Results – Nilai Springs -3rd May 2011

After so much rain recently NS was very wet and with buggies restricted to the cart paths it was a slow round. With light rain falling for the opening few holes the 12 Cannons and 2 guests enjoyed pleasant if rather wet conditions on a course that continues to improve with a well trained maintenance staff. My friend Maurice Murphy from Waterford was very impressed but struggled to play to his ability with borrowed clubs and the heat. Julian’s guest Alistair Geddes played to his declared handicap and threatens to be a regular player.
The winner was Julian Purvis with the lowest gross of 88 and 44 points and the runner-up was Paul Jayaraj with his lowest ever gross of 89 for 42 points. Julian is cut 8 and Paul the mandatory 1 stroke.
NS used to be one of the better M&M courses but the food this time was pretty poor and the bill a hefty RM732. There was a carry over of RM20 and for the record Cannons now have a float of RM469.

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