Results – Berjaya Hills G&CC – 16th March 2010

A record turnout of 16 players today at Berjaya Hills G&CC. We teed off at 8am sharp with four groups, play being a bit slow given a few other slow players on the course. However the air was cool with early morning mist and cloud and the scenery very pleasant … some of us admiring the scenery from somewhat different angles on many of the undulating and hilly holes.

The state of the course was variable, the front 9 was ok but many of the holes on the back 9 were not up to par and some of the greens very sandy and full of a patchwork quilt of repairs.

After the game we headed back down the hill for makan/minum at Mr Fatty’s Restaurant in Kampung Bukit Tinggi. It was good to see Richard Moss back in the fold from the Middle East who quickly took up his usual position in the restaurant at the end of a Tiger! He also kindly sponsored the beers today – thank you Richard.
Raymond “Pork Knuckle” Keys  – “blah …. blah …. blah …. blah”
1.  Alan Holgate 119/20

2.  Andy Morrow 87/33
3.  Andrew Robinson 91/29
4.  Barry Cousins 105/29
5.  David Hughes 92/25
6.  Erol Akinci 99/32
7.  Glen Wombwell 94/44
8.  Hans Berger 98/25
9.  Ian Wise 101/31
10. Mike Hughes 118/24
11. Mike Smith 99/26
12. Ray Funnell 103/27
13. Raymond Keys 99/32
14. Richard Moss 116/20
15. Stuart Taylor 99/25

16. Tony Morris 91/30
So the winner of today’s game was Glen Wombwell with a total of 44 Stableford Points – cut 8! 
Runner up was Andy Morrow with 33 – cut 1 point.
“Tuesday Tosser” Nominations
I will be uploading another “Tuesday Tosser” poll shortly based on today’s events so please make sure you vote. Here are some nominations already mentioned at the post game lunch to give you some ideas:
  1. Ray Funnel for leaving his car partner at the golf club whilst rushing off for his lunch
  2. Raymond Keys for not ensuring that there were no Koreans on the course
  3. Raymond Keys for ordering the rather poor pork knuckles which turned out to be trotters!
  4. Erol Akinci for adding up the scores on the card and being amazed that the front 9 and back 9 were identical for all players as he had looked at the carried over scores from the front 9
  5. Stuart Taylor for failing to video Tony’s fantastic putt on the final green – claimed 40ft …. but I think not! 

…… any others may be considered and as an added bonus/complication I will be setting up the poll so you can vote for more than one person – this should make things very interesting!

Finally a little video compilation of some “Loose Cannons” antics on the course today …. enjoy.

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