Results – Nilai Springs – 18th August 2011

With many of our regulars away with Wigs at Hua Hin and a couple of late casualties, only 6 mustered at Nilai Springs on a perfect morning for a game of golf on a course in excellent condition. Roger Smith put in a cameo appearance which was noteworthy by having to play the last few holes of the front 9 with a clenched arse. Duly relieved, he showed us that he can still play the game on the second 9.
Erol Akinci was the winner with 39 points with Hans Berger r/u with 36 points. As Erol won last time out he is cut 8 strokes and Hans the mandatory 1 stroke.
The makan was not great but with Rick using his members privilage and Roger buying a couple of jugs it was very affordable and were left with a surplus of RM7.
A folded bundle of RM notes was found after most had departed. Anyone missing some money?

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