Farewell To Mike Hughes

Barry Cousins kindly hosted a farewell gathering on Sunday 12th September for Mike Hughes who is off to UK this week after around 6 years in Malaysia. Mike has played a total of 60+ games with Loose Cannons and has been one of the groups consistent supporters during his time here in KL. Although Mike was well known for bagging the “Most Golf” prize most weeks, he eventually won a game played at Bukit Utama Golf Course on 10th August 2010. He unfortunately came away with nothing in winnings but Barry Cousins very kindly donated his August trophy he won at the Tasik Puteri game two weeks later to Mike Hughes as a reward for his win and a memento to remember the Loose Cannons camaraderie. During the last month or so, with Mike Smith still out following his car accident injury, Mike Hughes has taken on the role of convener for the weekly games following a similar spell by Andrew Robinson… and a fine job he has done with this!

I’m sure we will all miss Mike and his participation with Loose Cannons and we all take this opportunity to wish him and his wife every success back in Old Blighty. I’m sure we will see Mike from time to time when he makes it back to Malaysia for a holiday and hopefully join us for a nostalgic game or two.