Report for Tuesday 30th March – Bukit Unggul

After 10 weeks of organising the Loose Cannons Tuesday game my spell of duty has come to an end, so I am off to Sid’s to celebrate!

I have actually enjoyed it, and the ‘Power of Convener’ is fantastic so I can fully understand why Mike wants it back. The whole thing went remarkably smoothly, until today that is but the less I say about that the better!
Also I haven’t very much positive to say about the whole Bukit Unggul experience, apart from the fact that it had reasonable greens. Perhaps this course should also be relegated to the ‘Leap Year’ group of courses, so I will leave it at that!

Fourteen people indicated intent & fourteen people turned up, – and on time I may add! Well done. 
Barry, my faithful assistant was missed today, but the money collection went quite smoothly, with only one person not having the correct change!
Thanks for your help over this period Barry, and you patented ‘Flight Selector’ device is now in the capable hands of Mr. Mike!

Today’s Outcome
Highest Stableford & Lowest Gross:- Mark Baker
Lowest Stableford:- Andrew Robinson
Highest Gross:- Mike Hughes.
As we only have one wooden spoon, Andrew & Mike can either split it or share it on alternate days over the next week!

Mark was unable to be present for the Trophy presentation, and thus forfeited his winnings to the ‘Kitty Pot’. Mike Smith has your trophy to be given on your next appearance Mark!
Mark will be playing off 14 next time out!
Erol Akinci came runner up and was cut 1 to 21.
It was Erol’s 60th birthday today, but he was very pensive and subdued. Don’t worry Erol 60 is now the new 40!
Total Results:
Alan Holgate 105/32
Andrew Robinson 96/26
Benhard Romahn 104/30
David Hughes 90/31
Erol Akinci 92/37
Ian Geekie 102/31
Mark Baker 86/39
Michael Hughes 110/28
Mike Smith 95/31
Paul Atkinson 89/32
Ray Funnell 98/32
Raymond Keys 101/31
Stuart Taylor 90/33
Tony Morris 92/29

The votes for last ‘Tuesday’s Tosser’ were pathetic with only 7 votes cast, this was despite me giving a warning with EIGHT hours of voting left, that there would be a RM5 fine for any of last week ‘Tourists’ who did not vote.
Four people duly paid their RM5 fine today & only ONE whined about it!
There will be a RM5 prize for the first person (who wasn’t playing today) to sms me with the correct name of the person who they think whined!!!!

As the Loose Cannons group had become very old and extremely boring, there was a ‘significant majority’ decision to abandon this little bit of fun on a Tuesday!
I guess there is little point in ‘polling’ the whole membership on the subject as most people couldn’t be arsed to cast their vote!!! So here endeth the ‘Tuesday Tosser’!
‘Whinger of the Month’ for second consecutive month….well you all know who it was!

Monies in RM900 + Carry Over RM458 + extra collection RM240 = RM1,598
Monies out Golf RM750 + M&M RM545. Total out RM1,295.
Carry over RM303 [Mike I will pass it to you on my return] 
First call for next week….please respond to Mike after he sends out his announcement, as I will ignore any replies to my inbox.
Mike has kindly agreed to ‘Re-Convenership’, and states that all the good changes introduced during his absence will be abandoned, well hopefully not all of them….we shall see!
Over & Out

Tuesday Tosser Award – 23rd March 2010

The winner of last week’s Tuesday Tosser Award is proudly given to Andrew Robinson for his failure to use an identifiable ball as his provisional ball. With a poor voting turnout of only 7  Andrew won with a total of 4 votes (57%).

Andrew Barber
  0 (0%)
Andrew Robinson
  4 (57%)
Barry Cousins
  0 (0%)
Benhard Romahn
  1 (14%)
David Hughes
  0 (0%)
Glen Wombwell
  0 (0%)
Hans Berger
  2 (28%)
Mike Hughes
  0 (0%)
Mike Smith
  0 (0%)
Ray Funnell
  0 (0%)
Raymond Keys
  0 (0%)
Stuart Taylor
  0 (0%)

Change your vote

Votes so far: 7
Hours left to vote: 1 

Next Game – Bukit Unggul Golf & Country Club – 30th March 2010

The next Loose Cannons game will be at Bukit Unggul Golf & Country Club on 30th March 2010. This is the last game of the month of March so it will be a Trophy Day. Be there at 07:20am latest as we need to be off before 6 flights who are booked at 8:00am. Please let Raymond Keys know if you intend to play.

Directions to Golf Course

"Tuesday Tosser" Nominations

Later than usual but here are the nominations for the “Tuesday Tosser” This can be for anything that may have happened during the Loose Cannons Northern Tour and below are a few early nominations that were made verbally already:

  1. Glen Wombwell for joining the Tour and not letting the ‘Tuesday Convener’ know
  2. Andrew Robinson for accepting Glen on tour and not letting the ‘Tuesday Convener’ know
  3. Raymond Keys for telling Mike Hughes that he would have a good day’s golf after he had only played the first two holes & played them well.
  4. Ray Funnell, for ‘whingeing’ at Stanley – (the head waiter). Stanley, who has worked at the resort since it was a ‘tin mine’, did an excellent job of serving us all. Ray ordered his fish & chips first, but did not receive them first
  5. Hans Berger for boasting that his wife had got up at the crack of dawn & made him breakfast before he left – fruit platter, black coffee and the rest.
  6. Benhard Romahn for slow play
  7. Andrew Robinson for playing a provisional ball with identical markings to his original ball and not being able to identify the correct ball

Loose Cannons Northern Tour 23-25 March 2010 – Results

Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Course
The Loose Cannons Northern Tour took place over 3 days from 23rd March till 25th March centred in Ipoh. The first day was a normal Cannons game and this was played on the wonderful Clearwater Sanctuary golf course south of Ipoh town.
Pre-game ball check by Barry Cousins on Mike Smith 
David Hughes showing that age is no barrier to a sweet swing
Lush fairways of Clearwater
Glen Wombwell swings his stuff
Ray Funnell goes to bat
Andrew Barber on his knees
Winner : Glen Wombwell 96/34 (on countback)
Runner Up: Stuart Taylor 91/34
3rd Place: Benhard Rohman 99/33
Meru Valley Golf Course
A 2 day competition was then held at Meru Valley Golf Course with the first day additionally having a team game arranged. This golf course is probably one of the most scenic courses in Malaysia but conditions were extremely hot and humid on both days with many players suffering because of this.
The Valley Course
Day 1 winning team was Stuart Taylor/Barry Cousins/Hans Berger/Benhard Rohman with a total of 120 Stableford points. The individual winner of the day was Barry Cousins with a total of 36 points (the only one to play to his handicap)
Hans Berger pauses to acknowledge the  spectators
The crowds watch Glen Wombwell tee off
Interesting Par 3 on the Lake Course
Beautiful views of Meru Valley

Results of the 2-Day Event:
The winner was Hans Berger
2nd place was David Hughes
3rd Place was Barry Cousins
4th Place was Mike Smith
Many thanks should go to Andrew Robinson who arranged the 2-day competition at Meru Valley as well as the hotel and dining arrangements. Thanks also to Raymond Keys for arranging the first day at Clearwater Sanctuary. A great event and now we have to look forward to the Loose Cannons Southern Tour – watch this space!
Finally a video montage of the 3 day Northern Tour for your viewing pleasure and starring those “Sultans of Swing” can be viewed here.
A full set of photos can be seen here.

Next Game – Clearwater Sanctuary – 23rd March 2010

Tomorrow’s Loose Cannons game will be at Clearwater Sanctuary, Ipoh followed by a 2-day tournament at Meru Valley Golf Course as part of the Loose Cannons Northern Tour. An earlier post detailed driving instructions to Clearwater Sanctuary from KL via Google maps but here is another map for ease of reference to anyone unsure of directions.

See all participants tomorrow – drive safely and be there by 9:00am for a 9:30am tee-off.

Tuesday Tosser Award – 16th March 2010

The results of last week’s Tuesday Tosser poll from our game at Berjaya Hills G&CC is as below:-


Alan Holgate
  0 (0%)
Andy Morrow
  0 (0%)
Andrew Robinson
  0 (0%)
Barry Cousins
  1 (7%)
David Hughes
  3 (23%)
Erol Akinci
  9 (69%)
Glen Wombwell
  2 (15%)
Hans Berger
  1 (7%)
Ian Wise
  1 (7%)
Mike Hughes
  0 (0%)
Mike Smith
  2 (15%)
Ray Funnell
  6 (46%)
Raymond Keys
  1 (7%)
Richard Moss
  2 (15%)
Stuart Taylor
  3 (23%)
Tony Morris
  1 (7%)

Votes so far: 13
Poll closed 

Congratulations to Arol Akinci who is last weeks “Tuesday Tosser” with 9 votes and Ray Funnell in runner-up position with 6 votes. 

Loose Cannons Northern Tour 23-25 March 2010 – Final Arrangements

Arrangements are now finalized for this prestigious PGA Event, co-sanctioned by the European and Asian Tours
  1. Andrew Robinson
  2. Andrew Barber
  3. Mike Smith
  4. Ray Funnell
  5. Barry Cousins
  6. Hans Berger
  7. Mike Hughes
  8. David Hughes
  9. Stuart Taylor
  10. Raymond Keys
  11. Benhard Romahn
  12. Glen Wombwell

The old Casuarina Hotel which has recently metamorphosed into the new Impiana Hotel will be the Tour base. This is located at 18 Jalan Raja Dr Nazrin Shah, 30250 Ipoh, Perak. Tel: 05 255 5555. Deluxe (ie refurbished) rooms at RM180 nett, inclusive makan pagi, have been reserved. On check-in quote ‘Cannons Golf Group’.
DAY 1Clearwater Sanctuary. This will be the regular weekly Cannons game played off Cannons handicaps and Cannons rules. Be there by 09.00 hrs for tee-off at 09.30 hrs, allowing at least 2 hrs from Bangsar. Cost with the TP book is RM80 nett to include green fee, buggy twin sharing and insurance. Without TP book it is RM120.
Organiser – Raymond Keys
Faithful assistant – Barry Cousins
After the game its on to Ipoh and check-in to the Impiana Hotel.
Evening – F & B at the Royal Ipoh Club. Note DRESS CODE of long pants, collared shirt and shoes with socks.
DAY 2Meru Valley. The first day of the ‘Northern Tour Cannons Championship for 2010’. . And we will play strictly to the Rules of Golf! Tee-off 09.30 hrs. Flights to be announced the afternoon before. Cost is approx RM120 pp/pday.
Organiser for the 2 days – Andrew Robinson
Faithful assistant – Mike Smith
Evening – TBC
DAY 3Meru Valley. The second day of the ‘Northern Tour Cannons Championship for 2010’. Tee-off 08.30 hrs. Flights to be based on the Day 1 results, ie worst out first.


Will be based on ‘real handicaps’.
Proposed handicaps for Day 1 are – AR 16, AB 20, MS 16, RF 22, BC 24, HB 18, MH 28, DH 11, ST 14, RK 24. Please let me have your comments, if any, on your own proposed handicap and those of others, prior to them being cast in stone for Day 1 by imperial decree of the tour handicap committee. Excessive handicap whingeing could result in a ‘Tour Tosser’ nomination, or worse…..
Handicaps will be adjusted for Day 2 – up or down by a maximum of 2 and up to a 28 limit, depending on how you played against your Day 1 handicap.


Yours truly will sponsor a trophy for the 2 Day Competition. Any other contributions are welcomed! Strongly suggest everyone brings along something to contribute to the Tour – either additional competition prizes or something for quaffing during the Tour.


Car pooling arrangements thus far:
  1. Barry, Hans and Stuart
  2. Mike Hughes, Andrew Barber and Andrew Robinson
  3. Raymond Keys, Mike Smith, Benhard Romahn
  4. Ray Funnell, David Hughes??
The rest of you to sort yourselves out………..and costs to be shared within each car.

KL to Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Club
[googlemaps,+Kuala+Lumpur&daddr=Lot+6019,+Jalan+Changkat+Larang,,+31000+Batu+Gajah,+Perak,+Malaysia+%28Clearwater+Sanctuary+Golf+Resort%29&geocode=%3BFZ9oRAAdUAQGBiHxBgMbSsGUkA&hl=en&mra=ls&sll=3.38388,101.629715&sspn=0.854746,0.681839&ie=UTF8&t=p&ll=3.8086,101.373945&spn=1.38766,0.64157&output=embed” scrolling=”no” frameborder=”0″ height=”350″ width=”425″>

View Larger Map

Clearwater Sanctuary Golf Club to Casuarina Hotel, Ipoh

View Larger Map

Casuarina Hotel to Meru Valley Golf Club

Results – Berjaya Hills G&CC – 16th March 2010

A record turnout of 16 players today at Berjaya Hills G&CC. We teed off at 8am sharp with four groups, play being a bit slow given a few other slow players on the course. However the air was cool with early morning mist and cloud and the scenery very pleasant … some of us admiring the scenery from somewhat different angles on many of the undulating and hilly holes.

The state of the course was variable, the front 9 was ok but many of the holes on the back 9 were not up to par and some of the greens very sandy and full of a patchwork quilt of repairs.

After the game we headed back down the hill for makan/minum at Mr Fatty’s Restaurant in Kampung Bukit Tinggi. It was good to see Richard Moss back in the fold from the Middle East who quickly took up his usual position in the restaurant at the end of a Tiger! He also kindly sponsored the beers today – thank you Richard.
Raymond “Pork Knuckle” Keys  – “blah …. blah …. blah …. blah”
1.  Alan Holgate 119/20

2.  Andy Morrow 87/33
3.  Andrew Robinson 91/29
4.  Barry Cousins 105/29
5.  David Hughes 92/25
6.  Erol Akinci 99/32
7.  Glen Wombwell 94/44
8.  Hans Berger 98/25
9.  Ian Wise 101/31
10. Mike Hughes 118/24
11. Mike Smith 99/26
12. Ray Funnell 103/27
13. Raymond Keys 99/32
14. Richard Moss 116/20
15. Stuart Taylor 99/25

16. Tony Morris 91/30
So the winner of today’s game was Glen Wombwell with a total of 44 Stableford Points – cut 8! 
Runner up was Andy Morrow with 33 – cut 1 point.
“Tuesday Tosser” Nominations
I will be uploading another “Tuesday Tosser” poll shortly based on today’s events so please make sure you vote. Here are some nominations already mentioned at the post game lunch to give you some ideas:
  1. Ray Funnel for leaving his car partner at the golf club whilst rushing off for his lunch
  2. Raymond Keys for not ensuring that there were no Koreans on the course
  3. Raymond Keys for ordering the rather poor pork knuckles which turned out to be trotters!
  4. Erol Akinci for adding up the scores on the card and being amazed that the front 9 and back 9 were identical for all players as he had looked at the carried over scores from the front 9
  5. Stuart Taylor for failing to video Tony’s fantastic putt on the final green – claimed 40ft …. but I think not! 

…… any others may be considered and as an added bonus/complication I will be setting up the poll so you can vote for more than one person – this should make things very interesting!

Finally a little video compilation of some “Loose Cannons” antics on the course today …. enjoy.