Results – KGSAAS – 2nd August 2011

15 Cannons made it to KGSAAS for this weeks game, arriving by 7.15 am for a very prompt start before 8.00 am.  And the first flights were in by 11.00, despite complaints of slow play by the 3-ball holding up the following 4-ball!  And the last flight in was very slow – and overtaken by a brace of flights of oriental wenches – Japanese or Korean?  The weather was superb with a light breeze and the course in very good nick.  And the scores were in the main most impressive.  WINNER was Raymond Keys with 93 off the stick for 41 points  and cut 5.  RUNNER-UP was Barry Cousins with 94 for 40 points and cut 1.  Lowest gross was Simon Compton with 86 and the most golf was enjoyed by Vincent Vijayan with 110.  Full results as follows:
1. Raymond Keys – 93/41
2. Barry Cousins – 94/40
3. Simon Compton – 86/39
4. Peter Edgworth – 92/39
5. Erol Akinci – 94/39
6. Andrew Robinson – 88/38
7. Aftab – 92/38
8. Glen Wombwell – 96/37
9. Tony Morris – 88/36
10. Bernhard Romahn – 102/31
11. Ray Funnell – 104/11
12. Klaus Kretschmar – 107/30
13. Jeff Pearce – 100/28
14. Vincent Vijayan – 110/27
15. Rick Brown – 106/26
Lunch was taken at the RSC Kiara Sports Annex and it evolved into a jolly good bash. Large quantities of beer, wine, mixed grills and other dishes were soon consumed.  And there was a rather odd run on fairy cakes from the new  Fruity Cake stall….  A couple of the more astute Cannons made there way downstairs for further libation….

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