Loose Cannons Away – Malacca – 31st March to 2nd April 2015

A 3 day tour to Malacca was arranged from 31st March to 2nd April taking in 3 of the courses we played the year before. Day 1 at Tiara Melaka was the monthly March Trophy Game followed by a 2-day competition at Orna and Ayer Keroh Golf Clubs. We had 16 players for Day 1, 4 players coming down just for the day at Tiara Melaka, and then 12 players staying for the continuing 2-day competition.

Day 1 – Tiara Melaka Golf & Country Club – 31st March 2015


The March monthly Trophy Game was held at Tiara Melaka. After the drive from KL the 16 players met at the club for some breakfast and teed off at around 9:30am. Conditions were hot and very humid but the course was very quiet allowing us to progress fairly quickly. The course seems to be needing a little attention compared to last year and a little shabby in places. The greens however were good and the course provided enough challenge for all players. 
We finished by around 2pm and then had lunch and drinks on the patio with the prize giving. An incredible storm then rolled in delaying our departure from the club but allowing us to take on some more beer before heading into Malacca to checkin to the hotel.


The winner of the March Monthly Trophy and RM50 was Ted Parslow with 38 points (gross of 80, which was the best gross of the day) on count back from Richard Moss who also shot 38 points (gross of 102).
Full results are detailed below:


Day 2 – Orna Golf & Country Resort – 1st April 2015


The first day of the 2-day Malacca Trophy Competition was held at Orna. Last year the course had been very dry but this year the course seemed much better. The course has a fantastic layout with some wonderful holes. Again the course was very quiet and we headed out in 3 flights over the East and West 9’s under very hot and humid conditions.
The course provided some wonderful undulating greens to test the putting skills and generally the course was in pretty good shape.
Some players struggled in the heat and humidity, probably due to excesses of the evening before, but we had some good scores in the group. Richard Moss unfortunately stopped play after about 6 or 7 holes as his shoulder was giving up …. but he managed to accumulate 6 points at least. 
For the 2 day competition we had a number of prizes for each day as well as the overall combined results so hopefully all participants went home with something.


The winner of the first day of the 2-day competition was Andrew Robinson with an excellent 40 points (gross of 92) and beating the runner up, Ted Parslow on count back who also had 40 points (gross of 78). Ted’s 78 was the best gross of the day. 3rd place was Martin Walsh on 39 points (gross of 84). Full results below :


Winner : Andrew Robinson (bottle of wine and 2 sleeves of balls)
Runner Up : Ted Parslow (one sleeve of balls)
3rd : Martin Walsh (Loose Cannons shirt)
4th : Roger Surieux (Loose Cannons shirt)
7th : Bernhard Romahn (golf cap)
9th : Ray Funnell (Loose Cannons golf cap)
12th : Richard Moss (golf towel)


Dinner at Bistro, Malacca

For the last evening the group had a good meal out at the Bistro on Jonkers Street, Malacca. After a failed attempt to order a set Nonya meal for 12 we eventually all ordered individual meals which were surprisingly very good. There was some significant amounts of wine and beer drunk which amounted to a substantial bill. At one point the waitress told me the bill had been paid by one of our party and all indications were that it was Martin Walsh. However we found out that she was mistaken …. Martin had only asked the waitress where the nearest ATM machine was and certainly had no intention of picking up the bill for the whole group. As he later said “I might be Irish but I’m not &%$#@# stupid!”.
We discussed the change of the Loose Cannons Convenor and a vote of thanks to Stuart Taylor and his efforts over the last year was led by Bernhard Romahn. As Ray Funnell had volunteered to act as Convenor for the following year (with assistance for looking after the monies and booking the restaurants) we all agreed that Ray Funnel would take over as Convenor directly after the end of the tour.

Day 3 – Ayer Keroh Country Club – 2nd April 2015


We all remember Ayer Keroh from last year …. long, difficult, and very hot. It was no different this year and this course taxed most of the group. The course was in good condition but there were many long holes with the last hole being a monster 569m par 5 …… just for the record I hit 3 drivers, a 60 deg wedge to the edge of the green and a putter to get my much appreciated par. Martin Walsh birdied this hole so deservedly got the last birdie prize.
We had a snack lunch at the club and presented all the final prizes for that day’s golf and the overall competition before heading back to KL about 3:30pm.
The winner of Day 2 of the Competition was Roger Surieux with an excellent 38 points (gross of 98). Runner up was Geoff Parslow with 35 points (and best gross of the day of 81). 3rd place was Martin Walsh with 33 points (gross of 90). Full results as below :


Winner : Roger Surieux (bottle of wine and 2 sleeves of balls)
Runner Up : Geoff Parslow (one sleeve of balls)
3rd : Martin Walsh (Loose Cannons shirt)
4th : Mike Smith (Loose Cannons shirt)
5th : Ted Parslow (golf cap)
8th : Stuart Taylor (Loose Cannons golf cap)
11th : Hans Berger (golf towel)


Melaka Trophy – 2 Day Competition Results

The overall winner of the 2-day competition was Roger Surieux with a total of 76 points – well done Roger! He scored 38 points each day and at Ayer Keroh this was a real achievement.
Runner up was Martin Walsh with a total of 72 points and 3rd place was Ted Parslow with 71 points.
The full results of the 2-day Competition and all the prizes presented are detailed below :


Winner : Roger Surieux (Malacca Trophy, bottle of wine and 2 sleeves of balls)
Runner Up : Martin Walsh (golf cap and one sleeve of balls)
3rd : Ted Parslow (golf shoe bag)
Last : Richard Moss (bottle of wine)
Last Birdie : Martin Walsh (one sleep of balls)
Paul Geddes Donation : Andrew Robinson (car tag)
Andrew Robinson Donation : Iain Wise (bottle of piss-coloured liquid??)

All in all an excellent tour and hopefully enjoyed by all participants. Many thanks to all the players who came down to Malacca for the 3 days and tho the additional 4 players who came down on the first day for the monthly trophy game.

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