaurant.¬†Today’s winner Siggy came home with a monster score of 85/42 collecting several prices (one last ‘C’ for you Mike W.). He got the RM 50 plus the ‘Golden Nut’ that he donated himself as a prize for the LC’s. We also found out how we can distract Siggy when he is playing well………… The rumors will be spread, just wait!¬†Graham Cadman in second (93/40), long battling with Siggy (same flight) for the 1st place, but then the pressure became too much on the last 2 holes. A sleeve of balls for his battle with der Kaiser.¬†A special thanks to Tony, who came in 3rd (87/39), for helping us to get some discount due to his membership. So a free ride for him today.
We also welcomed back Reinli after a very long break. A sleeve of balls for him too. 
2 other players with lowest gross (85); Ricardo and Bernhard. We all can picture Bernhard running around like a headless chicken, finding a ball which is not always his, hits it anyway…….. 2 strokes penalty……. “whas se f**k em ai doing” We got him a ball marker. Will he use it????Thank you all for the nice shirt and plate that you bought me as a goodbye present.
Lunch at Full Moon was excellent as well as the Tigers and very affordable. We finished the day by 14:00 pm.
This day was supported by the kitty money that I had left. There is still around RM 500 balance which I will hand over to the new team. Tony came up with a good suggestion to use this money to support playing a ‘quality’ (more expensive) course sometimes.¬†It was a pleasure serving you. See you on the golf course.¬†Martin

Below final results table:

And LC of the Year updated standings: Good advantage for Sigmund to win March and a few players fighting for second and third place:


Thanks to Jan for the report and Ricardo for the photos.

We had a nice early start, one of the first off on the course, and everyone was present well in time!!The course was good, the first two holes a bit wet after the rain the nght before, but for the rest nice and dry. Only the greens were varaible, sometimes fast and sometimes you really had to give it a whack to get it moving.But it didn’t spoil the fun of playing, and from what I heard, everyone enjoyed themselves again.
We welcomed Hans Berger again. He didn’t play but decided to join us for lunch. Good to see you, Hans!
The other Hans (Bodewes) got his bag tag as being a new member last week, and John received the sleeve of balls and his bag tag as a new member, having played 5 games with us. Welcome John!!
The scores were very variable as well, as you can see below. Ricardo had the lowest gross score with 88. Not as low as he wanted, but….. He also won the mystery prize for the most birdies.Iain ended up as third with 33 points, Josef second with 36, and Jan as first with 38 points.
Lunch was at the club, well sponsored by Siggy, as a result of which cost were kept low. Thanks, Siggy!
All scores are here including the standings for the March competition.