Next Game – Kinrara Golf Club – 5th October 2010

Golf next Tuesday 5th October will be at Kinrara Golf Club.

This is a TP course and I will be collecting RM80 for TP and RM100 for non-TP.  Please have the exact money ready.

Due to the lack of mood-enhancing beverages at the club, we will retire to the RSC Kiara Sports Annex for appropriate sustenance.

If you intend playing please confirm by email asap and be there by 7.30am.

Mike, please update stats following Tony’s report on this weeks game and forward. Tks.

Andrew Robinson

Directions to Kinrara Golf Club

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A Review of Kinrara Golf Club by Gilagolf

Results – Staffield Country Resort – 28th September 2010

Pos      Name:                         H/c      Bonus  Score               Total   Cut      H/cap

1st        Klaus Kretzschmar       25        4          94  /  39           43        7          (18)
2nd      Hans Berger                 21        4          93  /  36           40        1          (20)
3rd        Dick Staffer                  25        2          98  /  35           37        +          (26)
4th        John Laidley                 9          2          84  /  34           36        +          (10)
5th        Ray Funnell                  23        2          97  /  34           36        +1        (24)
6th        Erol Akinci                   21        1          96  /  33           34        +1        (22)
7th        Rein Lin                        16        2          92  /  32           34        +1        (17)
8th        Tony Morris                 19        2          96  /  31           33        +1        (20)
9th        Tom Holmes                 29        4          108 / 28           32        +1        (30)
10th      Bernard Romahn          19 ?     2          99  /  29           31        +1        (20)
11th      Alan Holgate                31        3          110 / 28           31        +1        (32)
12th      Barry Cousins               25        2          112 / 21           23        +1        (26)

Accounts:                    RM
Income from Players:    1,440   (12 x 120)
Course costs:                1260    (12 x 105)
Balance:                       180
Roll over:                        157    (Still with Andrew, Advanced by T.M)
Balance to Lunch:        337
Paid to winner:                 50
Lunch:                            279    (For 10 players)
Balance:                           8 

Owed to TM:              149     (Roll over RM 157 – Roll over from Tue 28th RM 8)

Course condition:       Very Good (As normal)
Lunch:                          Excellent (Prawns / Veg Curry / Squid / Yam basket     / Pork
                                    Knuckle / Veggies / Venison / Rice
Food:                           RM 16 a head                        RM 160
Beer / Drinks             RM 12 a head                        RM 119

The only hiccup was waiting for someone named “Pigstaff”to turn up! Well that’s what it sounded like when Andrew was sniffling down the phone to me the names at 6am this morning. Well he didn’t turn up anyway and it wasn’t until the 3rd hole that I worked out it was “Dickstaff” he was saying.

Departed restaurant around 2.20pm

Report by Tony Morris

Photos by Klaus Kretzschmar

Next Game – Staffield Country Resort – 28th September 2010

Next Tuesday 28 September we will play STAFFIELD COUNTRY RESORT.
This is the TROPHY GAME for the month – and for newcomers to Cannons – your Stableford score for the day will be increased by one further point for each game you have played during the month to decide the months winner.
I will be collecting RM120 per person before the game – PLEASE HAVE THE EXACT AMOUNT! Caddies will be for personal account and organisation.
Following the game and ablutions we will adjourn straight away to our regular Mantin restaurant for sustenance. Prize-giving will take place at the restaurant.
Kind regards
Andrew Robinson
Cannons Pre Tempore Convenor Again

Results – Templar Park Country Club – 21st September 2010

11 players checked in for this weeks game, Barry having to drop out with a dodgy knee but joining us for lunch.  The course was quiet, in good nick and with excellent weather the game was enjoyed by all. Templer Park always plays long and is a serious challenge – and this was reflected in some cricket scores!
The group welcomed John Laidley for his first game, an affable canadian just arrived with his MM2H visa and playing off 10.
Winner on the day was Raymond Keys with 105 gross for 33 points, cut 4.  Runner-up was John Laidley with 87 gross and 32 points, cut 1.  John’s 87 was the lowest gross and Bernhard and Alan played the most golf with 112 apiece.  Full details below:

1.  Raymond Keys – 105/33
2.  John Laidley – 87/32
3.  Reinli Tan – 95/30
4.  Kevin Wiggins – 96/30
5.  Ian Geekie – 104/29
6.  Hans Berger – 102/28
7.  Tom Holmes – 108/28
8.  Alan Holgate – 112/28
9.  Andrew Robinson – 101/26
10. Klaus Kretschmar – 111/22
11. Bernhard Romahn – 112/13

Lunch was taken at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex by 10 of us, and featured 7 mixed grills ordered and 8 arriving!  So the spare was placed in the centre of the table and soon demolished. This was washed down with several jugs of harimau and 6 bottles of wine!  Carry-over was RM157, following a slightly over-zealous pre-game collection. Bernhard and Ian who both missed lunch will be offered a discount at their next Cannons outing….

Reinli informed us of the upcoming PINK LADY CHAMPIONSHIP on Friday October 29 at Kota Permai, tee-off 13.00 hrs and RM250 per head – and this to include loads of goodies!!  It is hoped that Cannons will be to the fore at this PGA sanctioned event.

And Andrew informed the group of a planned CANNONS CHRISTMAS LUNCH. This to be held mid December at the Coliseum in Jalan TAR – but not on a Tuesday. Date to be fixed asap.

 Andrew Swings!!

Where did it splash??

Carbuncle on the vista

Night Golf is an option!!

Handsome Hunks!!

Next Game – Templar Park Country Club – 21st September 2010

Next Tuesday 21 September, we will play at Templer Park Country Club and NOT Perangsang Templer!  Turn left and not right at the T-junction!
This is a tad more expensive than many other courses we play and so I will be collecting RM100 for TP and RM150 for non-TP. (We have RM105 carry-over). Post golf sustenance will be taken at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex – its cheap, convivial and near to where most of us reside.
Please confirm your participation asap by email to Andrew Robinson and be there by 7.30 am

Results – Lembah Beringin -14th September 2010

11 players turned up on time to a largely deserted course.  Prior to play a violent tempest swept in to the club, high winds and driving rain – and it was quite chilly. And none of us had thought to bring cardigans! The storm abated somewhat and we progressed to the tee box.  And then the storm was upon us again and we retired to the clubhouse for a further 45 minutes. Eventually the storm waned adn we were able to get play underway about an hour later than planned.  And the first 9 holes were playing in dreary drizzle, but the weather perked up for the back 9. Thats my Michael Fish bit…
The course was in pretty good nick and the greens although slow were in excellent shape – but they badly needed a visit from Winnie Loo of Cut Above.  Winner on the day was Tony Morris with 94 off the stick for 37 points, adn cut 4.  Runner-up was Andrew Robinson with 90 for 36 points, adn cut 1.  Andrew’s 90 was the days lowest gross and Alan Holgate played the most golf with 114.  Full details:
Tony Morris – 94/37
Andrew Robinson – 90/36
Tom Holmes – 102/34
Kevin Wiggins – 92/33
Glen Wombwell – 96/32
Hans Berger – 99/30
Klaus Kretschmar – 102/30
Raymond Keys – 109/29
Bernhard Romahn – 91/28
Alan Holgate – 114/19
Lunch was taken on the way back at the ever-dependable Equatorial. Carry over was RM105.
Details on next weeks game to follow in a day or too

Report by Andrew Robinson

Farewell To Mike Hughes

Barry Cousins kindly hosted a farewell gathering on Sunday 12th September for Mike Hughes who is off to UK this week after around 6 years in Malaysia. Mike has played a total of 60+ games with Loose Cannons and has been one of the groups consistent supporters during his time here in KL. Although Mike was well known for bagging the “Most Golf” prize most weeks, he eventually won a game played at Bukit Utama Golf Course on 10th August 2010. He unfortunately came away with nothing in winnings but Barry Cousins very kindly donated his August trophy he won at the Tasik Puteri game two weeks later to Mike Hughes as a reward for his win and a memento to remember the Loose Cannons camaraderie. During the last month or so, with Mike Smith still out following his car accident injury, Mike Hughes has taken on the role of convener for the weekly games following a similar spell by Andrew Robinson… and a fine job he has done with this!

I’m sure we will all miss Mike and his participation with Loose Cannons and we all take this opportunity to wish him and his wife every success back in Old Blighty. I’m sure we will see Mike from time to time when he makes it back to Malaysia for a holiday and hopefully join us for a nostalgic game or two.

Next Game – Lembah Beringin – 14th September 2010

Next Tuesday 14th September we will play at Lembah Beringin.  After showers we will depart immediately for the ever dependable Equatorial Restaurant on the way home.  I will be collecting RM100 per head on arrival.  If you want a caddy thats for individual organisation/payment.

There is a write up of the course here.

Please confirm your participation by email to Andrew Robinson and be there by 7.30.

Results – Bukit Unggul Golf Club – 7th September

There were 11 of us for the game at Bukit Unggul.  The course was in very good nick, the weather sublime and we were the only people on the course when we started out!  The first flight of 3 were back in the clubhouse at 11.00 am and enjoyed a leisurely lunch prior to the 2 four balls arriving back noonish.

Photos by Klaus Kretzschmar

Winner on the day with his best ever round of golf was Bernhard Romahn with 82 off the stick and 48 points!  Ironically he was off to Alistair after the game to collect his new set of clubs!  Perhaps a tad late to cancel the order?  And second with 91 off the stick and 36 points was Hans ‘Rattan’ Berger.  Lowest gross was of course Bernhard’s 82 and the most golf was enjoyed by Jacko with a solid 120. Bernhards handicap is lightly trimmed by 12 and Hans by 1. Full details below:

1. Bernhard Romahn – 82/48
2. Hans Berger – 91/36
3. Andrew Robinson – 90/34
4. Ray Funnell – 94/33
5. Barry Cousins – 98/33
6. Glen Wombwell – 95/31
7. Ian Geekie – 101/29
8. Dick Stauffer – 103/29
9. Klaus Kretschmar – 102/28
10.Tom Holmes – 116/18
11.Peter Jackson – 120/15

Makanan dan minuman were taken at the club, and although the food when it arrived was fine, the service was appalling!  3 waitpersons lounging around at the other end of the terrace with nobody else to serve but us………….?  Carry-over was RM25.

Tom was welcomed back and having only arrived from Stanstead the night before was in remakably good shape, less so his golf…but he seemed to be looking forward to returning to the Beach Club asap.

Next weeks arrangements to be confirmed in a day or two…

Dan Selamat Hari Raya kepada semua Cannons!!

Report by Andrew Robinson