Results – Lembah Beringin – 24th May 2011

There were just 7 of us for this week’s game at Lembah Beringin – the course was in great nick with excellent greens, the weather sublime and we almost had the course to ourselves…..  Tony Morris ran out easy winner with gross 85 for 37 points and cut 4.  Andrew Robinson was runner-up for the third week running with gross 95 for 34 points OCB from Hans Burger, and is cut 1.  Tony’s 85 was the lowest gross and Richard played the most golf.  Full details:
1. Tony Morris – 85/37
2. Andrew Robinson – 95/34
3. Hans Berger – 91/34
4. Julian Purvis – 95/29
5. Barry Cousins – 102/28
6. Erol Akinci – 102/27
7. Richard Moss – 109/27
Luncheon was taken at the Equatorial on the way home and very good it was too.  And the more astute of the group retired to the RSC Kiara Annex for further rehydration – which is a on-going challenge in the tropics for caucasians and needs to be addressed with the utmost vigour!

Results – Tasik Puteri Golf Club – 16th May, 2011

Only 8 players made it on Monday to Tasik Puteri which was a pity since the course was in excellent condition and we got to play the original 18 which is quite a rare opportunity lately. Although the course was qhite busy we managed to get teed off ahead of the hoards and were round in under 4 hours. Stuart Taylor put in a cameo appearance and took a lot of pics for the blog – see below.
The winner was myself with 42 points, cut 6 strokes and the runner-up was Andrew Robinson (again) with 40 points, cut 1 stroke. The lowest gross was 85 from Tony Morris and the most golf was played by Alan Holgate.
Alan Holgate leaves for his annual pilgrimage to Blighty later this week and will be playing there with the 2  Hughe’s Mike & David. 
I will not be playing for the next 3 weeks due to my planned eye surgery and Andrew Robinson will be acting convener during that time. Thank you Andrew.

Some photos from the day follow:

Tony Morris blasts one down the fairway on the 4th hole.
Mike Smith in action – note the use of the large golf towel which increases wind resistance and prevents him falling over from his excessive follow through swing
Waiting on the slow fourball ahead … namely Andrew, Erol, Hans and Alan
I hope this is a practice swing Tony … otherwise you are too far away from the ball

Mike Smith adds up the scores and with our high scores this is indeed an arduous task
A happy Mike Smith and Simon Compton wait to tee off on the 6th hole
Tony Morris strikes a pose
Simon Compton drove well today and here we see another well executed shot.
“Whirlwind” Mike gets to grips with his driver
Erol Akinci looks exasperated on the final couple of holes
Cheery Andrew Robinson gloating over his score no doubt
Hans Berger – serious as ever
Alan Holgate in his “Men In Black” cool shades

Results – Bukit Unggul – 10th May 2011

With 2 late withdrawals 13 golfers teed it up at a dry Bukit Unggul on hazy morning; a welcome change to the prolonged wet weather we have been experiencing. This together with a  relatively easy golf course resulted in some good scores. The winner by a whisker was Barry Cousins with 46 points from runner-up Andrew Robinson with 45 points. The lowest gross was 83 shot by Kevin Wiggins and the most golf was played by George Murrey. Barry is cut 10 strokes while Andrew gets away with the mandatory 1 shot cut. How unfair I hear them howl.

Results – Nilai Springs -3rd May 2011

After so much rain recently NS was very wet and with buggies restricted to the cart paths it was a slow round. With light rain falling for the opening few holes the 12 Cannons and 2 guests enjoyed pleasant if rather wet conditions on a course that continues to improve with a well trained maintenance staff. My friend Maurice Murphy from Waterford was very impressed but struggled to play to his ability with borrowed clubs and the heat. Julian’s guest Alistair Geddes played to his declared handicap and threatens to be a regular player.
The winner was Julian Purvis with the lowest gross of 88 and 44 points and the runner-up was Paul Jayaraj with his lowest ever gross of 89 for 42 points. Julian is cut 8 and Paul the mandatory 1 stroke.
NS used to be one of the better M&M courses but the food this time was pretty poor and the bill a hefty RM732. There was a carry over of RM20 and for the record Cannons now have a float of RM469.