Loose Cannons Southern Tour – Batam – 26th September 2011

Cannons all.
The proposed Southern Tour to Batam is scheduled for the last week of September 2011.
The response from my earlier circular gauging interest was strong with 13 “definites” and 4 “possibles”.
I think 16 would be a good number and so I now need to know DEFINITELY who will go.
Because Firefly only fly Mon, Wed & Fri there are 2 alternative packages.
Alternative 1
Dep Subang 26 Sept Returning 28 September
2D2N2 rounds Golf
Approx Price RM1380.
Alternative 2
Dep Subang 26 Sept Returning 30 September
4D4N4 rounds Golf
Approx Price RM2260.
Price includes
Return air fare (Firefly) Individual to make own on-line booking.
Carriage of Golf Clubs
Hotel (to be finalised) Individual to make own on-line booking
Green fee, buggy sharing, caddy sharing, based on Top Premier rates.
Transfers will be additional and by Taxi. Est cost per day RM25 pp.
The courses we will play are:
Tering Bay & Palm Springs
Tering Bay, Palm Springs, Indah Puri & Batam Hills or Southlinks.
Please respond telling Mike Smith you WILL or WILL NOT be touring and your PREFERRED package.
The MAJORITY preference will dictate if its a 2D or 4D tour.

Results -Glenmarie GC – 23rd August 2011

14 LC’s and 3 guests pitched up at Glenmarie on an overcast and rather wet morning. I had tried very hard to get 4 full flights and was somewhat surprised when Vincent showed up insisting that he had advised me “as soon as it was announced last Thursday”. Even showed me the email text on his Blackberry. Well Vincent, I didn’t receive the note but last Thursday but did receive it yesterday evening! In the event 17 was manageable as the Ramadan deal was RM80 net p.p. and we talked them down to one caddy per flight so no additional cost incured. The LL is to remember to press send.
Although the weather was a little inclemant we were not held up and all bar the last flight were round in 4 hours. Pretty good for what appeared to be a crowded golf course. The course was in generally good nick but the greens were a little variable and a bit bumpy.
Ray Funnell was the winner with 45 points with Andrew Robinson runner up with 43 points. The lowest gross was 83 by John Laidley returning to the fold after several months away trying to sell the house in Oz. The most golf was played jointly by Vincent & Rick both returning 110.
Ray is cut 9 strokes and Andrew the mandatory 1 stroke.
Welcome to our 3 guests Alistair, Ben and Stevie. We hope to see you regularly with LC’s.
A word in the shell-like. It’s sometimes quite difficult to get flights together, particularly when playing courses where we are penalised by having odd numbers. I appreciate that sometimes unexpected things pop up to force a change of plan but when you say you will play and then cancel at the last minute because some mate has asked you to play with him instead……at the same course, at the same time……that’s not on. It’s difficult enough getting the group together without that sort of thing. The message guys is once committed stay committed.

Results – Nilai Springs – 18th August 2011

With many of our regulars away with Wigs at Hua Hin and a couple of late casualties, only 6 mustered at Nilai Springs on a perfect morning for a game of golf on a course in excellent condition. Roger Smith put in a cameo appearance which was noteworthy by having to play the last few holes of the front 9 with a clenched arse. Duly relieved, he showed us that he can still play the game on the second 9.
Erol Akinci was the winner with 39 points with Hans Berger r/u with 36 points. As Erol won last time out he is cut 8 strokes and Hans the mandatory 1 stroke.
The makan was not great but with Rick using his members privilage and Roger buying a couple of jugs it was very affordable and were left with a surplus of RM7.
A folded bundle of RM notes was found after most had departed. Anyone missing some money?

Results – Bukit Unggul – 9th August 2011

10 Cannons found Bukit Unggal almost to themselves for this weeks game.  Perfect weather, no hold-ups and the course in moderate nick.  WINNER with 93 off the stick for 40 points and cut 4 was Erol Akinci.  And R-UP fresh back from a long sojourn in Sweden was Hans Berger with gross 92 for 35 points and cut 1.  Lowest gross scores were 92 by Bernhard Romahn and Hans Berger.  The most golf was enjoyed by Glen Wombwell with 105.  The full details as follows:
1. Erol Akinci – 93/40
2. Hans Berger – 92/35
3. Vincent Vijayan – 104/34
4. Bernhard Romahn – 92/32
5. Andrew Robinson – 93/32
6. Klaus Kretschmar  – 97/32
7. Rick Brown – 101/31
8. Glen Wombwell – 105/29
9. Barry Cousins – 104/24
10. Tony Morris – 97/27
We were all done and dusted by noon and lunch was taken at the club and was notable for NO BEER AT ALL CONSUMED!!!  Large tankards of brightly coloured juices festooned the table – perhaps in subliminal deference to Ramadan?
Our Dear Leader returns to these shores this Friday from his eventful Iberian Odyssey and will inform you all in due time of the arrangements for next weeks game – which will be on THURSDAY 18TH AUGUST!!!
Kind regards
Andrew Robinson
Cannons Pro Tempore Convenor

Results – KGSAAS – 2nd August 2011

15 Cannons made it to KGSAAS for this weeks game, arriving by 7.15 am for a very prompt start before 8.00 am.  And the first flights were in by 11.00, despite complaints of slow play by the 3-ball holding up the following 4-ball!  And the last flight in was very slow – and overtaken by a brace of flights of oriental wenches – Japanese or Korean?  The weather was superb with a light breeze and the course in very good nick.  And the scores were in the main most impressive.  WINNER was Raymond Keys with 93 off the stick for 41 points  and cut 5.  RUNNER-UP was Barry Cousins with 94 for 40 points and cut 1.  Lowest gross was Simon Compton with 86 and the most golf was enjoyed by Vincent Vijayan with 110.  Full results as follows:
1. Raymond Keys – 93/41
2. Barry Cousins – 94/40
3. Simon Compton – 86/39
4. Peter Edgworth – 92/39
5. Erol Akinci – 94/39
6. Andrew Robinson – 88/38
7. Aftab – 92/38
8. Glen Wombwell – 96/37
9. Tony Morris – 88/36
10. Bernhard Romahn – 102/31
11. Ray Funnell – 104/11
12. Klaus Kretschmar – 107/30
13. Jeff Pearce – 100/28
14. Vincent Vijayan – 110/27
15. Rick Brown – 106/26
Lunch was taken at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex and it evolved into a jolly good bash. Large quantities of beer, wine, mixed grills and other dishes were soon consumed.  And there was a rather odd run on fairy cakes from the new  Fruity Cake stall….  A couple of the more astute Cannons made there way downstairs for further libation….