Results -Glenmarie GC – 23rd August 2011

14 LC’s and 3 guests pitched up at Glenmarie on an overcast and rather wet morning. I had tried very hard to get 4 full flights and was somewhat surprised when Vincent showed up insisting that he had advised me “as soon as it was announced last Thursday”. Even showed me the email text on his Blackberry. Well Vincent, I didn’t receive the note but last Thursday but did receive it yesterday evening! In the event 17 was manageable as the Ramadan deal was RM80 net p.p. and we talked them down to one caddy per flight so no additional cost incured. The LL is to remember to press send.
Although the weather was a little inclemant we were not held up and all bar the last flight were round in 4 hours. Pretty good for what appeared to be a crowded golf course. The course was in generally good nick but the greens were a little variable and a bit bumpy.
Ray Funnell was the winner with 45 points with Andrew Robinson runner up with 43 points. The lowest gross was 83 by John Laidley returning to the fold after several months away trying to sell the house in Oz. The most golf was played jointly by Vincent & Rick both returning 110.
Ray is cut 9 strokes and Andrew the mandatory 1 stroke.
Welcome to our 3 guests Alistair, Ben and Stevie. We hope to see you regularly with LC’s.
A word in the shell-like. It’s sometimes quite difficult to get flights together, particularly when playing courses where we are penalised by having odd numbers. I appreciate that sometimes unexpected things pop up to force a change of plan but when you say you will play and then cancel at the last minute because some mate has asked you to play with him instead……at the same course, at the same time……that’s not on. It’s difficult enough getting the group together without that sort of thing. The message guys is once committed stay committed.

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